Wednesday, 26 December 2012


She turns to him
piercing blue eyes
hold him fast

A smile plays
on her red lips
strokes his face
red fingertips

Beauty surreal
her doll like face
he feels his heart
begin to race

Her calming strokes
kid leather red
nerves gone
passion rears it's head

He is lost
her spell is cast
her lips touch his
taken at last

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Room service

What a wonderful evening at the theatre. She was glad that she had still gone, even after her friend had cancelled at the last minute. Riding the elevator up to her hotel room she decided that she would give her friend a call and tell her what she missed out on.
It was a strange feeling being in the city on her own especially all dressed up. She was glad that she had made an effort still and had enjoyed the appreciative glances from the males at the theatre, and smiled at some of the jealous looks from their partners. Her long black gown had shown plenty of cleavage and had allowed her just to wear knee high stockings. This allowed the soft fabric to rub against her bare legs and she had even been tempted to not wear panties but had given in at the last minute.
The elevator started heading up to her floor but stopped at the first level and a young man entered pushing a room service trolley. On it was a bottle of champagne with two glasses and a cheese platter.
“Someone is in for a good night”she said and the young man lifted his eyes and smiled.
“Yes, they sounded pretty happy when they called room service.” As he spoke to her she felt his eyes move over her full length and a shiver of excitement ran through her body.
“I really feel like a glass of champagne right now. Would be a lovely way to end a beautiful evening. But I don't think I could drink a whole bottle.”
“Oh, so your friend doesn't drink Champagne?”
“I am my friend at the moment” she laughed. And just then the elevator arrived at her level. She began to get out then turned towards him. “Do they have half bottles?”
“I am not sure, What room are you Ma'am? I will call and let you know.”
“Room 1225, but don't go to too much trouble.”
“Nothing is too much trouble for a sexy lady” he said winking and the doors of the elevator slid shut.
She could feel her heart beating and a tingle start between her legs. Damn he had a sexy voice and the way he had spoken to her had excited her. The phone call to her friend was going to have to wait. When she felt like this there was only one thing that could fix it. Luckily she had thrown her toy in the bag.
She unlocked her room and headed straight over to her bag. As she reached in and grabbed the cock shape vibe wrapping her fingers about she imagined it was the room service waiter. She kicked off her heels then slipped her dress off. Sliding her panties off she threw them on the bed, removed her light bra then set herself up with the pillows. She loved looking down at the black kneehighs, they gave her feet that sexy look and feel and she turned her toy on.
“Ahhhhhhhhh yessssss” she moaned out loud as the vibes hit her clit for he first time and she bucked her hips. Oh god that was so good. Her other hand massaged her nipples, squeezing and twisting and when she slipped the cock past her clit and slightly into her she again moaned loudly.
She was pushing herself closer to the edge, so close to cumming when she heard a voice.
“Are you ok Ma'am?”
She opened her eyes just as the waiter entered the room. She stopped straight away, dropping the toy. “What are you doing, why didn't you knock?” she yelled at him.
“God Ma'am I am so sorry. Really sorry. I did knock then when you didn't answer and heard noises and thought is she ok then...” He stopped talking and started to back out of the room.
“Come back please. I am sorry I yelled.” She realised she was still on the bed almost totally naked, legs apart and grabbed at her dress and covered herself.“Thank you for being so concerned. I can be a bit noisy sometimes. I am sorry if I worried you.”
“I really shouldn't have used my pass key. I hope you wont say anything.”
“Well it was partly your fault you know” she smiled. “I saw that look in the elevator.”
“Not often is there someone as sexy as you on their own.”
“Why did you come up?”
“Oh my god, i've left the champagne out in the passage” and he jumped up and went to the door, then returned wheeling a trolley with a large bottle of champagne and two glasses.
“Why the two glasses?”
“I finished at eleven and was going to ask if I could share with you however you probably don't
feel like it now.”
“Oh you sweet man, of course I do, thank you.”
He opened the bottle and poured the two glasses then handed her one. He looked around for somewhere to sit and she patted the bed. He sat down carefully, trying not to look at her barely covered body.
“Cheers, heres to the first time I have ever had a champagne with the room service waiter.” they clinked their glasses and took a mouthful. “Your turn to toast something now.”
“Heres to the first time I have seen a sexy lady cum without knowing I was there.” She didn't raise her glass. “What's wrong?”
“You still haven't.”
“What do you mean?”
“I still haven't cum.” She placed her glass carefully on the bedside table and lifted the dress off.“But I would sure like to.”
She turned a little towards him, parting her legs. His eyes dropped and she moaned as he reached out and touched her wetness.
“Mmmm yes baby, that's so nice. My pussy is aching . Come here and kiss it better.” She leaned forward and taking his face in her hands she guided him down onto her, pushing his lips onto her clit. “Ohhh yes there, right there” as his lips surrounded it and he flicked his tongue over it. He lifted her legs, pushing them right back and his tongue entered her, teasing her.
She felt his tongue ease out of her and it was replaced by a finger as his lips went back to her clit.
“Ohhhh fuck yes, right there, there, yesssssss” and she bucked up into his face giving in to the most delicious orgasm, gasping for air.
She looked down at him and was greeted by his smiling face, glistening with her juices.
“Come here baby, I want to taste my juices on your lips” and she coaxed him up her body, their lips meeting in a long deep passionate kiss. She slipped a hand down between them stroking his rock hard cock through his pants. “That was the best room service. I think its time for your tip. Now strip baby.”
He didn't need to be told twice and jumped from the bed and was soon standing there naked. He went to climb back on the bed but she stopped him.
“No baby, stand there.” She slipped off the bed onto her knees and wrapped her fingers around his cock, teasing the tip with her lips and tongue. “Much better than my toy”she said then slowly slid her mouth right over him, her tongue rolling around. His hips started to move and she reached under cupping his balls, squeezing them gently. She lifted her mouth of him.
“Want me baby? Want to fuck me?” as she continued to rub and squeeze him.
“Yessss” he whimpered
“Yes what baby” and she squeezed him a bit harder.
“Yes please Ma'am, I want to fuck you.”
“Good boy” and she stood, letting him go, then climbed on the bed on all fours. “Ride me baby, fuck me. Ahhhhhhhh” as he moved behind her and rammed his cock into her, his young hard cock filling her completely. She leaned over and grabbed her toy, placing it on her clit as he rode her. Rubbing it over her still tender clit she started to moan loudly again, beyond worrying what they might think in the next room.
She could feel his thrusts getting harder and harder and she let the vibe slip, touching his balls. He started to jerk in her and she rammed it back onto herself, cumming, screaming as he exploded into her, still thrusting as he moved his hand around to cover her mouth.
“You are an amazing lady” he said as he removed himself from her, rolling her over and kissing her. “I am waiting for the police to come and knock the door down.”
She kissed him back. “I promise to be quieter at breakfast.”
“Yes, you do have room service breakfast don't you?”

Monday, 17 December 2012

Full love

full love
from above she takes him
her lover
for the night she makes him
he moans
as her sex engulfs him
kisses deep
as her tongue invades him
her turn
as he overtakes her
now his
as his passion fills her
deep thrust
as his loving thrills her
such lust
in the end he holds her

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A hotel Christmas

Pillows up behind my head, legs stretched out on the bed. I was enjoying watching the Christmas shows, everyone trying to be happy. Even the news anchors were concentrating hard on only telling good news stories. It was strange spending christmas day alone. She had asked me to join the family but i had made my excuses deciding a nice quiet day would be better.

She had promised to come to the hotel once it was finished, sent me a picture. She looked beautiful, red right down to those lovely heels. Knowing how much i liked seeing her like that i could tell there was a special pose there just for me. the afternoon had been peaceful but now turning off the tv i decided i might have a quick nap. Seeming like i had barely shut my eyes i was woken by someone at the door. Jumping off the bed and went to open it, there she was. Still in those same clothes, smiling at me.

LOoking me up and down she smiled. Oops, i remembered i had been on the bed just in my jocks and must have been having a nice dream as i was semi hard. She stepped in kissing me, her hand dropping between us, touching me. As her fingers circled me she squeezed gently
"Did you like the picture i sent?"
"I did, but its much nicer having you here in the flesh".
She placed her lips on mine and her tongue ran over my bottom lip, before she slid to her knees.

By this time i was almost fully hard and she slipped my jocks down exposing me, licking the tip
"I have been saving this for dessert."
I began to laugh then moaned as she took me into her mouth, her hand cupping my balls. Dropping my hands to her head i steadied myself as i went a bit wobbly at the knees. She grabbed my legs tight and turned her eyes up at me , smiling.

Standing she led me to the bed holding my cock then turned, letting me lift her top to expose her breasts. Bending i kissed each one, fondling them as she held and stroked me. Laying back on the bed she lifted each leg ,slipping off each lovely heel, teasing me with each bare foot. I reached down sliding off the pants, revealing her wet panties to me.

"I have thought about this all day" I told her.
"I have too" she whispered, and as i bent to slide off the panties her arms went around my neck.
"I want you in me, need you so bad" and as i pulled them off she parted her legs, surrounding me. She drew me in until my cock was against her, entering her.
"Ohhhhh yesss" she moaned loudly as i filled her. As i started slowly to move in her she pulled my face down, kissing me hard "Fuck me baby, fuck me hard. just this once".
I moved up on the bed and began slamming into her, watching her breasts shake with each hard thrust. my groin smashed into her as she gripped me tight ,holding, scatching.
"Ohhhhh shit yesssss fuucckk" she cried out, grabbing me hard and began to shake, starting to cum. I couldnt hold back any longer and i expoded into her, still thrusting, loud slurping noises as our juices mixed. Still fucking her hard until she finished shaking. i collapsed into her arms and as we kissed, looking at each other, we both said at the same time "mmmmmm...merry christmas"

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Late night in the Sauna

It was late, the stupid dinner was meant to have finished a lot earlier. She had hoped she would get back to her room earlier. Had been away from home now for 3 days and was feeling horny. Reading the information on the hotel she had noticed that they had a sauna and a spa and had been planning on having a nice session there then returning to her room ringing her lover and using the toy she had packed. But now everything would probably be shut.

As she walked past the desk she stopped, no harm in asking the man behind the counter what time the sauna closed. He looked at the time, telling her in 10 minutes. He must have seen her frown so he told her that he was on for another hour and that he would keep it open for her. She thanked him heading straight for her room, changing into a robe and went straight back down.

The room was quiet, she liked it like this and she walked across to the sauna opening the door. Mmmm, the heat hit her and the fragrance of the steam filled her nose. As she expected it was empty and she settled herself on the bench, closing her eyes, letting the tensions of the day disappear.

She started to think of what she had planned for the rest of the evening, and felt a tingle in her pussy. She smiled to herself, couldnt wait to hear her lovers voice. Could almost feel her toy rubbing over her, in her, as her lover talked her to a raging orgasm. Without thinking her hand slipped down her body, under her robe. She found herself touching her growing wetness and she rubbed her finger over her clit, trembling slightly.

Suddenly she heard the door and she quickly drew her hand out, straightening the robe. It was the man from the counter and he was in a robe as well. He told her his friend had agreed to finish his shift for him and that he felt like a sauna too after she had mentioned it. He smiled, telling her he had been pleased to see that she was still there when he peered through the window in the door.
Something about the way he said this made her realise he had been watching as she touched herself, and her face, already flushed from the sauna flushed even more.

He came over, sitting beside her, and she found herself between the wall and him. she wasnt sure what to do and she started to stand. He put his hand on her leg holding her down on the bench. He turned to face her and the hand on her leg slipped between them and he told her not to go. She tried once more to stand and he moved his hand quickly between her legs, straight to her sex and she gasped as he touched her. Releasing the pressure slightly he told her she could leave now if she wished but he wanted her to stay. She parted herlegs further apart so his finger could enter her and he smiled at her reaction and moved his finger in her. The other hand spread her robe revealing her breasts. She started to struggle against his hand again but she couldnt deny he was getting her wetter and wetter and when he bent his head kissing and biting her nipples she couldnt help but let out a moan

He grabbed her hand placing it between his legs and she felt his hard cock. He pulled open his robe and she looked down at it glistening in the heat. Removing his fingers from inside her he grabbed her arm pulled her off the bench turning her so she was kneeling facing him. He grabbed a handful of her hair and she looked up into his face. Smiling down, his cock inches from her lips she went to move her head to suck him but he held her head steady by the hair. "Do you want to suck me girl?" he demanded of her. She tried to nod but then he asked her again and she answered..."yes sir" and he yanked her hair forward and her mouth opened taking him in. She felt the pressure lessen on her hair as she worked her mouth lips and tongue over him and her pussy started to ache at the thought of the cock sliding in and out of her.

She could feel him starting to tense. Suddenly he pulled her mouth off him and told her to kneel on the bench. Lost to the passion he had ignited in her she willingly obliged and he climbed up behind her and suddenly she felt his cock slam inside her.It felt so good as he rode her, his hard cock rubbing all the right places inside her and she dropped her hand between her legs, touching, stroking her clit as he rode her madly. She could feel an orgasm building and she started to cry out and as she felt him start to pump harder and harder. She came with a yell,cumming so hard, still cumming as he exploded into her, gripping her arse. Holding her hard onto him as her filled her spasming pussy.

He held her onto him for a while then climbed off the bench going around in front of her. She sensed what was expected of her and reached out taking his softening cock in her hands licking and sucking their juices off it. When she had finished he smiled down, stroking her head..."good girl".

Monday, 3 December 2012

Santa and his Milf

She took her daughter to the mall
coz Santa would be there
and in the hall with heaps of kids
was Santa in his chair

they waited in the lengthy line
until their special time came
and the little girls face was all aglow
when Santa called her by her name

Santa listened carefully
as she rattled off her list
then jumped off his knee all happy
there was nothing she had missed

Then as she turned to head back home
she heard Santa say "Scuse me?"
and when she turned around he said
"Come sit upon my knee."

"I hope you've been a good girl
and done everything all right".
She gazed into old Santas eyes
they twinkled with the light

"I have tried really hard Santa
but its rather hard you see
I do get pretty horny."
and she wriggled on his knee

Then she leaned in close
pressed he bosom to his chest
and whispered in his ear
what present she would like the best

Then she kept on whispering
and Santa went all red
as she told him what she'd do with it
when the child had gone to bed

Then she stood up and walked away
and Santa took a break
those who think he cums once a year
have made a big mistake

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Mistress reward

Mistress rises from Her chair
takes a handful of his hair
struggles to his feet, is led
from the playroom to the bed

She has given him his fun
now he has his job to be done
his balls and ass still ache
they are now Hers, make no mistake

Its time his Mistress was repaid
the choice for him, it has been made
She makes him kneel beside the bed
then laying back She grabs his head

As She pulls him to her juice
Her legs clamp him, he can't get loose
and his mouth and nose draw in
the flowing fruits of Her sin

She lifts his head and smiles
a haunting grin that him beguiles
then brings him back in hard, so wet
but She is not finished yet

She makes him eat until She screams
and Her juices flow in streams
he gasps and his eyes grow
his job to make his Mistress glow

Friday, 23 November 2012


Dont try and get away
I want you there to
Let me press down on your
You know you like, it's your
Like to see you struggle as you
Feel your emotions build and
As I grind down on your
You're like a song that's just been
Still playing loud in my
It's a joy so hard to

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Red corset

The call had come
wants me there now
She needs me there
does not care how
tell by her tone
Her need is great
drop what I'm doing
can't be late

While rushing there
excitement grows
think what will happen
no-one knows
her open door
beckons me
soon I will know
what is to be

Entering her room
met by her stare
She turns to face me
in her chair
red curly hair
surrounds her face
points to her boots
I know my place

Her corset fine
her body trussed
the curls reach down
caress her bust
a possessive smile
my reward
her finger crooks
brings me forward

A special time
a special day
when Mistress calls
for me to play
She spoils me
we have such fun
but her pleasures always
number one

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

a new interview

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice they mix and melt
into each others arms
a steamy tight embrace
victims to each others charms

As the Ice melts into water
 and the Fire loses flame
one searing moment of passion
means they'll never be the same

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Nervous prey

Nervously..knock on the door
straighten tie..look at the floor
hear you call."Is someone there?"
then you rise up from your chair

I see your face, door opens wide
you grab my arm, pull me inside
slam the door, a laugh, a kiss
waited too long for a chance like this

You forget, robe opens wide
I can see all you have inside
you rip my shirt off my back
your willing prey under attack

Shoes and trousers, off they go
now we both have all on show
feel your tongue, your lips your teeth
while your hand slips underneath

As one we fall on the bed
laying there..head to head
long deep kisses..tongues entwined
our two bodies finally combined

Then you push me on my back
once again resume attack
first you tease me little bites
I tease your breasts...mighty sights

Then suddenly I am inside
you draw me in, start to ride
stopping now and then to squeeze
that special way you have to please

Every time I try to cum
your squeezing brings that plan undone
till finally I let it out
you cum with me .. a mighty shout

You fall on me..kiss my eyes
I feel our juice run down my thighs
I wrap my arms round, hold you tight
whisper, "All will be alright."


"Is it him?" she asks peeking
"Is it me he is seeking?"
She has waited so long
for this man, tall and strong

Licks her lips of red
recalls the words that he said
"Leave on the light
I will be there tonight."

Watches him walk to the door
he's all he promised and more
She feels herself go all weak
and she risks one more peek

Thursday, 8 November 2012


First I saw her sitting there
long legs crossed...on edge of chair
fingers resting on her knee
she glanced across and looked at me

How I wished my fingers were those
resting on her pantyhose
the smooth feel...a soft caress
it would be heaven...nothing less

I close my eyes and dare to dream
of the impossible or so it will seem
me lying there below her seat
while she rubbed me with pantyhosed feet

Rubbing, tugging, a little squeeze
I would beg for it on bended knees
and if she did it till I came
I would beg for the chance to do the same

There would be lots of moans and many sighs
as I buried my face between her thighs
her clit would be rubbed by pantyhose
as I pressed in hard with tongue and nose

Until she came and they would get
covered in her juices...totally wet
I dream of this while all the while
she watches me with her erotic smile

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


The call had come
wants me there now
She needs me there
does not care how
tell by her tone
Her need is great
drop what i'm doing
can't be late

while rushing there
excitement grows
think what will happen
nooone knows
her open door
beckons me
soon i will know
what is to be

entering her room
met by her stare
She turns to face me
in her chair
red curly hair
surrounds her face
points to her boots
i know my place

Her corset fine
her body trussed
the curls reach down
carress her bust
a possessive smile
my reward
her finger crooks
brings me forward

a special time
a special day
when Mistress calls
for me to play
She spoils me
we have such fun
but her pleasures always
number one

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Zombie fun Lakotah

Your zombie maid awaits
to serve you up your choice of fates
"Come young Sir with me,"
your brain tells your legs to flee

But her eyes they hold you there
drawn into her deadly stare
and your feet don't turn to run
but move towards her one by one

Until she takes you by the hand
leads you into Physcoland
Alice has her special way
to make you want to stay

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Piano and the Rose... a sexy short

She had been watching him most of the night in between songs. He looked a little out of place in this little honky tonk bar hidden in one of Las vegas old casinos. While everyone else around him had been singing and laughing along with all of her songs she had watched him transform from a happy man who arrived with a rose, and straight away ordered a bottle of champagne and 2 glasses to the one she saw now. Still alone, an empty bottle of champagne, sitting there twirling the rose. He looked up and saw her watching and she smiled at him, shrugging her shoulders, and he gave a small smile back, waving the rose in her direction. She gave a little laugh and she was pleased to see his smile this time was a little less forced.

He got up and started heading for the bathroom  and as he passed the piano he put the rose on the top and she mouthed thank you as she kept playing, and he smiled again. As he was returning to his table she finished her bracket of songs so she got up to stretch and went to the bar for a drink then carrying the rose she walked to his table. He watched her coming and thought how entertainers always looked so lovely but that hers was not made up, she just had a natural beauty and as she asked if she could join him he felt the genuine warmth of her smile.

She thanked him for the rose and was not going to pry into who it was for, but as they talked he opened up .telling how he was in town for a few days. He had arranged online to meet someone who as she could see had not turned up. She consoled him by telling him that it was their loss, as not only had they missed out on a nice man and nice champagne but also some of the best piano in Vegas. She smiled as she said this and he laughed. He asked her how much longer she was playing here and she said she had one more bracket then had another job, an early morning one to go to for a couple of hours. She thought for a minute then asked if he wanted to come with her to the next job but warned him he might need to be a bit broad minded. He assured her he was and she smiled and got up, and as she walked past him on the way to the piano she reached out lightly touching his shoulder.

She watched him now all through the last bracket and was happy to see him sitting there smiling, even singing along with everyone.
Shefelt a little tremble go through her. She didnt make a habit of chatting up the customers but there was something about him that made her feel good about what might happen. She smiled to herself as she wondered what he might think of her next job.

When she finished the last bracket, she collected up things and came over to his table. He had paid his tab and she took his arm, telling him they had to get to the next job. It felt good walking out with her on his arm and he liked the envious looks he got from some of the other patrons. They jumped in the back of a waiting taxi and as she slid up next to him, he put his arm around her. She turned and smiled at him and he instinctively gave her a little kiss. Then realizing what he had done began to apologies...but she quieted him by placing her lips back on his and kissing him...this time a much longer kiss.
It was not a long taxi ride and soon they had pulled up at the side door of a club. The security man recognized her. However, he looked strangely at him but she assured the man that her friend was ok. Therefore, the security man just smiled and let them both in the door. Immediately a couple of near naked women walked past greeting the lady with him by name and smiling at him. She then opened a door to a little dressing room and stepped in. She told him to sit and she slipped her dress off revealing her beautiful sexy underwear. She then grabbed a slinky red gown and slipped it on. She then came over giving him another kiss as she sat and started to work on her makeup. She explained they were at a rather upmarket gentleman’s club and she played the piano there for a couple of hours each night after the honky tonk gig. She said she would love him to that when she was finished they could go somewhere and relax. He told he had no plans now...and none in the morning so he was hers...and she smiled again. She said he was welcome to stay in the dressing room. But that he might enjoy the club. She then disappeared for a moment and returned with a well-dressed middle-aged man who was the manager. She introduced them...and the manager told him he was welcome to come and sit out in the club and watch. He explained the drinks were ridiculously expensive but not to worry as he would tell the staff to just put them on his tab.

He then told the man to come with him and as he left saying goodbye to the lady, he couldn’t believe how such a crap night was turning out so good. They got to the bar. And that manager introduced him then excused himself. He sat at the bar and when turned around he saw more beautiful women who were sexily dressed like those backstage. They were spread around the room...talking to men either in small groups or on their own. Suddenly the lights lowered and his new friend came out looking ravishing in her gown and light applause broke out. She smiled towards him then began playing lovely slow tunes. Some of the men took the women onto the dance floor and began dancing slowly and intimately around the floor. He noticed other couples heading up stairs from the tables and some from the dance floor.

He sat there...lost in her was beautiful when he smelt a beautiful perfume next to him. He turned and saw one of the ladies he had seen backstage sitting next to him. She looked over at the piano player then back at him... "You are a very lucky man. She has never bought anyone here with her before. Treat her properly," she said to him then rose off the chair and sexily walked away

He limited his drinks to just a couple and was pleased to see the waitress had been looking after his new friend. Finally, she finished and got up and walked over to him. The first thing she asked was what the girl had said and when he told her, she laughed saying that it was nice that they looked out for her. They then headed back to the dressing room and when they got inside she locked the door then she asked if he would help undo the gown. He slipped in behind her undoing her gown and lifting it off as he took it over her head, she turned to face him. Her breasts in the red lacy bra pressed into him and she kissed him hard. It was a long deep passionate kiss. Then she pulled back and began undoing his shirt. In between kissing and biting each of his nipples, she told him how it got her so hot watching the couples heading upstairs, imagining what went on in those rooms. She would sometimes have to masturbate in the dressing room before going home. She thrust her hand between his legs feeling his growing hardness and dropped to her knee .undoing his pants. She pulled them to the floor releasing his cock from his underwear. As soon as his cock was free, her mouth devoured him cupping his balls with one hand and she used the other to work his cock as she licked and sucked on it.

When she had him rock hard she got to her feet and sat up on the bench. He took his queue and dropped to his knees pulling the flimsy red panties down over her heels. Then she grabbed his hair pulling his mouth in hard on her. She was wet and excited and he felt her juices cover his face as his lips and tongue found her clit. Then at her insistence, he plunged his tongue into her pussy drinking her juices, fucking her with it. He felt her moan and push against him almost losing her balance as he pushed her back on the bench. She grabbed his hair again urging him to his feet.

She spread her legs wide and he felt her heels graze his side as he moved right into her. His hard cock headed straight into her and her warm wetness surrounded him. It sucked in his cock. She started urging him to fuck her and fuck her hard. He slammed into her and he felt her arms around his neck, her nails digging into his skin, her legs behind him, trapping him. But in the warm wetness of her pussy he could hold no longer and he exploded, He set her off as well as he sent stream after stream of his hot cum into he, not stopping his thrusts until it was all gone. And as he slowed the movements, she grabbed him kissing him. He held her and thought to himself, this beautiful night was just beginning.

Friday, 26 October 2012

She lays him naked..on his back
runs the crop across his sack
teases the eye of his dick
then gives the crop a little flick

Over his tummy lets it glide
flicks a nipple...either side
he looks up at her..loving and meek
as she strokes it across his mouth and cheek

Then on his face she lowers her mound
he pleasures her without a sound
swinging the crop back on his legs
she rides him till for air he begs

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Gently I lay you on the bed
satin sheets behind your head
kiss your lips, kiss your eyes
kiss your breasts...hear your sighs

Your nipples rise, nice to please
your belly button then I tease
now so close I smell your scent
so sexy so pleasent

Spread your legs so I can taste
hands around I lift your waist
hold you hard against my lips
licks and sucks, your juice I sip

Now you push me on my back
your turn to kiss, on attack
kiss every part of me until
you have me ready for you to fill

A little taste of my precum
spread it gently with your thumb
then you roll over, open wide
our first time, let me come inside

Gently loving long and slow
until our passions start to grow
feel you biting, scratching me
leave your mark for all to see
Then suddenly I sense your need
you whisper.."cum I need your seed"
then finally with one last shove
we consumate our act of love

Loving kisses, hold you tight
all the world feels so right
you cuddle in so close I say
"I want you with me every day."

Friday, 12 October 2012

Darkest Desires release 30th october

looking forward to the release of the first book with my name on part of a great group of authors who have contributed to this anthology...thank you M.J. for including me
she moved over to the heater and began undressing then walked to the bedroom. she smiled that he had thoughtfully opened the door to let the heat in then wondered whether she had left the light on. she thought not, then as she walked into the room saw what she had left on the bed. she felt a tingle go down through her tummy as she realised he would have seen her lingerie and rather than worry her she found the thought exciting. she walked to the bed and with one hand picked up a piece and closing her eyes the other hand slipped down between her legs...rubbing herself and imagining she had been wearing it for him. she felt her face blush as she realised what she was doing...and blaming the wine dropped the lingerie on the bed... and headed to the shower.

Friday, 7 September 2012

in the bar

I looked down the bar, saw you there
sitting all alone
I watched your face, and wondered
as you talked on the phone

I saw you hangup, swear at the phone
as you tossed it on the bar
then you picked it up, paid your check
and started for your car

I got up and walked toward you
you looked so good in your pink
and got up the courage to ask
if you would stay for a drink

I smiled when you said yes
and as we sat and talked a bit
you told me how you'd been stood up
that was the end for that little shit

I smiled as you said that
and said I couldn't understand
that someone could do that to you
reached out and took your hand

We sat there and talked for hours
till we were the last ones there
you said you shouldn't drive that night
I said I had a room booked there

As I helped you off the stool
my pretty lady in pink
you smiled and said you usually
don't have this much to drink

As we walked to the elevator
I liked the way you held me tight
it was as though this night was meant to be
everything felt right

As we rode up to my room
your pink lips searched for a kiss
and I turned to hold you close
it was a chance too good to miss

I fumbled with the key
and when we finally got in there
you smiled then went to the bathroom
told me to wait there in the chair

I sat there waiting patiently
not sure what to think
until you came back in the room
a vision there in pink

This time it was bra and panties
and you got down on your knee
and as you gazed up into my face
began to unbuckle me

You didn't say a word
just pulled my trousers down
then taking me in hand
you bent and kissed the crown

Then I gasped as suddenly
you took me into your mouth
and I felt myself get harder
as all my blood ran south

I placed my fingers in your hair
as your mouth worked its charms
then when i was ready..
I took you by the arms

Gently I lifted you
and placed you on the bed
then gazing down upon you
I gently stroked your head

I slipped off your pink panties
and laid your bosom bare
then as I gently squeezed your nipples
I placed my soft lips there

Then  heard you whisper
"I want you in me...please,"
and I lifted my lips off you
and got in between your knees

You opened up your legs
and spread them out real wide
and we both moaned aloud
as I slowly slipped inside

The only words spoken
were the ones that you had said
but we didn't need to talk
as we thrashed around the bed

It felt so good inside you
and as I bent to kiss your lips
I felt you start to tremble
as you thrust up your hips

Then with a loud cry
I felt your juices start to flow
I could hold on no longer
and with a roar let go

I felt you cling on to me
as our juices mixed so free
I was so grateful for that phone call
that left you there for me

Thursday, 6 September 2012


Late at night you visit me
and you set my shackles free
take my hand, hold it tight
lead me off into the night

And as you lead me by the hand
to our special Neverland
feel your body, breath and touch
the tenderness I miss so much

When we arrive, our special place
I feel your fingers stroke my face
then as we kiss I start to feel
it's not a dream, it seems so real

Our Neverland has it all
a beach, or snow... a waterfall
it's there for us every day
so we're together in our special way

Then sadly it all has to end
back to my world you have to send
but when I awake you're there inside
and I feel a joy I cannot hide

Saturday, 1 September 2012

part 2....not to be missed

it felt so good...kneeling at your feet....head bowed...and as my lips touched your boots i heard a sound of approval from you. you then motioned me back...and as you sat in the armchair you lifted one boots running the buckle along the side of my face...then pressed the heel against my lips... i perted them and you began to move the heel in and out as if you were making love to my mouth with it.

when i had kissed both boots and the lifted both legs on to my shoulders...the leather rubbing against my face...tehn parting your legs wider bought my face in hard against your smelling of your beautiful juices...and i opened my mouth eager to taste as well as smell. you then pushed the panties aside and i was rewarded by a loud moan as my lips surrounded your clit...then my tongue dug into you...eagerly lapping at your juices. pressing my face hard against you you were all i could breath and taste and as i licked and kissed harder and harder i felt you slipping down into the chair so you could press harder into my face.

by this time i was so hard and sensing this you pushed me back...telling me to stand and quickly undress. as i did you slipped your panties off then told me to lay on my back in front of the fire. i did as told and as i lay there with my hard cock pointing to the sky you moved over me...still in your coat and boots...lowering yourself onto my cock. the pleasure of you surroundin my cock made me let out a loud moan...and as you started to move up and down on me...riding cock felt as though it was on fire. i opened my eyes...saw that you eyes were on my face...controlling how much i could feel....and you went fast until i was about to explode then would slow down. th more you worked my cock the more i wanted to cum...begging you ...first in a low voice...until i was almost screaming to cum...then you reached down ..pumping harder...gripping my nipples...then in a strong voice told me to cum i exploded....cum squirting into you...crying with pleasure ..moaning...lost....loving my beautiful sexy you all i had till you bent kissin gme ...whispering that i was a good boy xxxx

a nice meeting...part one

as i walked into the hotel i wondered whether Mia had arrived before me. i rang the bell in the small country pub and waited and soon heard a whistling coming as someone came through the bar. he greeted me with a huge smile...commenting on the freezing weather...then saying he guessed i was Mick. i told him yes and he smiled again. he then told me that my "wife" had already arrived and that she was in the rooms upstairs. as i thanked him and began up the stairs he called out and i stopped. he told me they had no other guests staying...and as they lived in the downstairs to feel free to treat the upstairs as our own.

i wondered how long you had been there...i could still smell your perfume on the stairs i was sure. just the thought of you sent butterflies through my stomach. i got to the door and knocked and heard your beautiful voice tell me to enter. as i walked in my eyes were drawn to the fire. you were standing...your back to me. weatring a beautiful fur coat and my eyes trailed down ..seeing the boots appearing from the bottom of the coat. you looked over your shoulder and beckoned me closer..smiling. as i walked closer you turned and the coat fell open revealing your beautiful breast encased in a black lace bra. my eyes travelled down over your panties to your knee high boots. i looked back up into your face...feeling myself growing hard. you reached your hand out for mine and drawme in close for a deep long kiss. when we broke the kiss you put your lips to my ear...asking me how much i liked the boots. when i said they were smiled again and your hand went on my shoulder...pushing me down telling me i should show my appreciation

Friday, 31 August 2012

part 4 mmmmmmm

lifting him to his feet she kissed him hard...hard to believe it was their first kiss... her juices covered his face and she kissed and licked him...then pushed him back towards the bed...ordering him to she removed the eyes flashing hungrily as she saw his body revealed and when he removed his pants his rock hard cock standing out.

pushing him back on the bed she climbed on top...her mouth covering his cock and he moaned as she swallowed almost the whole length. her hands then cupped his balls...squeezing gently...and he moaned even louder.

all she wanted now was him in time for playing now...and she slid up his body...lifting a leg over and dropping her wetness on his cock...plunging down...then began moving her hips wildly...lifting and dropping.....watching his face through her slightly closed eyes...feeding off the pleasure shown in it...then reaching out ...grasping his nipples...pinching...twisting...feeling him gasp...lifting his hips even more into her with the pain...until a pleading look crossed his face and she heard him "please please". stopping she moved the muscles in her vagina...squeezing him.... asking him...."please what?".... and his face was red....begging to cum....and she reached down...stroking his face...then relaxing her squeeze bgan to move again....her voice urging him to fill her...explode in her....and she got faster and faster all suddenly she felt his warm fluid explode....his cries filling her ears....and she bent ...kissing...stroking him....not going to let him out till she had milked it all from him

part 3

thinking that she might need a lay down again he asked if she would like to go back to the bedroom. not wishing to worry she agreed but as they walked back down the passage she spotted a closed door. it stuck out a bit as the house was so open and she stopped at the door asking him what was inside the room. she noticed her blushed a bit when he told her nothing special.. seeming a little nervous. she told him she would like to see... and when he hesitated...she remembered the she added firmly "now"
he lowered his head...then taking a key from his pocket he unlocked the room. he went to enter first and she put a hand out...stopping him...and walked in first. the first thing she saw on the opposite walk was a collection of small whips and crops...then looking to her left a bed...soft shackles attached to the posts. lots of other little items were around the walls and pairs of boots and heels on the floor. he went to speak and she told him to be quiet...and she walked over...taking a crop from the wall...then slowly walked around the room....looking at the pictures of people tied to the bed...and similiar ones to the magazine she had seen.

she could feel his eyes watching her...and she turned to him...smiling...then reached between her legs...touching the damp patch on the front of her panties...then walked over to him...stopping just short of touching him. reaching up with the crop she placed it on his shoulder...then applying downward pressure... he understood...dropping to his knees. copying the picture she then reached behind his head...pressing his face in against the dampness. when he tried to touch her with his hands she lightly hit his arm..."not yet boy"...and he quickly dropped his hand...continuing to rub his face on her wetness.

stepping back she looked down at him and as he looked up she could see his face glowing and all of a sudden all she wanted was to cum...and she slipped her panties off...parting her legs...and stepped back again...roughly pulling his face in and immeadiatly his lips and tongue found the right place...causing her to moan out loud. sensing her need he almost attacked her clit and pussy...licking and sucking like a man possessed....and as Danika rode his face swaying her hips...pressing in hard against him his expert mouth and tongue began to have the right effect and the juices made a loud noise against him as suddenly her knees shook and she dropped the crop....gripping his head with both hands as she cqame hard against him

the story continues

he smiled at that...then asked if she was hungry. the mention of food made her realise she was...and she said yes. the man then got up to leave...telling her all her clothes were ruined but to feel free to wear any of his tops.

leaving her to get dressed she slipped out of bed and went to the wardrobe. finding a large flannel shirt she slipped it on...the rough material rubbing her nipples. as she looked in the mirror her blonde hair was everywhere and she wondered if her bag had been found with her. she reached her hand inside the shirt...touching her tender nipples then all of a sudden thoughts of him drying and stripping her and putting her to bed came into her head and she felt a tingle go down through her tummy

just as Danika went to shut the wardrobe she spotted the corner of a magazine sitting just off the top shelf. she wondered if she should look..or whether that might be a bit nosey...but then curiosity got the better and she reached up... bringing the magazine down.
what had just been a tingle became a full rush of blood when she saw the picture on the front of the magazine. the blonde on the cover of the well worn magazine was standing...feet apart.... one hand holding a crop and the other pushing the face of the man kneeling before her into her vagina. the look on her face showed he was obviously doing a good job of pleasing her.
she heard the man coming again and quickly put the magazine back and walked over to meet him at the door. when he walked in and saw her in his shirt he gave a low whistle...and she smiled...twirling a little in front of him like a model...and he smiled...telling her the shirt didnt look that good on him.
he then told her he had fixed something nice for them and started back towards the kitchen. as she walked behind she found her mind wandering...imagining him as the man in the picture and she unconciously undid the top button of the shirt as the entered the main room..
walking over to the table he moved the chair out for her and as she sat she saw him glance at the open button. she reached out touching his arm...thanking him for all he had done for her and he smiled...saying it was his pleasure...nice to have someone so beautiful in the house....then moved away to get her meal.
as they ate they talked more. she asked about her boat and he was able to comfort her with the knowledge that most of it was ok and they had found most of her things. she learned that he lived there alone... it was an old family beach house ...and it suited his job as a writer... when she asked what sort of writer he replied mostly freelance for etc.
she wondered if he wrote for the magazine she had found in the bedroom...and the memory of what she had seen on the cover made her flush slightly.
he noticed the slight change...and looking worried asked if she was ok...and smiled again when she assured him she was fine

Thursday, 30 August 2012

beginning of something mmmm

Danika woke slowly...opening her eyes...amazed at how bright the light was. the last thing she could remember was the sky going dark and the wind breaking the mast on her yacht. she remembered peering through the rain and seeing lights before a wave knocked her into the water. now here she was in a warm soft bed with lights on.

she went to lift her head off the pillow and felt lay back down. the movement alerted the man in the room and he rushed to her bed side. when she opened her lovely green eyes again she was looking into a smiling face and it startled her. the man stepped back a as not to scare her.

"save your strength...i will explain " he said quietly...and began to tell her how he had been looking out at the storm when he had seen her boat get damaged then saw her knocked overboard and had run outside...diving into the swell and bringing her now unconcious body to the shore. making sure she was breathing properly he had carried her to the house...drying her... then undressing her and putting her in the warm bed. he blushed as he apologised at having to remove her clothes...and she smiled up at him...thanking him so much for doing what he did...and telling him cheekily he looked cute when he blushed.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

look out for this at Halloween from hot ink books... lots of great stories from lots of great and new first anthology

red teddy

Lady in red gave to me
lovely thoughts of what might be
if things were different and we would
do all those lovely things we could

i would open the door, there she would be
a lovely red vision just for me
covered in red right to the heel
imagine how sexy would make me feel

the see through gown so soft and sheer
reach for her, hold her near
feel her take my hand, then led
down the passage to her bed

she sits me down, eyes open wide
dances slowly side to side
then one by one till her teddy
she slowly strips, getting ready

my turn then, i stand up straight
soon disrobe, i cannot wait
then laying her upon the bed
i move my lips across the red

then sliding off her soft teddy
i feel her, know that she is ready
and as my fingers part her lips
i feel her start to move her hips

the time has come, legs open wide
i move between them, then push inside
then moving with her till she screams
a perfect end to our dreams