Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Date with Daddy

All day she was thinking
Of her daddy firm wide knee
How he was waiting for her
She was excited as can be
Had on a pretty dress
Done her hair with a curl
Ached to hear those words
"Come here my baby girl"
Hands around his neck
She would snuggle in real tight
He'd ruffle up her curl
Her kiss was nice and light
Loved to make her Daddy
Feel all nice and good
By wriggling on his lap
Like only baby girl could
He was so good to her
Sometimes he'd let her feed
Loved to play with Daddy
Filled a special need
But the special time they shared
When Daddy loved her best
Was when she sat astride him
Her head against his chest
They'd moan as one in pleasure
His nose buried in her curl
Until the moans turned to delighted cries
And he filled his baby girl

Monday, 15 July 2013

A night in

art by Rob Ralph

She was dressed up to party
But when she got to her friends door
Her friend said "let's stay in tonight
So I can get to know you more"
They worked their days together
Always got along
Shared interests in movies
Both liked same type of song
But as they sat on the couch
The talk turned to boys
And of what's in their bedroom
Their preference in toys
By now more than  a bottle
Was empty by their side
And their rising excitement
Was getting hard to hide
When her friend took her hand
And said "Would you like to see
My collection of toys
Then if you do follow me"
Led by the hand
She followed her so meek
So wet between her legs
And unable to speak
Standing by the bed
They held back no more
And kissed with deep passion
As their tongues fought a war
Pushed back on the bed
Her dress rode high
Moaned as her friends hair
Stroked inside of her thigh
Arched her body up
Stifled a yell
Gripped tight to her head
Let her passions swell
She didn't stand a chance
Under her girl friends attack
Wrapped her legs around
Bending her back
Coming with a scream
She then fell in a heap
Had never felt an orgasm
Go so deep
Felt a body slide up
Then lips to her ear
"Welcome to my world
So much to teach you my dear"

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Purple Haze

The purple haze enshrouded him
Seeped into his mind
Purple lips devoured him
Took all they could find
Purple nails stroked him
Across all tender bits
His eyes locked on her purple boots
And stockings as she sits

From the moment she had entered
His resistance fell away
Like a rabbit in the headlights
He was the easiest of prey
As he stumbled with his words
A possessive smile had crossed her face
She stopped him gently "Kneel my boy
I like man that knows his place"

"What will you do to please me?
What lengths will you go?
How much can I tease you
When I make your body glow?"
He gazed at this purple Princess
"Anything I can do
My soul purpose when I'm with here
Is to bring pleasure to you"

Her legs rested on his shoulders
Boots heels scraped his back
She lifted her shroud slightly
No hairs adorned her crack
Felt the nails on his scalp
As she pulled his eager lips forward
"That was the best of answers boy
Now here is your reward"

Her scent attacked his nose
As his lips locked on her clit
Then he dropped his tongue across her
Made sure he didn't miss a bit
The pressure from her hands
Made sure that he did know
She wanted him to stay there
Till he made her juices flow

After coming she slid down
Knelt with him on the floor
Her purple shaded eyes locked his
"Now my boy Mistress wants more"
She turned around and on all fours
Ordered "Lift my shroud my boy"
As he did her bare sex glistened
"Now bring your Mistress joy"

As the purple swayed before him
Her wet sex sucked him in
Each thrust she squeezed him hard 
And his head began to spin
His cock pushed past her fingers
As she touched her swollen clit
She moaned "Mistress is getting close my boy
You must wait for it"

His urge to come consumed him
But knew this was his test
If he failed at this hurdle
Then he could forget the rest
Felt her body tremble
Then as the shakes became much stronger
Mistress came with a scream
Thank god, couldn't last much longer

With her orgasm passed
His pulse began to race
Balls began to tighten 
And he upped his thrusting pace
Then she surprised him, moved away
Gripped him, more than he could stand
Stared into her purples eyes 
Came in her purple nailed hand