Friday, 31 August 2012

part 4 mmmmmmm

lifting him to his feet she kissed him hard...hard to believe it was their first kiss... her juices covered his face and she kissed and licked him...then pushed him back towards the bed...ordering him to she removed the eyes flashing hungrily as she saw his body revealed and when he removed his pants his rock hard cock standing out.

pushing him back on the bed she climbed on top...her mouth covering his cock and he moaned as she swallowed almost the whole length. her hands then cupped his balls...squeezing gently...and he moaned even louder.

all she wanted now was him in time for playing now...and she slid up his body...lifting a leg over and dropping her wetness on his cock...plunging down...then began moving her hips wildly...lifting and dropping.....watching his face through her slightly closed eyes...feeding off the pleasure shown in it...then reaching out ...grasping his nipples...pinching...twisting...feeling him gasp...lifting his hips even more into her with the pain...until a pleading look crossed his face and she heard him "please please". stopping she moved the muscles in her vagina...squeezing him.... asking him...."please what?".... and his face was red....begging to cum....and she reached down...stroking his face...then relaxing her squeeze bgan to move again....her voice urging him to fill her...explode in her....and she got faster and faster all suddenly she felt his warm fluid explode....his cries filling her ears....and she bent ...kissing...stroking him....not going to let him out till she had milked it all from him

part 3

thinking that she might need a lay down again he asked if she would like to go back to the bedroom. not wishing to worry she agreed but as they walked back down the passage she spotted a closed door. it stuck out a bit as the house was so open and she stopped at the door asking him what was inside the room. she noticed her blushed a bit when he told her nothing special.. seeming a little nervous. she told him she would like to see... and when he hesitated...she remembered the she added firmly "now"
he lowered his head...then taking a key from his pocket he unlocked the room. he went to enter first and she put a hand out...stopping him...and walked in first. the first thing she saw on the opposite walk was a collection of small whips and crops...then looking to her left a bed...soft shackles attached to the posts. lots of other little items were around the walls and pairs of boots and heels on the floor. he went to speak and she told him to be quiet...and she walked over...taking a crop from the wall...then slowly walked around the room....looking at the pictures of people tied to the bed...and similiar ones to the magazine she had seen.

she could feel his eyes watching her...and she turned to him...smiling...then reached between her legs...touching the damp patch on the front of her panties...then walked over to him...stopping just short of touching him. reaching up with the crop she placed it on his shoulder...then applying downward pressure... he understood...dropping to his knees. copying the picture she then reached behind his head...pressing his face in against the dampness. when he tried to touch her with his hands she lightly hit his arm..."not yet boy"...and he quickly dropped his hand...continuing to rub his face on her wetness.

stepping back she looked down at him and as he looked up she could see his face glowing and all of a sudden all she wanted was to cum...and she slipped her panties off...parting her legs...and stepped back again...roughly pulling his face in and immeadiatly his lips and tongue found the right place...causing her to moan out loud. sensing her need he almost attacked her clit and pussy...licking and sucking like a man possessed....and as Danika rode his face swaying her hips...pressing in hard against him his expert mouth and tongue began to have the right effect and the juices made a loud noise against him as suddenly her knees shook and she dropped the crop....gripping his head with both hands as she cqame hard against him

the story continues

he smiled at that...then asked if she was hungry. the mention of food made her realise she was...and she said yes. the man then got up to leave...telling her all her clothes were ruined but to feel free to wear any of his tops.

leaving her to get dressed she slipped out of bed and went to the wardrobe. finding a large flannel shirt she slipped it on...the rough material rubbing her nipples. as she looked in the mirror her blonde hair was everywhere and she wondered if her bag had been found with her. she reached her hand inside the shirt...touching her tender nipples then all of a sudden thoughts of him drying and stripping her and putting her to bed came into her head and she felt a tingle go down through her tummy

just as Danika went to shut the wardrobe she spotted the corner of a magazine sitting just off the top shelf. she wondered if she should look..or whether that might be a bit nosey...but then curiosity got the better and she reached up... bringing the magazine down.
what had just been a tingle became a full rush of blood when she saw the picture on the front of the magazine. the blonde on the cover of the well worn magazine was standing...feet apart.... one hand holding a crop and the other pushing the face of the man kneeling before her into her vagina. the look on her face showed he was obviously doing a good job of pleasing her.
she heard the man coming again and quickly put the magazine back and walked over to meet him at the door. when he walked in and saw her in his shirt he gave a low whistle...and she smiled...twirling a little in front of him like a model...and he smiled...telling her the shirt didnt look that good on him.
he then told her he had fixed something nice for them and started back towards the kitchen. as she walked behind she found her mind wandering...imagining him as the man in the picture and she unconciously undid the top button of the shirt as the entered the main room..
walking over to the table he moved the chair out for her and as she sat she saw him glance at the open button. she reached out touching his arm...thanking him for all he had done for her and he smiled...saying it was his pleasure...nice to have someone so beautiful in the house....then moved away to get her meal.
as they ate they talked more. she asked about her boat and he was able to comfort her with the knowledge that most of it was ok and they had found most of her things. she learned that he lived there alone... it was an old family beach house ...and it suited his job as a writer... when she asked what sort of writer he replied mostly freelance for etc.
she wondered if he wrote for the magazine she had found in the bedroom...and the memory of what she had seen on the cover made her flush slightly.
he noticed the slight change...and looking worried asked if she was ok...and smiled again when she assured him she was fine

Thursday, 30 August 2012

beginning of something mmmm

Danika woke slowly...opening her eyes...amazed at how bright the light was. the last thing she could remember was the sky going dark and the wind breaking the mast on her yacht. she remembered peering through the rain and seeing lights before a wave knocked her into the water. now here she was in a warm soft bed with lights on.

she went to lift her head off the pillow and felt lay back down. the movement alerted the man in the room and he rushed to her bed side. when she opened her lovely green eyes again she was looking into a smiling face and it startled her. the man stepped back a as not to scare her.

"save your strength...i will explain " he said quietly...and began to tell her how he had been looking out at the storm when he had seen her boat get damaged then saw her knocked overboard and had run outside...diving into the swell and bringing her now unconcious body to the shore. making sure she was breathing properly he had carried her to the house...drying her... then undressing her and putting her in the warm bed. he blushed as he apologised at having to remove her clothes...and she smiled up at him...thanking him so much for doing what he did...and telling him cheekily he looked cute when he blushed.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

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red teddy

Lady in red gave to me
lovely thoughts of what might be
if things were different and we would
do all those lovely things we could

i would open the door, there she would be
a lovely red vision just for me
covered in red right to the heel
imagine how sexy would make me feel

the see through gown so soft and sheer
reach for her, hold her near
feel her take my hand, then led
down the passage to her bed

she sits me down, eyes open wide
dances slowly side to side
then one by one till her teddy
she slowly strips, getting ready

my turn then, i stand up straight
soon disrobe, i cannot wait
then laying her upon the bed
i move my lips across the red

then sliding off her soft teddy
i feel her, know that she is ready
and as my fingers part her lips
i feel her start to move her hips

the time has come, legs open wide
i move between them, then push inside
then moving with her till she screams
a perfect end to our dreams