Saturday, 27 October 2012

Piano and the Rose... a sexy short

She had been watching him most of the night in between songs. He looked a little out of place in this little honky tonk bar hidden in one of Las vegas old casinos. While everyone else around him had been singing and laughing along with all of her songs she had watched him transform from a happy man who arrived with a rose, and straight away ordered a bottle of champagne and 2 glasses to the one she saw now. Still alone, an empty bottle of champagne, sitting there twirling the rose. He looked up and saw her watching and she smiled at him, shrugging her shoulders, and he gave a small smile back, waving the rose in her direction. She gave a little laugh and she was pleased to see his smile this time was a little less forced.

He got up and started heading for the bathroom  and as he passed the piano he put the rose on the top and she mouthed thank you as she kept playing, and he smiled again. As he was returning to his table she finished her bracket of songs so she got up to stretch and went to the bar for a drink then carrying the rose she walked to his table. He watched her coming and thought how entertainers always looked so lovely but that hers was not made up, she just had a natural beauty and as she asked if she could join him he felt the genuine warmth of her smile.

She thanked him for the rose and was not going to pry into who it was for, but as they talked he opened up .telling how he was in town for a few days. He had arranged online to meet someone who as she could see had not turned up. She consoled him by telling him that it was their loss, as not only had they missed out on a nice man and nice champagne but also some of the best piano in Vegas. She smiled as she said this and he laughed. He asked her how much longer she was playing here and she said she had one more bracket then had another job, an early morning one to go to for a couple of hours. She thought for a minute then asked if he wanted to come with her to the next job but warned him he might need to be a bit broad minded. He assured her he was and she smiled and got up, and as she walked past him on the way to the piano she reached out lightly touching his shoulder.

She watched him now all through the last bracket and was happy to see him sitting there smiling, even singing along with everyone.
Shefelt a little tremble go through her. She didnt make a habit of chatting up the customers but there was something about him that made her feel good about what might happen. She smiled to herself as she wondered what he might think of her next job.

When she finished the last bracket, she collected up things and came over to his table. He had paid his tab and she took his arm, telling him they had to get to the next job. It felt good walking out with her on his arm and he liked the envious looks he got from some of the other patrons. They jumped in the back of a waiting taxi and as she slid up next to him, he put his arm around her. She turned and smiled at him and he instinctively gave her a little kiss. Then realizing what he had done began to apologies...but she quieted him by placing her lips back on his and kissing him...this time a much longer kiss.
It was not a long taxi ride and soon they had pulled up at the side door of a club. The security man recognized her. However, he looked strangely at him but she assured the man that her friend was ok. Therefore, the security man just smiled and let them both in the door. Immediately a couple of near naked women walked past greeting the lady with him by name and smiling at him. She then opened a door to a little dressing room and stepped in. She told him to sit and she slipped her dress off revealing her beautiful sexy underwear. She then grabbed a slinky red gown and slipped it on. She then came over giving him another kiss as she sat and started to work on her makeup. She explained they were at a rather upmarket gentleman’s club and she played the piano there for a couple of hours each night after the honky tonk gig. She said she would love him to that when she was finished they could go somewhere and relax. He told he had no plans now...and none in the morning so he was hers...and she smiled again. She said he was welcome to stay in the dressing room. But that he might enjoy the club. She then disappeared for a moment and returned with a well-dressed middle-aged man who was the manager. She introduced them...and the manager told him he was welcome to come and sit out in the club and watch. He explained the drinks were ridiculously expensive but not to worry as he would tell the staff to just put them on his tab.

He then told the man to come with him and as he left saying goodbye to the lady, he couldn’t believe how such a crap night was turning out so good. They got to the bar. And that manager introduced him then excused himself. He sat at the bar and when turned around he saw more beautiful women who were sexily dressed like those backstage. They were spread around the room...talking to men either in small groups or on their own. Suddenly the lights lowered and his new friend came out looking ravishing in her gown and light applause broke out. She smiled towards him then began playing lovely slow tunes. Some of the men took the women onto the dance floor and began dancing slowly and intimately around the floor. He noticed other couples heading up stairs from the tables and some from the dance floor.

He sat there...lost in her was beautiful when he smelt a beautiful perfume next to him. He turned and saw one of the ladies he had seen backstage sitting next to him. She looked over at the piano player then back at him... "You are a very lucky man. She has never bought anyone here with her before. Treat her properly," she said to him then rose off the chair and sexily walked away

He limited his drinks to just a couple and was pleased to see the waitress had been looking after his new friend. Finally, she finished and got up and walked over to him. The first thing she asked was what the girl had said and when he told her, she laughed saying that it was nice that they looked out for her. They then headed back to the dressing room and when they got inside she locked the door then she asked if he would help undo the gown. He slipped in behind her undoing her gown and lifting it off as he took it over her head, she turned to face him. Her breasts in the red lacy bra pressed into him and she kissed him hard. It was a long deep passionate kiss. Then she pulled back and began undoing his shirt. In between kissing and biting each of his nipples, she told him how it got her so hot watching the couples heading upstairs, imagining what went on in those rooms. She would sometimes have to masturbate in the dressing room before going home. She thrust her hand between his legs feeling his growing hardness and dropped to her knee .undoing his pants. She pulled them to the floor releasing his cock from his underwear. As soon as his cock was free, her mouth devoured him cupping his balls with one hand and she used the other to work his cock as she licked and sucked on it.

When she had him rock hard she got to her feet and sat up on the bench. He took his queue and dropped to his knees pulling the flimsy red panties down over her heels. Then she grabbed his hair pulling his mouth in hard on her. She was wet and excited and he felt her juices cover his face as his lips and tongue found her clit. Then at her insistence, he plunged his tongue into her pussy drinking her juices, fucking her with it. He felt her moan and push against him almost losing her balance as he pushed her back on the bench. She grabbed his hair again urging him to his feet.

She spread her legs wide and he felt her heels graze his side as he moved right into her. His hard cock headed straight into her and her warm wetness surrounded him. It sucked in his cock. She started urging him to fuck her and fuck her hard. He slammed into her and he felt her arms around his neck, her nails digging into his skin, her legs behind him, trapping him. But in the warm wetness of her pussy he could hold no longer and he exploded, He set her off as well as he sent stream after stream of his hot cum into he, not stopping his thrusts until it was all gone. And as he slowed the movements, she grabbed him kissing him. He held her and thought to himself, this beautiful night was just beginning.

Friday, 26 October 2012

She lays him naked..on his back
runs the crop across his sack
teases the eye of his dick
then gives the crop a little flick

Over his tummy lets it glide
flicks a nipple...either side
he looks up at her..loving and meek
as she strokes it across his mouth and cheek

Then on his face she lowers her mound
he pleasures her without a sound
swinging the crop back on his legs
she rides him till for air he begs

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Gently I lay you on the bed
satin sheets behind your head
kiss your lips, kiss your eyes
kiss your breasts...hear your sighs

Your nipples rise, nice to please
your belly button then I tease
now so close I smell your scent
so sexy so pleasent

Spread your legs so I can taste
hands around I lift your waist
hold you hard against my lips
licks and sucks, your juice I sip

Now you push me on my back
your turn to kiss, on attack
kiss every part of me until
you have me ready for you to fill

A little taste of my precum
spread it gently with your thumb
then you roll over, open wide
our first time, let me come inside

Gently loving long and slow
until our passions start to grow
feel you biting, scratching me
leave your mark for all to see
Then suddenly I sense your need
you whisper.."cum I need your seed"
then finally with one last shove
we consumate our act of love

Loving kisses, hold you tight
all the world feels so right
you cuddle in so close I say
"I want you with me every day."

Friday, 12 October 2012

Darkest Desires release 30th october

looking forward to the release of the first book with my name on part of a great group of authors who have contributed to this anthology...thank you M.J. for including me
she moved over to the heater and began undressing then walked to the bedroom. she smiled that he had thoughtfully opened the door to let the heat in then wondered whether she had left the light on. she thought not, then as she walked into the room saw what she had left on the bed. she felt a tingle go down through her tummy as she realised he would have seen her lingerie and rather than worry her she found the thought exciting. she walked to the bed and with one hand picked up a piece and closing her eyes the other hand slipped down between her legs...rubbing herself and imagining she had been wearing it for him. she felt her face blush as she realised what she was doing...and blaming the wine dropped the lingerie on the bed... and headed to the shower.