Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Masters fingers stroke her ears
Cause his pet to purr
Rubs her cheek against his leg
He smiles down at her
A little milk on her top lip
Makes her look so cute
He pats his knee, lifts her up
Loves her kitten suit
Her little tongue licks his face
Happy to be his pet
All day it has filled her mind
Made her nice and wet
Lovingly he strokes his pet
Has a possessive grin
Knows just where she loves it
Slips a finger in
The purring grows much louder
As she clings on to her neck
The day’s anticipation
Her feelings hard to keep in check
"Ah my little pet"
He whispers in her ear
"I feel you are on heat
Our bedtime is near"
She jumps up off his lap
Slinks off to his bed
Kneels down at the foot
Licks her lips of red
He stands before her ready
His cock before her eyes
Licks and sucks him gently
Eager for her prize
When she has him ready
On his bed she hops up there
And like all good felines do
Lifts her tail up in the air
Master takes his pleasure
Her purr turns to a meow
Claws dig into the mattress
So close to coming now
But she holds herself together
Only giving into her need
When Master stiffens, grips her
Fills her with his seed
She loves these special evenings
Now curls up for the night
With her Masters arms around her
A cat’s life is alright

Sunday, 19 May 2013

wet and wild in the bath

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soft lights water warm
thunder sounds , outside a storm
skin glows soft and light
you turn to me...beautiful sight

open arms you step to me
I lift you careful as can be
lower you in..water right
in behind you hold you tight

I wash your back no spot I miss
you turn your face.. a gentle kiss
you feel my excitement rising high
you lean back harder with a sigh

you turn around ..face to face
the water goes all over the place
chest to breast I hold you tight
this really does feel oh so right

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An Interview with Suzzana C Ryan and her new release Under her Protection.

An Interview with Suzzana C Ryan and her new release Under her Protection.

How long have you been writing Suzzana?

Like most of us my whole life.

I see this new release is not a paranormal one.

No it’s not. I started writing erotic paranormal romances after having an ongoing love affair with vampires. Under her Protection is a short story which centers on a mobster and a female US Marshal who has to keep him under cover until he testifies against his so called brothers. He’s your typical good fella and not a very likable guy. But he’s hot and she of course is gorgeous, but because of her job and the way she looks finds dating difficult.

I also see so this is an erotic romance.

Yes. I only write erotic romance, I have a sweet one sitting in my Laptop…sighs…just can’t bring myself to have my characters just kiss. You know Mark, a lot like your poetry, mmm. I don’t see very much just kissing going on either.

Why thank you Suzzana for mentioning my poetry.

Now don’t get me off the track okay, but you are my favorite erotic poet. How do you do that, Mark? Throw me off track.

He he….. Have you any other stories in the works?

Yes, I have a historical erotic romance ready to be edited, this one’s about Vikings, then two vampire short stories, one I am very excited about a BDSM one, very gothic, takes place in 1888. And recently contracted my first erotic sci fi romance. It’s very hot, like nothing I’ve ever written before. I am sure it’s going to curl a few toes.

I see you mention your love affair with vampires, but what brought you to writing erotic romance?

Passion and the need to express it in words. The first time I had to write pussy it just flowed. I knew then what I was reading on my Ereader was what I wanted to write. I’m very passionate about everything I do so writing erotica comes naturally.

To date you have twenty releases, where do you get your ideas from and do you ever base your characters on people you know?

Under her Protection is my twentieth release. Living here in New York and being so close to Manhattan it’s easy to conger up scenarios in your head. Sometimes I dream them, sometimes a friend makes a suggestion and sometimes stories evolve based on people I know. I tell my friends be careful you may wind up in one of my stories. Most just giggle.

Thank you Suzzana for stopping by it was a pleasure talking to you.

You’re welcome Mark. Sighs thank God my altered ego stayed home, Cherry Splendor.  She’s begging me to ask you back on my blog. And, she wanted me to tell you she loves your poems, especially the spanking ones. Ooops, sorry she slipped out giggles. I’ve included the blurb and small excerpt from Under her Protection. Thank you for having me.
Under her Protection
Suzzana C Ryan

May 2013 release


Gina McCarthy, U.S. Marshall, ex decorated New York City Policewoman, stepped over the line. Within forty-eight hours, she violated every oath she’d ever taken by getting involved with a witness.

Marco G. Natalia, son of New York’s biggest crime family, has turned state’s evidence.  He’s handsome, intelligent, self-confident and one of the mob’s most valuable specimen’s. He’s more than just a made man. He was born made. His father, the head of the Notorious Natalia family, is dead, gunned down and murdered mob style while eating breakfast with his son. Now Marco G. Natalia is under Gina McCarthy’s protection. 

From different worlds two people meet, act on their attraction to one another and delve deep into emotions and feelings neither knew existed. Marco has never met a woman like Gina, strong, honest and beyond desirable. Unfortunately for Marco, he’s everything Gina holds unholy. For Gina, Marco is a step into forbidden territory, one she knows she’ll never forget and will desire for the rest of her life.
You can fine me:
Twitter   Purchase links:
Marco savored Gina’s mouth, deepening his kiss, coming in harder, pulling her gorgeous body closed. His desired her like he never desired a woman before, his damn cock was as hard as steel. Fuck, he ached with need for her. He was a very sexual man, loved women, and everything about their bodies. He wanted to taste every plane and every curve. He wanted to make her scream with release. With his thoughts on her pleasure, he broke away from her mouth and began his sensual journey of her body. He needed to touch her, feel her sleek, silky opening to her body. As he kissed her neck and her shoulders, he pushed her thighs open.
“Baby, open up for me, I want to see every inch, and I want to feel your wet softness, baby I want to feast on your pussy. Open up to me, I’m going to eat your pussy like you’ve never experienced before.”
“Oh God, Gino, this is…” 
He cut her off, “No, baby, right now, this moment, this has never been more right. Fuck I know you’re not like other woman. I know what I am, but for you…” he stopped. He let two fingers enter her pussy. He felt her body respond, her hands grabbed his broad shoulders. “Christ for you, I’d move mountains if I could. Can you understand?” he said as his lips caressed her neck, his vow a mere whisper.
She arched her breasts up to his wet, soft lips. A soft moan escaped his lips as he sucked in one of her nipples, his tongue twirling it around in his mouth. He moaned and pumped his fingers in her a bit harder, his thumb rubbing her clit. Lifting his head from her, he kissed a path a small kisses to her neck then watched her face, saw her growing need, as small delicate beads of sweat sprinkled her brow. His cock grew harder as he visualized his breaking through what he was sure was her very organized mind.  Marco wanted to make her climax, cum with erotic intensity, and he could, it was one talent he’d perfected over the years. He put his lips to her body once again and found her pussy, his tongue eager to explore more of her. She was wet, slick with desire, his tongue was eager to taste her and bring her over the edge. Once again he let his fingers slip into her, his thumb bringing her clit to an even more swollen state. “Baby, feel good? You’re getting ready. Honey, you’ll cum oh yeah and I’ll feel those little contractions on my tongue. Mmm, honey,” he said, kissing her down the length of her body to her open thighs. 


Wendy Waitress

They watched her work the tables
She wasn't very tall
They didn't have to speak
Their eyes said it all

Not that she was unaware
Of the looks they would bestow
In her mini skirt and blouse
She would bend, put on a show

When she waited on their table
She tried hard to impress
Felt a little shiver
Their eyes on her, they did undress

As they ordered off her
The lady touched her arm
"You really are quite beautiful,"
Turning on the charm

They ordered the seafood platter
She saw the husband's lustful stare
"Just the platter and two plates
We really like to share."

Wendy blushed at this
There was no doubt what he meant
Saw the wife's seductive smile
The message had been sent

As she hurried to the kitchen
She thought I bet my face glows
Checked it in the mirror
Cheeks pink as a rose

The couple ate their platter
Their eyes not once left her alone
Wendy could not believe
How moist her sex had grown

Picking up their plates
She asked if they wanted more
"Yes, if you deliver
We're staying on the fifteenth floor."

He signed the check and put a number
"Bring up the cheese platter
Wait until you finish
The timing doesn't matter."

They got up and left the room
Walking hand in hand
They turned and winked at Wendy 
No doubt what they had planned

The place was nearly empty
She was anxious to be done
Wendy's mind was racing 
Anxious for some fun

The chef made up the platter
She wished them all goodnight
One last trip to the bathroom
To check she looked alright

Up to the fifteenth floor
A nervous little knock 
He opened the door naked
She gave a gasp of shock

He took her by the hand
The door locked with a click
Took the platter from her
"I'm glad that you were quick."

The wife lay on the bed naked
Her juice was on his face
"She was just about to come
Would you like to take my place?"

"Oh please baby eat me
I want you there instead."
And Wendy knelt between her legs
The wife then grabbed her head

Wendy ate her hungrily
Knew it wouldn't be long
The lady's juice ran freely
Her need to come was strong

And as she worked her tongue
The husband fingers stroked her sex
Wendy sighed into the pussy
It would be her turn next

The lady's fingers gripped her hair
Then with a heaving jolt
Orgasm wracked her body
Like a lightning bolt

Wendy held on tightly 
Her mouth working till the last
Then slid up on her body
Hugged her till the tremors passed

The lady was in heaven
Her eyes stared off in space
Then she turned her lips to Wendy
Licked her juice off her face

"We were going to wait
But you had us so turned on
Once we got in the room
Our clothes were quickly gone."

Wendy slipped off the bed
Her clothes soon joined their pile
Turned towards the husband
Still rock hard, she gave a smile

Got down on her knees
"That's an impressive piece of meat
Such a busy night
I have not had time to eat."

Her hands cupped his balls
As she licked his bulging peak
The wife knelt behind 
Fingers gave nipples a tweak

Wendy felt so sensual
Sandwiched between the pair
The wife's breasts pressed against her
Lips buried in her hair

He withdrew from her mouth
Took her by the hand
Helped her to her feet
Sexual tension hard to stand

He lay down on his back
Rigid cock stood in the air
"Hop on for the ride."
And helped her settle there

Wendy groaned as he filled
Began to rock her hips
The wife sat astride her husband’s face
Grabbed Wendy , kissed her lips

Wendy ground down on him
Her clit burned as if aflame
She felt the wife's tongue seeking hers
Lost in their erotic game

With her nipples being stroked
And her sex so strongly taken
The passion in the kiss
Caused a longing to awaken

Her pussy walls were aching
As she gripped his cock inside
Till with a scream lust burst
Ending her orgasmic ride

The wife saw that she was finished
Quickly took her place
Wendy knelt down by the husband 
Lavished kisses on his face 

The wife was riding hard
Her frantic pace never once slowed
Till they collapsed upon each other
Her sex full of his load

Wendy joined them in their heap
Feeling comfort in their grip
They both stroked and kissed her face
"We hope you enjoyed your tip."

Friday, 17 May 2013

Interview with Tamsin Baker on her new release Timing is Everything

Well Tamsin, another great book, Timing is Everything.

A BDSM theme this time. You are very versatile.
Not really, I just write what I love to read, which is a lot of different
things. And my characters don't actually participate in the BDSM, they just go for
a sticky beak.

What drew you to write this one? A muse with a whip?
No, a poet with a perchance for BDSM and telling stories.

The characters are beautifully developed. You have a wonderful way with
words. Do you use your friends to describe them?
To start with the hero was similar to  friend of mine but as they story
developed he became his own character. Which is usually the way it goes.

What other exciting genres are you looking to explore?
I have contracts in Domme, Fantasy, Menage, M/M and boring M/F ;-)
I have started a new Dom story- though I'm finding it harder to write.
We shall see where my writing takes me.

Excerpt from Timing Is Everything:

Mark held open Angie’s door and guided her into the car without
touching her. Sadness and disappointment shut down her breathing.
Angie knew she shouldn’t have felt that way after he had shared such
an incredible experience with her, but she did and she didn’t know
what to do about the tension between them now.

They had always walked a tight line, Mark and her. He was currently
single but had been married for almost ten years before a messy
divorce and several girlfriends. She was currently in a new but
committed relationship.

They never seemed to get their lives to coordinate properly and their
timing was always off. Maybe she shouldn’t have pushed so hard to come
investigate this party with him? Had she threatened their friendship?

Mark slipped into the driver side, his hand going to his pants to
readjust himself.

“Sorry.” He apologized as he started the car.

Angie laughed. What else was there to do at a moment like this? They
were both turned on, and yet they could do nothing about it. “Why? I’m
as uncomfortable as you are, I’m sure.”

His head turned to her, brown eyes piercing in the darkness. Angie
didn’t let her gaze drop. She had always wanted this man and her
arousal was partly due to him. But, she couldn’t, she was in a

However, with Angie’s heart rate increasing steadily and her head
fuzzy as though intoxicated, that didn’t seem all that pertinent at
the moment.

“You’re aroused?” His voice was gruff, as though he had been standing
around a campfire too long.

Angie giggled, again inappropriately. “Of course I am. Did you see
that final scene? Wow …”

Mark cleared his throat and shifted in his car seat again. His face
showed worry and something Angie couldn’t work out, which was unusual
as she usually read him better than anyone.

She frowned as she surveyed him a moment longer. “Mark, what’s wrong?”

He cleared his throat and set his shoulders. “We’ve been friends a
long time and I have no wish to ruin that …” he trailed off.

Angie’s heart rate sped up again and she clenched her knees together
as a new gush of wetness soaked her panties. “Yes?”

“I’ve always wanted to taste you.”

Buy Links:

Tamsin Baker’s Bio:

Tamsin Baker is an Aussie girl who LOVES to read.

For fifteen years she read romance looking for the ‘good’ bits.

When she found erotic romance and pure erotica reading it was like
coming home to people who knew what she wanted to read and wow, did
her head space change.

Tamsin could now read what she wanted and found she could write a little too.

She’s only beginning this journey but she looks forward to putting out
lots of books in the future and reading even more!

Enjoy and thank you.

You can find Tamsin Baker at the links below:

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Waxed Slave

"Waxed Slave"

He'd promised a surprise
 As he tied her to the frame
 Something she had hinted
Wanted added to their game

She had tried to guess the answer
 Look for something new in place
 He watched her darting eyes
 Brought a smile to his face

Tightening the last strap
He slipped the blindfold on
She heard him walk across the floor
 Wondered where he'd gone

He was only gone a minute
Heard him come back in
Felt him stand before her
Then something cold against her skin

"My surprise for you is special
You will enjoy, my sweet."
Heard the striking of the match
Then she felt the heat

The smell of burning wax
Made her twist against her ties
The smell, the heat, more intense
Because of her covered eyes

In her mind she saw wax forming
The heat moved to her hand
The wait for it to drop
Was more than she could stand

When it hit a moaning sound
Emitted from her lips
Then the heat was moving up
Toward her nipple tips

His other hand the blindfold took
The flame her vision filled
Saw the wax building up
Waiting to be spilled

The flickering flame reflected
In her Master's eyes
As the candle tilted over
His free hand between her thighs

The pooling wax then dropped
Sensual pain covered her tit
In the middle of her scream
His fingers pinched her clit

He kept his fingers on there
As he poured more waxen bliss
Waves of pleasure washed through
He moved in with a kiss

Putting the candle down
He continued with the thrust
The other hand on her nipple
Squeezed the waxen crust

Master knew her secrets
To his touch she was a slave
Her orgasm a reward
For the devotion that she gave

Her body shook on his fingers
Closed her eyes recalled the flame
Until she hung there sated
Helpless on the frame

Monday, 13 May 2013

Ode to Dee Dee and Chase

How did he do this to her?
Her need to come grew stronger
The hunger he'd awoken
Could be denied no longer

The sensual words he'd whispered
Had made her drop the phone
Hand pushed aside her panties
Lucky she's alone

Her swollen clit throbbed at her touch
She turned towards the wall
Her other hand she braced herself
Careful not to fall

Her thumb pressed on her clit
Fingers slipped inside
Head thrown back in ecstasy
Moaned through her solo ride

Lost in her world she fucked herself
Her wild erotic game
Abandoned to the pleasure
Came hard shouting his name

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Threes company on a cruise

Working on the cruise ship
Lots of offers come your way
Singing for the passengers
Have to keep the men at bay
Because someone will be upset
And word soon gets around
Although everyone is strangers
It's like a country town

Over the course of the journey
The only chat she'd had
Was two men traveling together
Partners, so not as bad
They made no secret of it
Would sit and watch her arm in arm
And afterwards they'd share a drink
She felt safe, no chance of harm

The final night of the cruise
They drank more than their normal share
They invited her to stateroom
A surprise for her waited there
Grabbing an extra bottle
They made their drunken way
And although the sea was calm
Their walking had a sway

Once inside the room
She flopped down on the bed
The boys laid either side
And Bryan stroked her head
Stephen's hand went lower
Lightly stroked her thigh
She moaned under their touch
"I hope one of you is bi."

As a team they undressed her
Until naked there she lay
Then watched as they undressed
Let her hand start to play
Bryan knelt between her legs
Pushed her hand aside
Placed his mouth on her sex
Let his tongue slip inside

She reached out for Stephen
Grabbed his cock in her grip
Placed her mouth over
Ran her tongue round the tip
She gasped as Bryan
Performed his magic down there
Took Stephen right in
As his hand gripped her hair

The two men's attention
Pushed her over the peak
After weeks of behaving
Her resistance was weak
With a mouthful of cock
She tried hard to scream
And the blinding orgasm
Made her lustful eyes gleam

Stephen stepped away
The job only half done
Bryce slid up her body
Their turn for fun
His hard cock traced her entrance
And as he slipped inside
Stephen mounted him
They commenced their ride

With each thrust into Bryce
It pushed his cock to her end
Her pussy walls shaking
Message starting to send
The two straining men
Sharing their love
The most precious gift
As they took her from above

Their pace both quickened
All three were ready
She held on tight
Kept the rhythm steady
Till with a final burst
Let this passions run
And the three screaming lovers
Almost came as one

They lay either side
And held her tight
"We almost couldn't wait
For the final night
But for us you were special
Filled our nights with glee
Wanted to leave
A special memory."

Friday, 10 May 2013

Cougar Concert

How good was this going to be. It was all she and her gal pals had talked about for months. Finally they were in the car heading for the concert. Everyone had been worried it might rain but the sky was clear. All they had to contend with was the possibility it might get a bit cold at the outdoor venue.
Their plan was to arrive early and get a spot near the front before it got too crowded. When they parked the car they removed the car fridge from the rear of the car, grabbed their seats and started making their way to the entrance. Watching people go through the gates they noticed the security guys were giving a close look to any of the car fridges carried by younger men. When any of the ladies walked through they were just taking the tops off and smiling, then letting them through.

In front of them she noticed two young men in their twenties looking a bit worried. She started talking to them and found they had some vodka in ice bricks in the bottom of their car frig. She told them what a great idea and wished she’d thought of it. Then she made the suggestion, maybe the boys take one of their fridges and she’d carry theirs through for them; but first asked their assurance there was nothing else in there. One took the initiative and swore there was nothing more than vodka in their box. As expected security hardly looked at the one she carried, but inspected everything the boys carried.

When they got inside they swapped and one of the boys in his mid-twenties kissed her on the cheek. He said how much he appreciated what she’d done, and if there was ever anything he could do for her just let him know. She could have sworn he winked at her. To avoid eye contact she let her eyes roam his lean young body, causing illicit shivers to go through her. What was she thinking? She needed to shake any stupid thoughts from her head.

The other girls watched the whole scenario, and when she rejoined them they wanted to know what he said. When she told them they all laughed and made crude remarks. She laughed along with them. But couldn’t get his smile and wink out of her mind. Finding a spot they settled on the grass spreading the blanket. When the concert began she found her attention going between the music and her friend’s conversation. Then she began looking around to see where the boys were seated. She shrugged her shoulders. They were nowhere to be found. When she looked up at the screen to view the group now playing, the camera scanned the crowd and that’s when she thought she spotted one of them.

The girls had bought some wine the afternoon before they left, and as she drank a little she concentrated on the music. The last of the support acts were playing when the need aroused her and she thought she’d better go to the toilet now, as not to catch the crowd between acts. As she danced through the crowd on the way up she suddenly felt someone grab her ankle. She turned around ready to be angry, but softened when she saw the face of her new young friend. . He reached up taking her arm and pulled her down next to him. By his smile and actions she could tell he’d drunk some of his vodka, but she surmised rather than drunk, he was buzzed.

Sitting down there in the crowded space she had to lean against him; and she noticed he didn’t pull away. He asked her, calling her pretty lady, if she was enjoying the show. They both agreed so far the music was excellent. She then told him of her plans to get to the toilets before the main act; and he agreed it was a good idea. He stood helping her to her feet, took her hand and led her through the crowd. As his hand pressed tight to hers and his handsome young face smiled, that one smile made her feel like a schoolgirl again. As he gently pulled her through the crowd of bodies, she noticed some people watching. She didn’t mind their inquisitive looks and thoughts, ones she was sure referred to what was this older lady doing being led by the hand  of that handsome young man.

When they hit the portable toilets she agreed with him to wait and walk back together. She couldn’t believe how excited the feel of his holding hand made her feel. When she rubbed herself with the rough toilet paper, her pussy tingled. She was enjoying his attention. When they met up long lines had formed and he told her once again she had saved him. This time when he kissed her he kissed her lips. His lips were soft; he moved closer pulling her to him and became bolder. He let his tongue touch her lips causing her to  lean into him; and she answered his bold action by allowing her tongue to touch his.

She broke the kiss. Her breathing had become heavy and her body responsive. When she opened her eyes she saw the look of panic on his face. He began apologizing, but then said he’d thought of doing that ever since the light kiss at the gate; and had been trying to find her all afternoon. She smiled sexily at him and told him that she was old enough to be his mother. He blushed. Then she added fuel to the fire by telling him she’d been searching for him too.

He involuntarily dropped his hand to attempt to cover his groin and his very obvious hard on. She reached down taking his hand away and rubbed her palm over the bulge. Then standing on her toes, leaned in and kissed him again; and this time she pushed her tongue into his mouth. His lips and tongue responded as she smiled in the kiss. His cock hardened even more against her hand. She was hot and wet knowing she shouldn’t be, but wanted him so bad.

He made a bold suggestion telling her the boys had come in a van with a mattress in the back. He’d explained they agreed to sleep in the van if they’d been drinking too much. If she was interested…She took her fingers and gently put then to his lips stopping him. She got  her phone from its holder on her hip and messaged one of the girls. It was a short text, met old friend, chatting no worries, and then holding his hand let him lead her to the van.

When they got there he opened the back and behind the large door she sexily wiggled out of her jeans. He smiled and followed her lead removing his jeans. In the dim lighting she’d no problem catching sight of the size of his cock and gasped. When he climbed in she pushed him on his back and kissed him; her hand going down grasping him causing him to moan. He reached up and grabbed at her t-shirt lifting it up breaking their kiss. When he had it over her head she undid her bra. He immediately started stroking her breasts. She told him to use his fingers on the nipples showing him how to pinch one then two, and lowered it to his mouth. He needed no instruction as he greedily sucked it and made it hard. His large cock now beckoned her and now all she wanted was him in her.

She swung her leg over him and looked down; the light coming through the window reflected the want on his young face. There was no denying the passion on his face or the pleasure as she lowered herself onto him. She then started moving up and down on his cock. He tried to move but she held him down. With her hands on his chest,  she lifted herself slightly into a crouch and began moving faster and faster on him until her legs started shaking. He moaned; then told her he was going to cum but had no condoms. He assured her he was fine and she instinctively knew he was telling her the truth. She’d no worries of pregnancy and wanted to feel him fill her. She pounded her pussy hard down onto him and started to growl as she started to cum. She looked at him, told him to cum, to fill her. As she started to cum, he exploded his warm cum gushing into her.

Spent and savoring how good it felt, she relaxed and let her body lie on his chest. She could still feel his hard cock in her. She wondered, what was he thinking now? Her thoughts were answered as he took her face in his hands and kissed her passionately. When he removed his lips from hers, his strong arms held her tight. She smiled and wondered how the others were enjoying the concert. She moved up into his strong arms, she’d enjoyed it very much.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

His Trip to Wonderland

She knew she had him hooked
Was it the way he turned and looked?
She guessed he'd never seen
Such piercing eyes of green

She walked in such a way
Hips in hypnotic sway
An extra little shake
And he followed in her wake

Her ample cleavage topped the brim
As she snuggled close to him
As they danced around the floor
She gave a hint of what's in store

She rubbed herself against his crutch
Just a little not too much
Enough to make him swell
He couldnt hide it very well

Her lip beside his ear
"I think the time to go is near
Come boy" took him by the hand
"Follow me to wonderland"

Once home and through the door
They didn't hold back anymore
A frantic clash of flesh
As burning desires mesh

He pushed her up against the wall
She held on tight so not to fall
Then wrapped her legs around
As her dripping sex he found

Then holding her in place
His hungry lips attacked her face
And with each relentless pound
Came their mixed erotic sound

As their need to come grew stronger
He couldn't hold her any longer
And they slipped down on the floor
Thrusting had she screamed for more

She gripped him tight, dug in her nail
Then with one last organic wail
With a rush just like she'd peed
Her squirt mixed with his seed

Gripping tight she held him in
Then with a post orgasmic grin
Wrapped him in her arms
A willing captive to her charms

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

birthday time

Birthday time
Yummy cake
Sexy lady
On the make
One thing she wants
It's her plan
Heavy loving
From her man
Lots of kisses
Lots of tease
Watch him get down
On his knees
Feel that tongue
Do it's stuff
Grip her ass
Getting rough
Stand and lift
On the bed
Rub her pussy
Swollen head
Drive it home
Make her toes curl
Coming, screaming
Birthday girl

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Cougar Golf

"Welcome Mrs. Brown
It's such a lovely day
Thank you for the chance
To teach you how to play"
She eyed the young instructor
Took note of his name
Thought "If you only knew Bryce
What really is my game"
She had seen him round the club
He hadn't been there long
Perfect for her needs
Her hunger for him strong
So she had booked this lesson
Low cut top, was dressed to kill
Mini skirt and deadly perfume
Couldn't help but thrill
She took his hand in greeting
Let her nails trace a line
Smiled her sweetest smile
"The pleasure is all mine"
As they walked to the practice fairway
She started to get bolder
"Please just call me Gina
Mrs. Brown makes me feel older"
He said "Gina's such a lovely name"
She gave his arm a squeeze
"Bryce is such a cute name too"
Eyes fluttered with her tease
Did the boy just blush?
She smiled as her trap
Her sensual cougar snare
Prepared to catch him in its snap
They found a quiet corner
She said "Is this how you teach?"
She backed up hard against him
So around her he could reach
His nose was in her hair
She pressed back in with her cute bum
Felt his cock begin to harden
His heart beating like a drum
"Ah Mrs. Brown, I mean Gina "
He stuttered, stepped away
"I really am so sorry
I don't often get his way"
She stepped forward, stroked his front
"I'm so flattered I can
Get such a nice reaction
From such a cute young man"
Lifting on her toes
She kissed his soft young lips
Moved in closer to him
His hands dropped to her hips
She worked her lips against his
And as his lips were parted
She slipped her tongue inside
His lesson only started
Taking his hand firmly
She led him to the trees
Fumbled with his pants
Then slipped down to her knees
As her mouth devoured his cock
His fingers grasped her hair
He had never known the feeling
She was giving him down there
Now she as ready
She turned around and on all fours
Lifted her small skirt
"Fuck me Bryce
I am all yours"
He dropped down behind her
Didn't have a choice
Drawn into her world
Seduced by her sensual voice
As he entered her sex fully
A growl escaped her lips
She squeezed herself around him
Worked him with her hips
She urged him on in whispers
Felt each frenzied thrust
Sensed his body tensing
His control about to bust
Then smiling to herself
The cougar pushed him past his peak
Knew she'd be booking lessons
Just like this one every week