Saturday, 1 September 2012

a nice meeting...part one

as i walked into the hotel i wondered whether Mia had arrived before me. i rang the bell in the small country pub and waited and soon heard a whistling coming as someone came through the bar. he greeted me with a huge smile...commenting on the freezing weather...then saying he guessed i was Mick. i told him yes and he smiled again. he then told me that my "wife" had already arrived and that she was in the rooms upstairs. as i thanked him and began up the stairs he called out and i stopped. he told me they had no other guests staying...and as they lived in the downstairs to feel free to treat the upstairs as our own.

i wondered how long you had been there...i could still smell your perfume on the stairs i was sure. just the thought of you sent butterflies through my stomach. i got to the door and knocked and heard your beautiful voice tell me to enter. as i walked in my eyes were drawn to the fire. you were standing...your back to me. weatring a beautiful fur coat and my eyes trailed down ..seeing the boots appearing from the bottom of the coat. you looked over your shoulder and beckoned me closer..smiling. as i walked closer you turned and the coat fell open revealing your beautiful breast encased in a black lace bra. my eyes travelled down over your panties to your knee high boots. i looked back up into your face...feeling myself growing hard. you reached your hand out for mine and drawme in close for a deep long kiss. when we broke the kiss you put your lips to my ear...asking me how much i liked the boots. when i said they were smiled again and your hand went on my shoulder...pushing me down telling me i should show my appreciation

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  1. Very nice!!! We seem to have a "female dominant" theme going! I like it!!!!!!