Saturday, 14 September 2013


She waited for her lover
The apartment was prepared
He had set her up in luxury
No expense was spared
She was the perfect courtesan
Meet him at the door
A long and flowing robe
Reaching to the floor
She would kiss powerful cheek
Ask if everything's alright
Lead him to his seat
Then drift out of sight
Returning with his drink
The robe had gone away
Lace covered body on show
In a very sensual way
Her sleek exotic beauty
Fitted with his powerful  world
He would take her on his lap
Underneath her legs were curled
Then finishing his drink
Would reward her with a kiss
A man of his position
Earned a courtesan like this
She would climb of his lap
To bed and help him strip
Lay him on the bed
Run tongue over painted lip
Let the lace run over
His body till he moaned
Then cover his cock
With this soft mouth that he owned
She was expert at this
Worked with tongue and lips
Then when he was ready
She would sit across his hips
His cock would slide
In the lace was a slit
Draw his cock in
Every inch of it
He loved laying there
As her magic she plied
Muscles worked his cock
Squeezing inside
And for one fleeting moment
He felt so strange
Her pussy controlled him
A power exchange
But then he'd reach up and grab
Let his passion burn
Come with a roar
Feel the power return
She would then stroke his face
Tell him he's so good
Stroke his ego
Like a courtesan should
Spoil him some more
Till he had to go
Where he'd been the last hour
No one would ever know

Friday, 13 September 2013

White Lace

Waiting at her window
She saw the van arrive
She watched as he carried
Her parcel up the drive
The doorbell rang
As she made her way
To collect her parcel
On this her special day
Signed for the parcel
"It's my birthday you know"
He said "I can tell
You have that special glow"
She smiled as he left
Opened, knew what to expect
It was a present from HIM
Sent from Victoria's Secret
The first little box
Had the white garter belt
The next the white stocking
Loved just how they felt
The matching bra and panties
Laid them out with sigh
Then down the bottom
White heels four inches high
He wasn't coming home
Till the end of the week
She had a little thought
Would give him a peek
Smiling she stripped
Then in the lingerie she dressed
Looked damned sexy
He would surely be impressed
She took a picture in the mirror
Sent it to his phone
She felt so sexy
What a shame she was alone
Then a naughty thought
Entered her head
Got her toy from the cupboard
Lay down on the bed
Imagined the lust
In her boyfriends eyes
As she spread her legs
Watched his manhood rise
Felt him enter her
Hips start to grind
As she copied his moves
With the vibrating kind
Through the lacy bra
A nipple pinch
Rode it hard
Taking every inch
Till at last she succumbed
To her erotic daydream
Came on the toy
With a joyous scream
Laying there panting
Her phone gave a beep
A simple reply
"Thanks for the peep"
She imagined him scuttling
To a private space
And grinned as she pictured
What was taking place

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Mistress Wonders

"What should I do with you"
Her finger touched his chin
She felt his body tremble
Allowed herself a grin
She touched him with her boot
Let go of his face
"I see a little spot
My boy you know your place"
He bent down straight away
Into action his lips sprung
Worshipped Mistress boots
Cleaned them with his tongue
"Stay down on your knees
Crawl after me my pet"
She walked into the bedroom
"Not finished with you yet"
She leaned over the bed
"Remove my panties with your teeth
If you do a proper job
Might get to taste what's underneath"
As he struggled to obey
Laughed to herself inside
She was aching for his tongue
But this need she had to hide
Once the panties were off
She spread her legs apart
Opened her cheeks wide
"You know the place to start"
His tongue rimmed her ass
She pushed back against him tight
Moaned as his tongue entered
"Ah yes, you got that right"
Her sex now was aching
She turned over on the bed
Sitting on the edge
She grabbed hold of his head
"Feast now my baby
Mistress has a need"
Thrust her sex on his mouth
Forced him to feed
With frenzied movements
She made his tongue dance
He was gasping for breath
Took every chance
Working so hard
Down on his knees
Did everything
For his Mistress to please
When finally she came
Two hands in his hair
Squirted all over him
Held his face there
Then she pushed him away
Her pet looked so cute
Her juice on his face
And still in his suit