Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween Trick or Treat Neighbour

He was drifting off
When the knock awoke
Looked out the window
Fog like smoke
Pale street lamps
Lit the street
Much too late
For trick and treat
Opened the door
His neighbour there
Makeup running
Tussled hair
"Quick, come get warm
Are you all right?"
She started to cry
"We had a fight"
He sat her down
By the fire
"He didn't approve
Of this attire"
In her corset
Her breasts heaved
"I love the look
That you've achieved"
"Really?" She stood up
And turned
Did she suspect
How much he yearned?
Bent down and kissed him
"You're so sweet"
At feel of lips
Heart skipped a beat
"You don't think fishnets
Are too much"
She took his hand
Let him touch
Then keeping hold
Placed on her chest
Through the corset
Felt her breast
Then on his lap
She took a seat
"Would you like
A trick or treat?"
Touched his face
Across his lips
Ran her darkened
Finger tips
His now hard cock
Pressed to her rear
She wriggled
"Think my treat is near"
Slipped off his lap
And to her knees
Undid his pants
He moaned "Oh please"
Her lips consumed
His cock so thick
She smiled up
"You like my trick?"
And as she licked
His glistening head
"The treat comes later
In your bed
But for now
Relax enjoy
I've seen you watch me
Naughty boy"
Close to coming
Pulled away
"Now to your bed
Time for play"
She lay him down
Climbed on top
"Time for my treat
Want every drop"
Panties gone
She drew him in
Her muscles grasped him
From within
The tears now gone
From her face
Replaced by pleasure
Upped her pace
Then coming hard
An awesome sight
Her treat she got
This ghostly night

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Tamsin Baker new release 11/01/2013


Hello everyone!
I am SUPER excited about this release for two reason. 1- because it was the first ever erotic romance I wrote and no. 2- because I got 5 rejections from some of my OWN publishers before it found a home with ESCAPE PUBLISHING.
I hope you enjoy the unconventional romance between Eleanor and Gareth. It pushed my boundaries to write and I hope it pushes yours too.

A widow who likes to control. An earl with no time for innocence. A relationship bound by dark needs and subversive desires set in the glittering world of Regency England.

Lord Gareth Osborne is a wealthy earl in need of a wife, but the insipid debutantes he encounters do not fulfil the darkest fantasies of his soul. He fears that it will be impossible to find a woman who will satisfy his needs and make a suitable companion, until he meets the sensual, self-assured Eleanor.

Lady Eleanor Rossette is newly widowed, though not unhappily so. Her marriage put her into the hands of an abusive, controlling man, and Eleanor knows she will never surrender her control again. She yearns for a strong, passionate man who will yield to her in the bedroom, and she wants that man to be Lord Osborne…

“Thank you for bringing me into the night air, my lord. Would you be so kind as to fetch me a glass of punch?” Eleanor smiled as prettily as possible and watched the Viscount’s face crumple. The punch was on the other side of the ballroom.
But good manners dictated that he retrieve it for her and being a widow, Eleanor was free to be alone.
“Of course, my lady.”
She watched the young lord scurry off and took a deep breath as she walked out towards the gardens. There was beauty to be found everywhere, even in London.
“You got rid of the whelp, I see.”
Eleanor smiled and wrapped her arms around herself. His voice sent shivers racing across her skin. She could only imagine what his lips might do.
“That is not kind, Gareth.”
She kept her eyes fixed ahead and used the rest of her senses to reach out to him. His swift intake of breath made her smile again.
“Why do you call me Gareth?”
She turned at this and felt her stomach leap. His black eyes were ablaze with passion for her. She had not been wrong about him.
“That is your name, is it not?” She dropped her arms to her sides and allowed her figure to be easily appraised. His eyes didn’t waver from hers. He stared into her eyes and that pleased her greatly.
“No one calls me Gareth, not even my parents.”
His confusion was clear, and triumph filled her. Shock was a new emotion to the man in front of her. Good.
“Gareth, you may call me Eleanor if it would make you feel more comfortable.”
She smiled again, unable to stop herself. Fun was a new aspect in her life and she intended to keep it.
“Eleanor, come home with me.”
The look of shock on Gareth’s face made her wonder if he had even registered the words in his brain before they spilled from his lips.He then clenched his jaw and raised his head a fraction. He may not have meant to speak aloud, but it was clear to Eleanor that he had meant what he had said.
She couldn’t go home with him. Not yet. Her future happiness with this man depended on him wanting to keep her for more than one night.
“Ask me again next time we meet,” she whispered, putting all of her longing into her eyes, allowing him to see how much she wanted him.
He growled in response and took a step towards her.
Her stomach dropped in anticipation of his action. Would he kiss her right here on the balcony?
As though she had planned it to stop his advance, the Viscount stepped out onto the balcony with her drink.
“My lady.” He half bowed as he rushed the glass to her fingertips.
Eleanor smiled in thanks and drank the cold liquid in one gulp. Her throat was sore and dry – when had that happened?
“My lord.” The viscount bowed in greeting to Gareth and stepped closer to her side.
Eleanor smothered her smile and looked up again at her chosen mate.
Gareth inclined his head and she curtsied low. “I hope you are feeling better soon, Lady Rossette.”
She watched him walk away and found herself wishing that their courtship was already over. She had to tread so carefully, build their relationship up to how it should be. Yet she wanted nothing except a life with that man. She was so impatient she could scream.

Releases November 1st 2013
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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Rooftop View

Warm summer nights
City lights
Rooftop garden impresses
Tables laid
Music played
Ladies in fine dresses
Loves the band
Takes her hand
Dancing round and round
Holding tight
Dance out of light
A special place they've found
Hands slip to hips
Finds her lips
Excitement she can feel
Grips his behind
Tongues entwined
The open air surreal
Finds a ledge
Sits on the edge
Dress around her waist
On his knees
Fingers tease
Then has a little taste
Then he stands
Fumbling hands
Her legs open wide
Background noise
She so enjoys
As he slips inside
Arms round his neck
Can't keep in check
Whimpering in lust
Dessert of sin
She holds him in
Meeting every thrust
Closes eyes
Muffled cries
Their love consummated
She straightens hair
Return to glare
Erotic needs now sated

Sunday, 13 October 2013

open inspection

The agent saw him coming
Her hand went to her chest
He looked so tanned and handsome
Her willpower it would test
Just before this meeting
A poem she had seen
Now she was feeling wet
In that hotspot in between
His voice was deep and sexy
As she opened every door
Had just shown him a bedroom
He picked something from the floor
She couldn't believe her eyes
He held a dildo in his hand
"Why would someone want this?
I just don't understand"
"Not all of us are lucky
And have a man like you
Sometimes when you're horny
A cock like this will do."
He handed it to her
Felt his gaze across her roam
"What about yourself?
Do you have one like this at home?"
She smiled as she answered
"I have a larger one
When my husband is away
It's a ready source of fun"
She lifted up the dildo
Put it to her lips
Ran it down her breasts
Rubbed between her hips
"I can show you if you like
If you care to see"
She lay down on the bed
"Come here, lie down with me"
She lifted up her skirt
Still had on her heels
Slid the toy inside
"Oh I do love how this feels"
By now his cock was out
He watched through slitted eyes
Rubbing his cock hard
His gaze fixed between her thighs
She pushed in and out
Her sex swallowed every bit
Coming with a cry
As she took every little bit
By now his cock was ready
She pulled away his hand
When she placed it with her mouth
It was more than he could stand
Stroked his balls softly
Till he came hard with a wail
And as she swallowed his last drop
Guessed she had made a sale

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

sneak look at Erotic Midnight Musings volume four Paranormal

It happened every month
As the full moon lit the skies
The same dream seemed to start
As soon as she had closed her eyes
At first she had been scared
The sensation had been strange
But he brought such pleasure
Her thoughts did quickly change
In her dreams her lover floated in
Carried on the mist
He would cloak her like a shroud
Feel her body kissed
As she prepared for sleep these evenings
She would bathe, put on some scent
It seemed to please her spirit
Loved the effort she had spent
For hours he would tease
Too many orgasms to count
In the end she would be begging
Her ghostly lover urged to mount
Although it was a dream
Her sex would ache for days
For the night she was his captive
As he took her many ways
And in the morning when she woke
Her bed was in a mess
Every muscle ached
As she'd shower then get dressed
And as she left the house
She was sure that she could hear
Her  ghostly lover whisper
"Same time next moon my dear"

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Good Bad Girl

The last train was quiet
He was sitting there alone
The only one in the carriage
He was playing with his phone
Two stops from home she got on
He couldn't help but stare
Heeled boots and fishnet stockings
Short skirt and bright red hair
She came and sat down opposite
"You look safe in your nice suit"
Her pierced tongue licked her pierced lip
"In fact you look quite cute."
He could smell that she'd been drinking
She stared into his eyes
She wriggled on her seat
Let her dress ride up her thighs
Reached her tattooed arm out
Let her nails stroke his face
Teased along his lips
His heart began to race
Added pressure made his lips part
Her finger slipped inside
"Oh I am a bad girl aren't i"
Her joy was hard to hide.
As the train rattled along
She got down on one knee
Swiftly undid his trousers
And set his hard cock free
She stroked it with her hands
"You're a bad boy too
Sit back and relax
Let my pierced tongue pleasure you"
She worked her magic on him
Till the train began to slow
She stopped "Is this your station?"
Shook his head "one more to go"
Nobody got on
And as the train picked up speed
She turned away, knelt on the seat
"Time then to fill my need"
Standing up behind her
He did as he was told
Lifting up her skirt
Saw the stocking had been holed
His hard cock slid inside
She pressed back to meet his thrust
Shook her red mane wildly
Carriage filled with sounds of lust
He felt her hand between her legs
Stroking as her rode
And when she started coming
Could not hold back his load
The pleasure for him was so intense
Felt her muscles squeezing
Then she let him go and turned around
"This bad girl needed pleasing"
Then she knelt and cleaned his cock
Before tucking it away
The train slowed down and they got off
And went their separate way

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Lace Blindfold

Silk ropes held her tightly
Blindfold on her face
Her lips waited expectantly
Below the mask of lace
She felt his breath get closer
His lips across her skin
Fingers teased her bound spread legs
Stroked, then slid right in
She moaned aloud, bucked her hips
Bound body wracked by ripples
As he bent his head onto her breasts
And sucked and licked her nipples
Fingers working over time
Her ear now felt his lips
"You'll not come till I tell you"
She tossed her head and thrust her hips
Knew how to drive her crazy
Knew just the spot to hit
She clenched her teeth, tried to hold
As his thumb caressed her clit
Gasping, begging, pleading
"Please Sir, I need to come"
He rest his head upon her breast
Her heart beat like a drum
Bound body was on fire
His fingers in her hair entwirl
Her body shook with pleasure
When he said "come for me my girl"
Shaking screaming crying
Relief came with a yell
He lay on the bed beside
"My girl you held on well"
Her body still aglow
From the scene that just took place
He slid away the blindfold
She saw the pride upon his face