Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Take Part

Live  Life, Love
Smile Care Share
But most of all
Be There

Walk Talk Sing
Hug Cuddle Kiss
Take the chance
Don't Miss

These words are there
In your heart
Dont shy from them
Take Part

Monday, 28 January 2013


You're in the shower and I wait
"Come on young lady, we'll be late."
What keeps me waiting there?
arms crossed in my chair

Finally you arrive
walk to the car, "I'll drive
you seem a bit unsteady
don't worry, all will be ready."

We don't have far to go
from the street you'd never know
the dungeon hides within
it's the perfect place to sin

Mistress opens up the door
I order you, "Kneel on the floor"
She slowly circles you
"I will go now, leave you two."

So many scenes to play
we could really spend all day
Lift you, tie you to the frame
it will never feel the same

Start to spank a little bit
feel the blood rush to your clit
then pause, walk to the door
you cry out, "Please Sir some more."

I turn, stand in front of you
"Girl what do you want me to do?
Keep on spanking till you're wet?
Till you cum my little pet?"

I resume spanking with my hand
till you've had all that you can stand
cut you loose "Get on your knees
are you ready now to please?"

your hands and mouth work my cock
till it stands, hard as rock
then when as ready as can be
you turn, present to me

Reach between your legs, so right
slides my finger in, still tight
I kneel behind, with a shove
you fit around me like a glove

I feel your hand between your leg
"Let me cum, Sir," hear you beg
but my thrusting then abates
"A good pet always knows she waits."

I feel you twisting on me moaning
turn me on with all your groaning
till i start to thrust again
"You must wait till i say when."

Your body trembles deep
I know you're cumming, you can't keep
"Now young lady cum for me
give it up for all to see."

Thursday, 24 January 2013

New Years Eve

It was going to be quiet
New Years with just some friends
quiet was how it started
but it wasn't how it ends

We sat around the bbq
soaked the ambience in
when I saw the new arrival
and my face broke out a grin

I had seen this lovely lady
even flirted at the store
she liked to stir me up
did she want some more?

She saw me, wandered over
with a smile on her face
"I didn't know the party
was happening at your place."

She stood there waiting patiently
for this man to reply
and then she smiled knowingly
as she saw the angle of my eye

The dress that she was wearing
flowed across her gorgeous curves
and the jutting of her breasts
was enough to shake my nerves

"As it is your house
can you please show me the place
where i can leave my bag
and do some touchup on my face?"

I gladly led her inside
to the ensuite off my room
but told her she looked perfect
there was no need to groom

"You really are so kind
but i must look a mess."
and as I watched her put on lipstick
she said "So, you like my dress?"

I told it looked beautiful
and was rewarded with a kiss
and I couldn't wait till midnight
to get some more of this

"I have have driven here tonight
but if i have too much to drink
I may have to beg a bed
would that be ok you think?'

I said "I'm sure I can find something
for a nice lady like you
and if all beds are taken
then will half of my bed do?"

She took a sideways glance
at the closeness of my bed
then a twinkle in her eyes
and a slight nod of her head
I left her there to finish
the party didn't seem the same
and I was trying to be the good host
when I heard her say my name
"Look under your pillow
there is something you need to see
it's a present for my gracious host
something special from me."
I excused myself discretely
and what I found blew my mind
it was her sexy panties
of the very lacy kind
I gently picked them up
held them softly to my nose
such a beautiful aroma
more special than a rose
I pulled myself together
went back out into the yard
and whispered, "Thanks young lady
now you have me hard."
She slyly dropped her hand
to see it was no lie
then gave a little squeeze
as she looked into my eye
The midnight hour had gone
and all the guest left too
until at last she turned to me
"Now it's just us two."
All those little teases
in the shops and through the night
exploded in that first long kiss
it all just seemed so right
In the bedroom she undressed me
made me lay down and just look
as she stood there at the end
and off her dress she took
Then she crawled on to the bed
a sexy look inflamed her eye
and as she put her mouth around me
I think the neighbours heard my sigh
The way she teased me and she played me
soon had me clawing at the bed
then she knelt beside me
"I now want you in me instead."
I moved around behind her
she turned around, a sexy grin
"Don't tease me now, my man
get your cock and put it in."
But no rush, I ran the head
the tender spots from ass to clit
till she moaned and started begging
"Oh please, just in a bit"
Once she started begging
I slammed my cock inside
and as her wetness closed around me
I began to ride
I could see her full breasts swaying
as i built my thrusting speed
and as her pussy squeezed around me
I heard her start to plead
"C'mon baby just fuck me
I've seen you ogling my ass
been waiting for the moment
wasn't going to let it pass."
Her words just drove me harder
until i couldn't stand any more
and I gripped her waist, exploded
came with a mighty roar
A night of expectation
her sexy lips and perfect dress
soon had her cumming with me
and the clean sheets in a mess

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Red nails

Her long red nails stroke his face

“My little pet you know your place.”

He hangs suspended in the gloom

A special place, her private room

Drops the nail to his nipple

A pinch, a squeeze, a painful ripple

Lips to his ear he hears her say

“ My little pet it's time to play.”

“What shall I choose, a crop, a cane?

Both will give erotic pain.”

A stinging blow, an anguished cry

Then once again Mistress lets fly

She walks around him, feels his cock

“You naughty boy, hard as a rock.”

She gives a tug, grips his balls

He moans but she ignores his calls

She lowers him down, to his knees

Arms still tied, “Oh Mistress please”

She stands in front, hands on waist

Offers him a little taste

“You will not cum today my boy

Today you are my little toy

Please me well and we will see

How much pleasure, you can give to me.”

She sits in front, legs apart

Waits for her pet to make a start

He hesitates, She grabs his hair

“Here my pet, put your face there”

Against her sex She thrusts his lips

His tongue begins licking the tips

With both hands now she drives his face

Until he finds that special place

Her pet works hard, it is his goal

To please his Mistress, loves the role

And when she cums, begins to shudder

It drives him on, makes him work harder

Then Mistress spent, grabs his hair

Pulls his face back, her juices there

With her heart beating like a drum

Says “soon my pet your turn will come”

Friday, 18 January 2013

Master Wine

She has the glass, his favourite red
She knows he likes it by the bed
her sex is shaved, smooth soft skin
his approval she is keen to win

She hears him opening the door
She kneels in place upon the floor
He enters naked, stands beside
His growing approval hard to hide

“You have done well, my little pet
And I am pleased to see you don’t forget.”
He lifts up the glass of wine
Smiles approval “You've done fine.’

He turns, his cock touches her lip
She opens, tongue caresses tip
Then slowly as she takes him in
A sigh, a moan, an owning grin

She has him hard, takes her place
Pillow hard against her face
He kneels behind, rubs her wet crack
Then grabs her hips and pulls her back

She loves the pleasure,  she provides
To her Master, when he rides
She reaches down, rubs clit with thumb
So special when he lets her cum

She has learned not to cum first
But let her master slake his thirst
Then when she feels his flowing seed
She is allowed to fill her need

Her caring Master strokes her chin
Rewards her with a caring grin
“My little pet you’re Masters treasure.”
She blushes with erotic pleasure.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Perfect outfit

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"Leave them on," he firmly said
referring to her shoes of red
she saw a smile cross his face
as she slowly slid off the red lace

"Now lay down upon the bed
put your arms above your head."
then with cuffs he locked them there
gazed down at her laying bare

He ran the crop across her chest
flicked the nipple, little test
she arched her back, a moan, a sigh
then trailled it down across her thigh

"Part your legs, I want to see
how wet my girl will get for me."
he ran the crop up to her clit
then to her mouth "My girl taste it!"

“So now my girl, you have your taste.”
He moves the crop back to her waist
Then suddenly he leaves the bed
She madly tries to lift her head

He leaves the room, she hears a sound
There was no body else around.
Then he come back in again
With another girl, on a chain

She sees a smile on the pets face
Without a word she takes her place
Kneeling there upon the bed
All she can see is her bobbing head

The pets tongue starts to drive her mad
It feel so good it can't be bad
And all the while the Master stands
Prepares his cock with stroking hands

The pet can sense when she is ready
Moves up her body holds her steady
Then Master moves between her legs
“Fuck me, Sir,” she softly begs

He takes her legs by the heels
She can't believe how good this feels
He thrusts so hard into her cunt
And with each thrust a primal grunt

And while the pet holds her still
The Master mates with her until
She feels his pent up sperm unload
And her orgasmic pleasures explode

She looks up into the pets eyes
And then is taken by surprise
When she leans down and with a gentle kiss
Seals her growing sexual bliss

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Ice cream

Mother always said, “Don’t play with your food,

Everyone will look and it's considered rude.”

But I don’t think she meant the kind of rude that came to pass

When we tried to share our ice cream, after one too many glass

It was hot after all and it was always going to melt

And as it trickled down your arm you can imagine how I felt

Then when you lifted up your arm and let it drip onto your chest

I wondered, should I wait until it ran across the breast?

Then you looked at me all helpless, said “I need your lips

Because my fingers will get sticky if I have to wipe the nips.”

And like the gentleman I am, I bent forward with a lean

Then softly and tenderly slowly licked them clean

Then you cheated, took a handful, and smeared it down below

And once again looked all helpless so I knew where I must go

Working hard to clean you heard a giggle then a groan

Then when I went to clean the last bit you let out a soulfull moan

Monday, 14 January 2013

Leopard Lady

Leopard Lady kneels, senses prey
in the mood to tease and play
knows once he comes in through the door
her charms will draw him to the floor

Once down there he won't stand a chance
as they begin their carnal dance
her teeth and claws will strip him bare
her eyes assume that wanton stare

Once he is prepared for her to feed
She'll cover him to fill her need
her wetness will draw him inside
powerless as she starts to ride

Her muscles clamp, a powerful squeeze
he tries to move, anxious to please
until at last the leopards scream
she sets him loose, accepts his stream

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Her need

Why had she come? she wondered
as her eyes surveyed the crowd
"You must be daft, young lady."
she said to herself aloud

"Why do you think like that?"
he whispered in her ear
she jumped at the sound of his voice
as his hand carressed her rear

His strong voice continued
"You are here because you feel
the need to give away control
to see if this need is real."

"Now come our room is ready,"
and he led her to their place
her legs shook as she followed
and her heart began to race

"Strip for me young lady!"
as he closed and locked the door
and he watched without a smile
as her clothes dropped to the floor

He circled her naked body
he didn't miss an inch
then reached up for a nipple
and gave a forceful pinch

She gasped at the shot of pain
"Oh Sir it feels so good!"
and he smiled that she liked it
he always knew she would

He led her to the wall
to the shackles hanging there
tied her hands above her head
then pulled back on her hair

"I think a little blindfold
will help you feel the pain,"
and as he slipped it over her eyes
she gave a moan again

She trembled with excitement
then suddenly a whack
his open hand on her ass
resounded with a crack

As he kept on spanking
the blood ran to her clit
and when he stopped and stroked it
she almost had a fit

"Please, Sir make me cum"
he was aroused by her begs
and he forced his hand between
and she willingly spread her legs

Her level of arousal
from the feeling of his hand
meant when he finally took her
it was more than she could stand

Her hands still tied above her
her legs spread wide for more
meant that each time he thrust in her
she almost left the floor

When he reached around her body
and gave each tender nipple a pinch
she screamed and came so hard
her juices covered every inch

Then when he came inside her
with a growl and shot his seed
she came again with a whimper
and now, understood her need

Saturday, 12 January 2013

His dreams

She came for him in the night
grasped his heart, held it tight
drew him out through midnight air
a yielding capitive to her lair

His eyes wide open now it seems
she has come for him, in his dreams
strapped to the bed her whip he'll feel
If just a dream, why's it seem so real?

A loving whip, erotic pain
"Please my Lady stroke again."
every stroke evokes a moan
keeps him in this twilight zone

Unties him, kneels, looks at his face
"Behind me pet, take your place"
he enters her, just the tip
then pushes in, feels her grip

"Fuck me pet, ride me now
thrust in hard, I've told you how
give to me all I can take
Ride me hard until you wake."

Monday, 7 January 2013

His Prey

She passes right before his eyes

Feels his forceful stare

She wants to turn around and look

But, she doesn’t dare

For once she sees his steel blue eyes

And feels his strength within

She knows she will approach him

Knows she will give in

She knew he would be here

At this club tonight

She had dressed to please him

Wanted to look right

As she put on her suspenders

Stockings and heels so high

Squeezed into her corset

She felt that sexual high

She felt his breath behind her

As she waited for her drink

Gasped as his hand caressed her

Pushed her to the brink

“Its time you gave yourself to me

Come with me, my dear"

And her legs began to tremble

As his lips caressed her ear

He held her hand so tight

It wasn’t very far

He only let his grasp go

When she was safely in the car

As he drove the road to his house

He reached between her parted legs

And as he played amongst her wetness

“Please don’t stop, Sir” she begs

By the time they got to his place

It was all she could do

To makes it up the stairs

And remove each high heeled shoe

From his finger she was ready

To give herself to him

And he thrust asides his trousers

His cock filled her to the brim

She wrapped her stocking legs around him

As he thrust his cock inside

And she stared into those steely eyes

And hung on for the ride

He started thrusting harder

She had played him at his game

But now lost to him forever

As she came and called his name