Thursday, 8 November 2012


First I saw her sitting there
long legs crossed...on edge of chair
fingers resting on her knee
she glanced across and looked at me

How I wished my fingers were those
resting on her pantyhose
the smooth feel...a soft caress
it would be heaven...nothing less

I close my eyes and dare to dream
of the impossible or so it will seem
me lying there below her seat
while she rubbed me with pantyhosed feet

Rubbing, tugging, a little squeeze
I would beg for it on bended knees
and if she did it till I came
I would beg for the chance to do the same

There would be lots of moans and many sighs
as I buried my face between her thighs
her clit would be rubbed by pantyhose
as I pressed in hard with tongue and nose

Until she came and they would get
covered in her juices...totally wet
I dream of this while all the while
she watches me with her erotic smile

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