Thursday, 25 October 2012

Gently I lay you on the bed
satin sheets behind your head
kiss your lips, kiss your eyes
kiss your breasts...hear your sighs

Your nipples rise, nice to please
your belly button then I tease
now so close I smell your scent
so sexy so pleasent

Spread your legs so I can taste
hands around I lift your waist
hold you hard against my lips
licks and sucks, your juice I sip

Now you push me on my back
your turn to kiss, on attack
kiss every part of me until
you have me ready for you to fill

A little taste of my precum
spread it gently with your thumb
then you roll over, open wide
our first time, let me come inside

Gently loving long and slow
until our passions start to grow
feel you biting, scratching me
leave your mark for all to see
Then suddenly I sense your need
you whisper.."cum I need your seed"
then finally with one last shove
we consumate our act of love

Loving kisses, hold you tight
all the world feels so right
you cuddle in so close I say
"I want you with me every day."

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