Thursday, 30 August 2012

beginning of something mmmm

Danika woke slowly...opening her eyes...amazed at how bright the light was. the last thing she could remember was the sky going dark and the wind breaking the mast on her yacht. she remembered peering through the rain and seeing lights before a wave knocked her into the water. now here she was in a warm soft bed with lights on.

she went to lift her head off the pillow and felt lay back down. the movement alerted the man in the room and he rushed to her bed side. when she opened her lovely green eyes again she was looking into a smiling face and it startled her. the man stepped back a as not to scare her.

"save your strength...i will explain " he said quietly...and began to tell her how he had been looking out at the storm when he had seen her boat get damaged then saw her knocked overboard and had run outside...diving into the swell and bringing her now unconcious body to the shore. making sure she was breathing properly he had carried her to the house...drying her... then undressing her and putting her in the warm bed. he blushed as he apologised at having to remove her clothes...and she smiled up at him...thanking him so much for doing what he did...and telling him cheekily he looked cute when he blushed.

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