Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Nervous prey

Nervously..knock on the door
straighten tie..look at the floor
hear you call."Is someone there?"
then you rise up from your chair

I see your face, door opens wide
you grab my arm, pull me inside
slam the door, a laugh, a kiss
waited too long for a chance like this

You forget, robe opens wide
I can see all you have inside
you rip my shirt off my back
your willing prey under attack

Shoes and trousers, off they go
now we both have all on show
feel your tongue, your lips your teeth
while your hand slips underneath

As one we fall on the bed
laying there..head to head
long deep kisses..tongues entwined
our two bodies finally combined

Then you push me on my back
once again resume attack
first you tease me little bites
I tease your breasts...mighty sights

Then suddenly I am inside
you draw me in, start to ride
stopping now and then to squeeze
that special way you have to please

Every time I try to cum
your squeezing brings that plan undone
till finally I let it out
you cum with me .. a mighty shout

You fall on me..kiss my eyes
I feel our juice run down my thighs
I wrap my arms round, hold you tight
whisper, "All will be alright."

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