Tuesday, 7 January 2014

to warm my northern friends

So cold outside
Stay inside
Spend the day
Got toys to play
Luckily still get
Access to net
Pictures tease
Words that please
Not cold, now hot
Find that spot
Now to start
Dress the part
Sexy dressed
Bed all messed
Rubbing, stroking
So hot smoking
Eyes closed, mouth open wide
Working harder, thrust inside
Passion seething
As cold winds blow
Juices flow
Coming, crying
Expletives flying
Till on bed curled
Sated, in your warm world

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Bedtime Reading

In the story she was lost
The special way her legs were crossed
Bought her enjoyment to the fore
As the erotic scene evolved
Around her clit her legs revolved
The pages eagerly turned as she wanted more
The writer took their places
She could see their twisted faces
As he described the way his hard cock slipped inside
Leaning back she closed her eyes
Heard the ladies wanton cries
Her clit throbbing she was taken on the ride
Her muscles did the job
As her clit began to throb
From the special ways her long bare legs were bent
Till no further it could go
She let her sexual juices flow
Dropped the book and lay back her body spent