Monday, 30 December 2013

new years eve downunder

The New Year's Eve was hot
So he jumped into the pool
Everyone was talking
He wanted to get cool
Swimming around lazily
He saw her walk across
Looked lovely in her bathers
As she gave her towel a toss
She smiled and swam over
And they talked for a while
Flirted just a bit
He was pleased to see her smile
She let her body float
So her breast rubbed against his chest
Her hand beneath the water
Gave his cock a little test
No one was taking notice
As she pulled his head in near
"At midnight I want you in me"
She whispered in his ear
As the countdown started
She leaned against the side
Motioned him behind her
Her bathers pulled aside
And when the clock struck twelve
And the crowd all gave a cheer
She felt his cock inside her
Light scream no one could hear
As everyone was kissing
And they sang auld lang syne
His hands slipped in her top
And caressed her breasts so fine
Clutching on her nipples
He squeezed them against his thumb
Buried deep within her
As she pushed back with her bum
The crowd was quitening down
He couldn't last much longer
On the dark side of the pool
She squeezed her muscles stronger
Then a muffled cry he came
Bit back the erotic sound
She slowly slid off him
And in his arms turned around
Arms circled round his neck
As they deeply kissed
And she whispered "Thanks for taking
Something off my bucket list"
He smiled ".it's a pleasure
It was on mine too
And I think you can help
Cross off quite a few"

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Under the Christmas tree

All day she had been shopping
Found the perfect set
Searching through the lingerie
Had made her nice and wet
Now as she slipped it on
She loved the way it feels
Knew that he would love it
With her makeup and her heels
With a robe wrapped round her
Sat down by the tree
Then messaged to her lover
"Come and unwrap me"
She smiled up at him
As he came in through the door
Loved the look that crossed his face
As he knelt down on the floor
Feel this fingers shaking
As he undid the knot
His reaction at her lingerie
Showed her gift had hit the spot
She reached out, touched his bulge
"Mmm was this caused by me?"
Fumbled with his pants
Set his erection free
Pushed him on his back
Took him through her painted lips
Her nails slipped beneath his balls
Teased them with her tips
Sliding up with body
Her tongue gave his lips a taste
Straddling his cock
Felt his hands upon her waist
Lace panties pushed away
Loved how he slipped in side
Teddy covered breasts were taunting
As her hips began their ride
Her heels dug in his legs
As she increased the pace
Her own excitement fed
By the look upon his face
Muscles working hard
She took him to his peak
Urging him to hold on
He moaned and couldn't speak
Grimacing he threw his head back
He saw the moment in her eyes
And he let himself explode
As she came and drenched his thighs
Collapsing in his arms
Ravished in their kiss
He whispered "Santa never bought me
Anything like this"
Then she pointed to a box
"Santa also bought some toys
But these are very special ones
For naughty girls and boys"