Wednesday, 29 August 2012

red teddy

Lady in red gave to me
lovely thoughts of what might be
if things were different and we would
do all those lovely things we could

i would open the door, there she would be
a lovely red vision just for me
covered in red right to the heel
imagine how sexy would make me feel

the see through gown so soft and sheer
reach for her, hold her near
feel her take my hand, then led
down the passage to her bed

she sits me down, eyes open wide
dances slowly side to side
then one by one till her teddy
she slowly strips, getting ready

my turn then, i stand up straight
soon disrobe, i cannot wait
then laying her upon the bed
i move my lips across the red

then sliding off her soft teddy
i feel her, know that she is ready
and as my fingers part her lips
i feel her start to move her hips

the time has come, legs open wide
i move between them, then push inside
then moving with her till she screams
a perfect end to our dreams

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