Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Easter Bunny

She saw it in a Playboy
thought it would be cute
to surprise her man
with a sexy bunny suit

She put the kids to bed
knew he would be late
went upstairs to change
thought she would dress and wait

Slipped on the low cut bodice
slipped the stockings up her legs
smiled at the mirror
tastier than chocolate eggs

Put on the fluffy ears
then slipped on her heels
surveyed the finished picture
loved how looking sexy feels

As she pondered what would happen
when he found her on the bed
her pussy started to tingle
and her cheeked glowed bright red

looking at the clock
she saw she had an hour still
looked towards her toy drawer
and completely lost her will

she sat before the mirror
opened legs up nice and wide
pulled aside her costume
and slipped her favourite toy inside

working to a frenzy
it went into overdrive
the sensations from her playing
brought every nerve alive

forgetting where she was
she let out a pleasured scream
so loud it travelled down the hall
and woke the kids up from their dream

they thought they recognised it
sounded like their mum
but they didn't realise, what they heard
was the Easter Bunny cum

Chained to Mistress Kiss

Her special little game he knew
Her playful mood, he loved it too
The chains come out, the spiky heels
Void of his clothes, he meekly kneels

Handful of hair she tilts his head
A smile formed by lips of red
He is pulled forward on his knees
Protruding tongue, aching to please

"Not yet my slave, what's your haste?
Did I hear you beg to taste?"
Touches herself then with a grin
Rubs the juice under his chin

Another touch, this time his lips
His tongue caress' her fingertips
"Please Mistress, now?" he meekly begs
She steps in close and spreads her legs

Weighed down with chains he strains his neck
Hard to keep his joy in check
Hungrily on her sex he feeds
His lust for her fills Mistress' needs

She grips his head, thrusts her hips
Rubs her clit across his lips
She rides his face till with a roar
Her body can't take anymore

She holds him tight, he licks until
Her moans die down, her body still
Then kneels to face him, sees his bliss
Rewards him with a Mistress kiss

Monday, 25 March 2013

Master Test

He touched her breast
A test
A sigh
She turns and catches Master's eye

A gentle twist
Nipple kissed
Stands still
As her Master tests her will

Master moves near
In her ear
Words softly spoken
Her passion awoken

Fingers brush skin
Feel within
"Ah my pet
Like  you are wet"

She leans forward, groans
Frustrated moans
Works her more
Juice drips on floor

"You've been so good"
Strokes her hood
Fingers move faster
"Cum NOW for Master!"

Like in her dreams
She cums and screams
He holds her tight
"Pet did well tonight"

Saturday, 23 March 2013


Ann's new neighbor sat beside her
Had come over for a chat
What she didn't realize was
She wanted more than that

The neighbor had a special plan
She needed a new toy
She liked to have somebody close
To play with and share joy 

She especially liked the new ones
She could seduce into her play
Who only in their fantasies 
Had been loved her way

The neighbor moved in closer now
Put a hand upon Ann's knee
Said, "Ann you're so pretty
Not plain and dull like me."

"That's not true, you're gorgeous"
Ann replied, and touched her arm
And was rewarded with a smile
Bathed in her neighbors charm

"That's kind of you to say Ann."
And she faked a little tear
Ann saw it rolling down her cheek
And drew her new friend near

Her neighbor looked her in the eyes
Ran her tongue across her lips
Reached up and stroked Ann's cheek
With red nailed finger tips

Before Ann knew what had happened
She was locked in a deep kiss
Moaned as a tongue invaded
She had never felt like this

The neighbor didn't back off
If she were to win this day
She had to keep Ann aching
Begging her to play

Kept kissing as the buttons
On Ann's blouse were pulled apart
And as her fingers pinched her nipples
She could feel Ann's beating heart

Ann couldnt believe the feeling
As her new friend sucked her nipples
And when her legs were forced apart
Fingers racked her tight body with ripples

As the fingers probed inside her
She groaned and moved her hips
Then they were quickly pulled out
And pushed between her lips

"Taste your sweet juice my pet
Because soon you will taste mine.
Once you have cum upon my tongue
Then my pet you've crossed the line."

The neighbor dropped between her legs
Lift and spread them nice and high
And Ann begged "Yes please I want you."
As the tongue ran up her thigh

When the lips wrapped round her clit
It was like a lightening bolt
She grabbed her new Mistress' hair
And her body gave a jolt

Ann began to wail loudly
Mistress played her like a pro
Until her body started trembling
And her juice began to flow

Her orgasm racked her body
Her screaming filled the air
But Mistress' lips remained upon her
Till she lay panting in the chair

Then sliding up her body
Mistress gave a juice covered kiss
"Down on your knees my pet
Time to thank me for your bliss."

Without a second thought
Ann dropped to her knees
Mistress said with a smile
"I like my pets anxious to please."

The thrill of a new conquest
The gaining of a pet
Meant Mistress's sex was ready
Clit throbbing, pussy wet

She took her new pet's head
Placed her lips in the right place
And as Ann started to lick
Thrust her hips into her face

Ann worked tongue and lips so hard
Wanted to do well
And as Mistress started cumming
She fell in love with taste and smell

Mistress took her in her arms
"My pet you're just what I need
You are mine now when I want you
For my appetite to feed."

Friday, 22 March 2013

Bathtime Delight

When she met me at the door
A fur coat hid her treasures
And smooth soft skin below
Only hinted at her treasures

A smile graced her mouth
On her blonde surrounded face
As she gently led me in
"Welcome to my space."

As I watched her sway before me
I saw her body move within
And I imagined the sensation
As the fur caressed her skin

She led me to the fire
Greeted me with a long kiss
As her aroma teased my senses
I drifted off in bliss

Standing she took her coat off
"How rude, don't you think?
I have bought you all this way
And didn't offer you a drink."

She lay on the bar naked
I found it hard to speak
"You can have anything you like."
It made my knees go weak

I dipped my finger in the whisky
Rubbed it on her lips
So that when I kissed her
It was like taking little sips.

She slid down off the bar
Brushed my arm with a nipple
She smiled at my reaction
Through my body sent a ripple

"The bath is nice and warm
Let's remove your clothes and troubles.
Slip into the bath with me
And we will play amongst the bubbles."

She looked so beautiful and sexy
In her bubble coated skin
"Why don't you help me wash my breasts?"
She offered with a cheeky grin

As I gently washed her mounds
I let my fingers tease the tips
And she leaned in real close
Placed a kiss upon my lips

Then she pulled me in so close
Whispered to me "I want more."
And as I fulfilled her needs desire
We splashed water on the floor

As I held her in my arms
The bubbles made her blonde hair shine
She said "Thanks so much for loving."
I said "the pleasure was all mine."

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Kneeling Waiting

Kneeling, she waited
Her eyes looked up pleading
He watched from the door
Knew what she was needing

She followed his eyes
They looked at the bed
She stood and walked to it
Nothing had to be said

She was up on her knees
His cock level with her eye
Reaching down she watched
As he undid his fly

Opening her mouth
He grabbed her long hair
She moved her head forward
Wanting him there

To the back of her throat
Her lips touch his balls
She moaned as she gagged
He unheeded her calls

He fucked that sweet mouth
With a sway of his hips
And he moaned at the sight
Of it crossing her lips

With her lips and her tongue
She worked hard on his meat
Wanted his cum so badly
that was her treat

He started to shake
And with one hand
Grabbed a handful of hair
More than he could stand

She felt it coming
Then felt him explode
Moaned in contentment
As she swallowed his load

Then he knelt on the floor
And with his tongue tip
He kissed his young pet
As she licked at his lip

Saturday, 16 March 2013


Her want surrounds him
Draws him in
Her lust impales him
Inducing sin
Her nails arouse him
Teasing strokes
Her lips caress him
Moans evoke
She mounts him, rides him
They are mated
Writhing, screaming
Hunger sated
She holds him, soothes him
Strokes his hair
A long deep kiss
So wanted there

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Lunchtime encounter

"I'll be back in an hour
Just going to the store."
He watched her tell the office
As she headed out the door

He gave her five minutes
Then being totally discrete
He wandered to his car
He knew here they were to meet

A friend of hers lived close
It wasn't very far
It only took a minute
To get there in the car

As he came in through the door
He saw her waiting in the chair
She had taken off her clothes
And, let down her hair

There was a rug spread on the floor
They used for their Wednesday meet
He always looked forward
To this special lunchtime treat

She slipped down on the rug
As his clothes soon hit the floor
And his cock began to harden
As he thought what was in store

He knew she would be wet
As like him he knew her mind
Was full of lunchtime treats
And it was not the eating kind

She threw her arms out open
Then her legs, displayed her charms
As he lay, her legs wrapped round him
And she held him in her arms

As they kissed their tongues entwined
Passion impossible to hide
Her nails dug into his back
As his hard cock slid inside

She moved her mouth from his
His neck and ears got little nips
She urged him to go faster
Frenzied thrusting of his hips

He felt her teeth against his shoulder
As she thrust her pelvis hard on his cock
And as she hit her threshold
Her body began to rock

Then with a screaming emotion
She locked her legs behind his bum
Her body started trembling
As she began to cum

He loved to feel her cumming
And as his kiss stifled her groan
With one last mighty thrust
He had a cumming of his own

As their breathing returned to normal
He stroked her hair and kissed her cheek
"What a special time this is with you
the best part of the week."

Thursday, 7 March 2013


A tinge of grey shines through the night

He spys her there, erotic sight

Everything just looks all right

But he underestimates her bite

Low cut dress displays her chest

His eyes are drawn to her breast

She licks her lips, a taunting test

He should leave now, it would be best

But her seductive eyes draw him in

Her sensual lips curl in a grin

His senses reeling in a spin

A contest he could never win

A meal of him she will make

His body and soul she will take

His earthly life he will forsake

Catching her eye was his mistake

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Lovers Arms

Lovers lay there, hearts they hold
Together plan, their lives unfold
A stroke of hair, a gentle kiss
Their bodies meet, unbridled bliss

His soft chest hairs caress her breast
She draws him in, a moment blessed
That moment, wetness wraps around
Draws from him a primal sound

Heavy breath, erotic bites
A sample of forthcoming nights
And one last thrust he grips her hair
Orgasmic screams pervade the air

The coming down, the searching lips
The mixing juices at the hips
Breathless whispers, raised emotion
Seals the lovers shared devotion