Sunday, 17 November 2013

Purple Miss

She likes to see his smile
As he watches her undress
Knows how much he loves it
When she dresses to impress
Slips off her purple dress
Displays her purple underwear
Purple nails run through
Purple tips in her hair
He is tied there hard and naked
On the purple satin sheet
She licks her purple lips
He looks good enough to eat
Slips off the bra and panties
Kneels and kisses up his leg
Nails tease and please and squeeze
She loves to hear him beg
Then sitting on his face
Purple nails stroke his hair
Takes her pleasure from him
Makes him gasp for air
Once she is fulfilled
She climbs off and moves away
Gives his cock a parting whack
"Maybe later on today"
See his disappointment
Returns, purple lips kiss
"It's not your right, it's for my pleasure
So obey your purple Miss"

Thursday, 14 November 2013


Sit there and wait!" Her heel used as bait To suck him in A life full of sin Worshipping, pleasing Urged in by her teasing Awaits her attack Pushed on his back Smothered, pressed With her taste he is blessed Fills her needs Her lover she feeds Hard heaving breast Her juices he's blessed A shared kiss Reward for her bliss