Friday, 7 September 2012

in the bar

I looked down the bar, saw you there
sitting all alone
I watched your face, and wondered
as you talked on the phone

I saw you hangup, swear at the phone
as you tossed it on the bar
then you picked it up, paid your check
and started for your car

I got up and walked toward you
you looked so good in your pink
and got up the courage to ask
if you would stay for a drink

I smiled when you said yes
and as we sat and talked a bit
you told me how you'd been stood up
that was the end for that little shit

I smiled as you said that
and said I couldn't understand
that someone could do that to you
reached out and took your hand

We sat there and talked for hours
till we were the last ones there
you said you shouldn't drive that night
I said I had a room booked there

As I helped you off the stool
my pretty lady in pink
you smiled and said you usually
don't have this much to drink

As we walked to the elevator
I liked the way you held me tight
it was as though this night was meant to be
everything felt right

As we rode up to my room
your pink lips searched for a kiss
and I turned to hold you close
it was a chance too good to miss

I fumbled with the key
and when we finally got in there
you smiled then went to the bathroom
told me to wait there in the chair

I sat there waiting patiently
not sure what to think
until you came back in the room
a vision there in pink

This time it was bra and panties
and you got down on your knee
and as you gazed up into my face
began to unbuckle me

You didn't say a word
just pulled my trousers down
then taking me in hand
you bent and kissed the crown

Then I gasped as suddenly
you took me into your mouth
and I felt myself get harder
as all my blood ran south

I placed my fingers in your hair
as your mouth worked its charms
then when i was ready..
I took you by the arms

Gently I lifted you
and placed you on the bed
then gazing down upon you
I gently stroked your head

I slipped off your pink panties
and laid your bosom bare
then as I gently squeezed your nipples
I placed my soft lips there

Then  heard you whisper
"I want you in me...please,"
and I lifted my lips off you
and got in between your knees

You opened up your legs
and spread them out real wide
and we both moaned aloud
as I slowly slipped inside

The only words spoken
were the ones that you had said
but we didn't need to talk
as we thrashed around the bed

It felt so good inside you
and as I bent to kiss your lips
I felt you start to tremble
as you thrust up your hips

Then with a loud cry
I felt your juices start to flow
I could hold on no longer
and with a roar let go

I felt you cling on to me
as our juices mixed so free
I was so grateful for that phone call
that left you there for me


  1. A fantasy of mine, one of many. Wonderfully sexy and steamy. A very good read. Keep up the good work.