Friday, 31 August 2012

part 3

thinking that she might need a lay down again he asked if she would like to go back to the bedroom. not wishing to worry she agreed but as they walked back down the passage she spotted a closed door. it stuck out a bit as the house was so open and she stopped at the door asking him what was inside the room. she noticed her blushed a bit when he told her nothing special.. seeming a little nervous. she told him she would like to see... and when he hesitated...she remembered the she added firmly "now"
he lowered his head...then taking a key from his pocket he unlocked the room. he went to enter first and she put a hand out...stopping him...and walked in first. the first thing she saw on the opposite walk was a collection of small whips and crops...then looking to her left a bed...soft shackles attached to the posts. lots of other little items were around the walls and pairs of boots and heels on the floor. he went to speak and she told him to be quiet...and she walked over...taking a crop from the wall...then slowly walked around the room....looking at the pictures of people tied to the bed...and similiar ones to the magazine she had seen.

she could feel his eyes watching her...and she turned to him...smiling...then reached between her legs...touching the damp patch on the front of her panties...then walked over to him...stopping just short of touching him. reaching up with the crop she placed it on his shoulder...then applying downward pressure... he understood...dropping to his knees. copying the picture she then reached behind his head...pressing his face in against the dampness. when he tried to touch her with his hands she lightly hit his arm..."not yet boy"...and he quickly dropped his hand...continuing to rub his face on her wetness.

stepping back she looked down at him and as he looked up she could see his face glowing and all of a sudden all she wanted was to cum...and she slipped her panties off...parting her legs...and stepped back again...roughly pulling his face in and immeadiatly his lips and tongue found the right place...causing her to moan out loud. sensing her need he almost attacked her clit and pussy...licking and sucking like a man possessed....and as Danika rode his face swaying her hips...pressing in hard against him his expert mouth and tongue began to have the right effect and the juices made a loud noise against him as suddenly her knees shook and she dropped the crop....gripping his head with both hands as she cqame hard against him

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