Saturday, 1 September 2012

part 2....not to be missed

it felt so good...kneeling at your feet....head bowed...and as my lips touched your boots i heard a sound of approval from you. you then motioned me back...and as you sat in the armchair you lifted one boots running the buckle along the side of my face...then pressed the heel against my lips... i perted them and you began to move the heel in and out as if you were making love to my mouth with it.

when i had kissed both boots and the lifted both legs on to my shoulders...the leather rubbing against my face...tehn parting your legs wider bought my face in hard against your smelling of your beautiful juices...and i opened my mouth eager to taste as well as smell. you then pushed the panties aside and i was rewarded by a loud moan as my lips surrounded your clit...then my tongue dug into you...eagerly lapping at your juices. pressing my face hard against you you were all i could breath and taste and as i licked and kissed harder and harder i felt you slipping down into the chair so you could press harder into my face.

by this time i was so hard and sensing this you pushed me back...telling me to stand and quickly undress. as i did you slipped your panties off then told me to lay on my back in front of the fire. i did as told and as i lay there with my hard cock pointing to the sky you moved over me...still in your coat and boots...lowering yourself onto my cock. the pleasure of you surroundin my cock made me let out a loud moan...and as you started to move up and down on me...riding cock felt as though it was on fire. i opened my eyes...saw that you eyes were on my face...controlling how much i could feel....and you went fast until i was about to explode then would slow down. th more you worked my cock the more i wanted to cum...begging you ...first in a low voice...until i was almost screaming to cum...then you reached down ..pumping harder...gripping my nipples...then in a strong voice told me to cum i exploded....cum squirting into you...crying with pleasure ..moaning...lost....loving my beautiful sexy you all i had till you bent kissin gme ...whispering that i was a good boy xxxx

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