Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Mistress reward

Mistress rises from Her chair
takes a handful of his hair
struggles to his feet, is led
from the playroom to the bed

She has given him his fun
now he has his job to be done
his balls and ass still ache
they are now Hers, make no mistake

Its time his Mistress was repaid
the choice for him, it has been made
She makes him kneel beside the bed
then laying back She grabs his head

As She pulls him to her juice
Her legs clamp him, he can't get loose
and his mouth and nose draw in
the flowing fruits of Her sin

She lifts his head and smiles
a haunting grin that him beguiles
then brings him back in hard, so wet
but She is not finished yet

She makes him eat until She screams
and Her juices flow in streams
he gasps and his eyes grow
his job to make his Mistress glow


  1. I love this do I wish I had legs like hers...u bet better yet to be in her position...mmm...poem is HOT...!!!

  2. Loved the poem, Mark! Mmmmmm - Awesome detail. I think I'll go simmer on this one for a bit...let my mind wander ;-)