Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A hotel Christmas

Pillows up behind my head, legs stretched out on the bed. I was enjoying watching the Christmas shows, everyone trying to be happy. Even the news anchors were concentrating hard on only telling good news stories. It was strange spending christmas day alone. She had asked me to join the family but i had made my excuses deciding a nice quiet day would be better.

She had promised to come to the hotel once it was finished, sent me a picture. She looked beautiful, red right down to those lovely heels. Knowing how much i liked seeing her like that i could tell there was a special pose there just for me. the afternoon had been peaceful but now turning off the tv i decided i might have a quick nap. Seeming like i had barely shut my eyes i was woken by someone at the door. Jumping off the bed and went to open it, there she was. Still in those same clothes, smiling at me.

LOoking me up and down she smiled. Oops, i remembered i had been on the bed just in my jocks and must have been having a nice dream as i was semi hard. She stepped in kissing me, her hand dropping between us, touching me. As her fingers circled me she squeezed gently
"Did you like the picture i sent?"
"I did, but its much nicer having you here in the flesh".
She placed her lips on mine and her tongue ran over my bottom lip, before she slid to her knees.

By this time i was almost fully hard and she slipped my jocks down exposing me, licking the tip
"I have been saving this for dessert."
I began to laugh then moaned as she took me into her mouth, her hand cupping my balls. Dropping my hands to her head i steadied myself as i went a bit wobbly at the knees. She grabbed my legs tight and turned her eyes up at me , smiling.

Standing she led me to the bed holding my cock then turned, letting me lift her top to expose her breasts. Bending i kissed each one, fondling them as she held and stroked me. Laying back on the bed she lifted each leg ,slipping off each lovely heel, teasing me with each bare foot. I reached down sliding off the pants, revealing her wet panties to me.

"I have thought about this all day" I told her.
"I have too" she whispered, and as i bent to slide off the panties her arms went around my neck.
"I want you in me, need you so bad" and as i pulled them off she parted her legs, surrounding me. She drew me in until my cock was against her, entering her.
"Ohhhhh yesss" she moaned loudly as i filled her. As i started slowly to move in her she pulled my face down, kissing me hard "Fuck me baby, fuck me hard. just this once".
I moved up on the bed and began slamming into her, watching her breasts shake with each hard thrust. my groin smashed into her as she gripped me tight ,holding, scatching.
"Ohhhhh shit yesssss fuucckk" she cried out, grabbing me hard and began to shake, starting to cum. I couldnt hold back any longer and i expoded into her, still thrusting, loud slurping noises as our juices mixed. Still fucking her hard until she finished shaking. i collapsed into her arms and as we kissed, looking at each other, we both said at the same time "mmmmmm...merry christmas"

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