Thursday, 20 December 2012

Room service

What a wonderful evening at the theatre. She was glad that she had still gone, even after her friend had cancelled at the last minute. Riding the elevator up to her hotel room she decided that she would give her friend a call and tell her what she missed out on.
It was a strange feeling being in the city on her own especially all dressed up. She was glad that she had made an effort still and had enjoyed the appreciative glances from the males at the theatre, and smiled at some of the jealous looks from their partners. Her long black gown had shown plenty of cleavage and had allowed her just to wear knee high stockings. This allowed the soft fabric to rub against her bare legs and she had even been tempted to not wear panties but had given in at the last minute.
The elevator started heading up to her floor but stopped at the first level and a young man entered pushing a room service trolley. On it was a bottle of champagne with two glasses and a cheese platter.
“Someone is in for a good night”she said and the young man lifted his eyes and smiled.
“Yes, they sounded pretty happy when they called room service.” As he spoke to her she felt his eyes move over her full length and a shiver of excitement ran through her body.
“I really feel like a glass of champagne right now. Would be a lovely way to end a beautiful evening. But I don't think I could drink a whole bottle.”
“Oh, so your friend doesn't drink Champagne?”
“I am my friend at the moment” she laughed. And just then the elevator arrived at her level. She began to get out then turned towards him. “Do they have half bottles?”
“I am not sure, What room are you Ma'am? I will call and let you know.”
“Room 1225, but don't go to too much trouble.”
“Nothing is too much trouble for a sexy lady” he said winking and the doors of the elevator slid shut.
She could feel her heart beating and a tingle start between her legs. Damn he had a sexy voice and the way he had spoken to her had excited her. The phone call to her friend was going to have to wait. When she felt like this there was only one thing that could fix it. Luckily she had thrown her toy in the bag.
She unlocked her room and headed straight over to her bag. As she reached in and grabbed the cock shape vibe wrapping her fingers about she imagined it was the room service waiter. She kicked off her heels then slipped her dress off. Sliding her panties off she threw them on the bed, removed her light bra then set herself up with the pillows. She loved looking down at the black kneehighs, they gave her feet that sexy look and feel and she turned her toy on.
“Ahhhhhhhhh yessssss” she moaned out loud as the vibes hit her clit for he first time and she bucked her hips. Oh god that was so good. Her other hand massaged her nipples, squeezing and twisting and when she slipped the cock past her clit and slightly into her she again moaned loudly.
She was pushing herself closer to the edge, so close to cumming when she heard a voice.
“Are you ok Ma'am?”
She opened her eyes just as the waiter entered the room. She stopped straight away, dropping the toy. “What are you doing, why didn't you knock?” she yelled at him.
“God Ma'am I am so sorry. Really sorry. I did knock then when you didn't answer and heard noises and thought is she ok then...” He stopped talking and started to back out of the room.
“Come back please. I am sorry I yelled.” She realised she was still on the bed almost totally naked, legs apart and grabbed at her dress and covered herself.“Thank you for being so concerned. I can be a bit noisy sometimes. I am sorry if I worried you.”
“I really shouldn't have used my pass key. I hope you wont say anything.”
“Well it was partly your fault you know” she smiled. “I saw that look in the elevator.”
“Not often is there someone as sexy as you on their own.”
“Why did you come up?”
“Oh my god, i've left the champagne out in the passage” and he jumped up and went to the door, then returned wheeling a trolley with a large bottle of champagne and two glasses.
“Why the two glasses?”
“I finished at eleven and was going to ask if I could share with you however you probably don't
feel like it now.”
“Oh you sweet man, of course I do, thank you.”
He opened the bottle and poured the two glasses then handed her one. He looked around for somewhere to sit and she patted the bed. He sat down carefully, trying not to look at her barely covered body.
“Cheers, heres to the first time I have ever had a champagne with the room service waiter.” they clinked their glasses and took a mouthful. “Your turn to toast something now.”
“Heres to the first time I have seen a sexy lady cum without knowing I was there.” She didn't raise her glass. “What's wrong?”
“You still haven't.”
“What do you mean?”
“I still haven't cum.” She placed her glass carefully on the bedside table and lifted the dress off.“But I would sure like to.”
She turned a little towards him, parting her legs. His eyes dropped and she moaned as he reached out and touched her wetness.
“Mmmm yes baby, that's so nice. My pussy is aching . Come here and kiss it better.” She leaned forward and taking his face in her hands she guided him down onto her, pushing his lips onto her clit. “Ohhh yes there, right there” as his lips surrounded it and he flicked his tongue over it. He lifted her legs, pushing them right back and his tongue entered her, teasing her.
She felt his tongue ease out of her and it was replaced by a finger as his lips went back to her clit.
“Ohhhh fuck yes, right there, there, yesssssss” and she bucked up into his face giving in to the most delicious orgasm, gasping for air.
She looked down at him and was greeted by his smiling face, glistening with her juices.
“Come here baby, I want to taste my juices on your lips” and she coaxed him up her body, their lips meeting in a long deep passionate kiss. She slipped a hand down between them stroking his rock hard cock through his pants. “That was the best room service. I think its time for your tip. Now strip baby.”
He didn't need to be told twice and jumped from the bed and was soon standing there naked. He went to climb back on the bed but she stopped him.
“No baby, stand there.” She slipped off the bed onto her knees and wrapped her fingers around his cock, teasing the tip with her lips and tongue. “Much better than my toy”she said then slowly slid her mouth right over him, her tongue rolling around. His hips started to move and she reached under cupping his balls, squeezing them gently. She lifted her mouth of him.
“Want me baby? Want to fuck me?” as she continued to rub and squeeze him.
“Yessss” he whimpered
“Yes what baby” and she squeezed him a bit harder.
“Yes please Ma'am, I want to fuck you.”
“Good boy” and she stood, letting him go, then climbed on the bed on all fours. “Ride me baby, fuck me. Ahhhhhhhh” as he moved behind her and rammed his cock into her, his young hard cock filling her completely. She leaned over and grabbed her toy, placing it on her clit as he rode her. Rubbing it over her still tender clit she started to moan loudly again, beyond worrying what they might think in the next room.
She could feel his thrusts getting harder and harder and she let the vibe slip, touching his balls. He started to jerk in her and she rammed it back onto herself, cumming, screaming as he exploded into her, still thrusting as he moved his hand around to cover her mouth.
“You are an amazing lady” he said as he removed himself from her, rolling her over and kissing her. “I am waiting for the police to come and knock the door down.”
She kissed him back. “I promise to be quieter at breakfast.”
“Yes, you do have room service breakfast don't you?”


  1. Wow!!!!!!! Fans self .. I want room sevice winks. Just wonderful again.

  2. mmm...amazing what a pair of knee highs can conger up....