Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Masters fingers stroke her ears
Cause his pet to purr
Rubs her cheek against his leg
He smiles down at her
A little milk on her top lip
Makes her look so cute
He pats his knee, lifts her up
Loves her kitten suit
Her little tongue licks his face
Happy to be his pet
All day it has filled her mind
Made her nice and wet
Lovingly he strokes his pet
Has a possessive grin
Knows just where she loves it
Slips a finger in
The purring grows much louder
As she clings on to her neck
The day’s anticipation
Her feelings hard to keep in check
"Ah my little pet"
He whispers in her ear
"I feel you are on heat
Our bedtime is near"
She jumps up off his lap
Slinks off to his bed
Kneels down at the foot
Licks her lips of red
He stands before her ready
His cock before her eyes
Licks and sucks him gently
Eager for her prize
When she has him ready
On his bed she hops up there
And like all good felines do
Lifts her tail up in the air
Master takes his pleasure
Her purr turns to a meow
Claws dig into the mattress
So close to coming now
But she holds herself together
Only giving into her need
When Master stiffens, grips her
Fills her with his seed
She loves these special evenings
Now curls up for the night
With her Masters arms around her
A cat’s life is alright


  1. MMM....purrrrrrrr....and licks....almost makes me want to get out that old cat costume...LOL...thank you Mark....very nice....Meow...

  2. Oh Mark so purr worthy. You never cease to amaze me!!!

  3. This was different! I love ur versatility. Well done