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An Interview with Suzzana C Ryan and her new release Under her Protection.

An Interview with Suzzana C Ryan and her new release Under her Protection.

How long have you been writing Suzzana?

Like most of us my whole life.

I see this new release is not a paranormal one.

No it’s not. I started writing erotic paranormal romances after having an ongoing love affair with vampires. Under her Protection is a short story which centers on a mobster and a female US Marshal who has to keep him under cover until he testifies against his so called brothers. He’s your typical good fella and not a very likable guy. But he’s hot and she of course is gorgeous, but because of her job and the way she looks finds dating difficult.

I also see so this is an erotic romance.

Yes. I only write erotic romance, I have a sweet one sitting in my Laptop…sighs…just can’t bring myself to have my characters just kiss. You know Mark, a lot like your poetry, mmm. I don’t see very much just kissing going on either.

Why thank you Suzzana for mentioning my poetry.

Now don’t get me off the track okay, but you are my favorite erotic poet. How do you do that, Mark? Throw me off track.

He he….. Have you any other stories in the works?

Yes, I have a historical erotic romance ready to be edited, this one’s about Vikings, then two vampire short stories, one I am very excited about a BDSM one, very gothic, takes place in 1888. And recently contracted my first erotic sci fi romance. It’s very hot, like nothing I’ve ever written before. I am sure it’s going to curl a few toes.

I see you mention your love affair with vampires, but what brought you to writing erotic romance?

Passion and the need to express it in words. The first time I had to write pussy it just flowed. I knew then what I was reading on my Ereader was what I wanted to write. I’m very passionate about everything I do so writing erotica comes naturally.

To date you have twenty releases, where do you get your ideas from and do you ever base your characters on people you know?

Under her Protection is my twentieth release. Living here in New York and being so close to Manhattan it’s easy to conger up scenarios in your head. Sometimes I dream them, sometimes a friend makes a suggestion and sometimes stories evolve based on people I know. I tell my friends be careful you may wind up in one of my stories. Most just giggle.

Thank you Suzzana for stopping by it was a pleasure talking to you.

You’re welcome Mark. Sighs thank God my altered ego stayed home, Cherry Splendor.  She’s begging me to ask you back on my blog. And, she wanted me to tell you she loves your poems, especially the spanking ones. Ooops, sorry she slipped out giggles. I’ve included the blurb and small excerpt from Under her Protection. Thank you for having me.
Under her Protection
Suzzana C Ryan

May 2013 release


Gina McCarthy, U.S. Marshall, ex decorated New York City Policewoman, stepped over the line. Within forty-eight hours, she violated every oath she’d ever taken by getting involved with a witness.

Marco G. Natalia, son of New York’s biggest crime family, has turned state’s evidence.  He’s handsome, intelligent, self-confident and one of the mob’s most valuable specimen’s. He’s more than just a made man. He was born made. His father, the head of the Notorious Natalia family, is dead, gunned down and murdered mob style while eating breakfast with his son. Now Marco G. Natalia is under Gina McCarthy’s protection. 

From different worlds two people meet, act on their attraction to one another and delve deep into emotions and feelings neither knew existed. Marco has never met a woman like Gina, strong, honest and beyond desirable. Unfortunately for Marco, he’s everything Gina holds unholy. For Gina, Marco is a step into forbidden territory, one she knows she’ll never forget and will desire for the rest of her life.
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Marco savored Gina’s mouth, deepening his kiss, coming in harder, pulling her gorgeous body closed. His desired her like he never desired a woman before, his damn cock was as hard as steel. Fuck, he ached with need for her. He was a very sexual man, loved women, and everything about their bodies. He wanted to taste every plane and every curve. He wanted to make her scream with release. With his thoughts on her pleasure, he broke away from her mouth and began his sensual journey of her body. He needed to touch her, feel her sleek, silky opening to her body. As he kissed her neck and her shoulders, he pushed her thighs open.
“Baby, open up for me, I want to see every inch, and I want to feel your wet softness, baby I want to feast on your pussy. Open up to me, I’m going to eat your pussy like you’ve never experienced before.”
“Oh God, Gino, this is…” 
He cut her off, “No, baby, right now, this moment, this has never been more right. Fuck I know you’re not like other woman. I know what I am, but for you…” he stopped. He let two fingers enter her pussy. He felt her body respond, her hands grabbed his broad shoulders. “Christ for you, I’d move mountains if I could. Can you understand?” he said as his lips caressed her neck, his vow a mere whisper.
She arched her breasts up to his wet, soft lips. A soft moan escaped his lips as he sucked in one of her nipples, his tongue twirling it around in his mouth. He moaned and pumped his fingers in her a bit harder, his thumb rubbing her clit. Lifting his head from her, he kissed a path a small kisses to her neck then watched her face, saw her growing need, as small delicate beads of sweat sprinkled her brow. His cock grew harder as he visualized his breaking through what he was sure was her very organized mind.  Marco wanted to make her climax, cum with erotic intensity, and he could, it was one talent he’d perfected over the years. He put his lips to her body once again and found her pussy, his tongue eager to explore more of her. She was wet, slick with desire, his tongue was eager to taste her and bring her over the edge. Once again he let his fingers slip into her, his thumb bringing her clit to an even more swollen state. “Baby, feel good? You’re getting ready. Honey, you’ll cum oh yeah and I’ll feel those little contractions on my tongue. Mmm, honey,” he said, kissing her down the length of her body to her open thighs. 



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