Sunday, 12 May 2013

Threes company on a cruise

Working on the cruise ship
Lots of offers come your way
Singing for the passengers
Have to keep the men at bay
Because someone will be upset
And word soon gets around
Although everyone is strangers
It's like a country town

Over the course of the journey
The only chat she'd had
Was two men traveling together
Partners, so not as bad
They made no secret of it
Would sit and watch her arm in arm
And afterwards they'd share a drink
She felt safe, no chance of harm

The final night of the cruise
They drank more than their normal share
They invited her to stateroom
A surprise for her waited there
Grabbing an extra bottle
They made their drunken way
And although the sea was calm
Their walking had a sway

Once inside the room
She flopped down on the bed
The boys laid either side
And Bryan stroked her head
Stephen's hand went lower
Lightly stroked her thigh
She moaned under their touch
"I hope one of you is bi."

As a team they undressed her
Until naked there she lay
Then watched as they undressed
Let her hand start to play
Bryan knelt between her legs
Pushed her hand aside
Placed his mouth on her sex
Let his tongue slip inside

She reached out for Stephen
Grabbed his cock in her grip
Placed her mouth over
Ran her tongue round the tip
She gasped as Bryan
Performed his magic down there
Took Stephen right in
As his hand gripped her hair

The two men's attention
Pushed her over the peak
After weeks of behaving
Her resistance was weak
With a mouthful of cock
She tried hard to scream
And the blinding orgasm
Made her lustful eyes gleam

Stephen stepped away
The job only half done
Bryce slid up her body
Their turn for fun
His hard cock traced her entrance
And as he slipped inside
Stephen mounted him
They commenced their ride

With each thrust into Bryce
It pushed his cock to her end
Her pussy walls shaking
Message starting to send
The two straining men
Sharing their love
The most precious gift
As they took her from above

Their pace both quickened
All three were ready
She held on tight
Kept the rhythm steady
Till with a final burst
Let this passions run
And the three screaming lovers
Almost came as one

They lay either side
And held her tight
"We almost couldn't wait
For the final night
But for us you were special
Filled our nights with glee
Wanted to leave
A special memory."


  1. Really like the pace of this one.
    Well done
    Plus MMF is a fave of mine!

  2. a fav also....again Mark done beautifully