Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Waxed Slave

"Waxed Slave"

He'd promised a surprise
 As he tied her to the frame
 Something she had hinted
Wanted added to their game

She had tried to guess the answer
 Look for something new in place
 He watched her darting eyes
 Brought a smile to his face

Tightening the last strap
He slipped the blindfold on
She heard him walk across the floor
 Wondered where he'd gone

He was only gone a minute
Heard him come back in
Felt him stand before her
Then something cold against her skin

"My surprise for you is special
You will enjoy, my sweet."
Heard the striking of the match
Then she felt the heat

The smell of burning wax
Made her twist against her ties
The smell, the heat, more intense
Because of her covered eyes

In her mind she saw wax forming
The heat moved to her hand
The wait for it to drop
Was more than she could stand

When it hit a moaning sound
Emitted from her lips
Then the heat was moving up
Toward her nipple tips

His other hand the blindfold took
The flame her vision filled
Saw the wax building up
Waiting to be spilled

The flickering flame reflected
In her Master's eyes
As the candle tilted over
His free hand between her thighs

The pooling wax then dropped
Sensual pain covered her tit
In the middle of her scream
His fingers pinched her clit

He kept his fingers on there
As he poured more waxen bliss
Waves of pleasure washed through
He moved in with a kiss

Putting the candle down
He continued with the thrust
The other hand on her nipple
Squeezed the waxen crust

Master knew her secrets
To his touch she was a slave
Her orgasm a reward
For the devotion that she gave

Her body shook on his fingers
Closed her eyes recalled the flame
Until she hung there sated
Helpless on the frame


  1. oh Mark what a amazing poem!!!! You keep out doing yourself

  2. know I lovw hot hot wax.....Mr. Baker excellent