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Interview with Tamsin Baker celebrating the release of Eternal Hearts

 Tamsin, four books released and so many different ideas. Where did the inspiration for this one come from?

 This one was from a submission call TEB put out. Arrogant vamps, 15-20k
I saw the first scene, had to stop as i realized i had the two male vamps fucking up against a wall within the first 200 words.
Friends of mine assured me it was fine and i just kept writing.

I love the instensity of your characters. Do ypu pick one character and identify with them, especially in the menage scenes

 Lol. You're asking if i identify with my MMF? Not really.
I loved all of them for different reasons. Michael is arrogant, nathaniel is strong but kind and Margaret is feisty, sexy but human.
Love them all.

I am so looking forward to the next path this mind of yours will take us. Keep in touch. Any hints?

 Thanks Mark. You are always supporting my writing and i appreciate it!
At the moment i'm writing a menage shifter series.
MMF of course. The plan was to write a MFM but i just cant keep my boys apart! Oh well

an excerpt
Just after seven the following evening, Nathaniel dragged a reluctant Michael into the same brothel he always frequented. His mate needed to be completely under control when they met Margaret again.
She truly did smell like Heaven. Untold pleasure awaited them.
The Madame nodded at Nathaniel, and he headed towards the room he knew she left open for her “different” clientele. Michael followed close on his heels.
“What the hell are we doing here, Nathaniel? I need to see Margaret.”
Nathaniel clenched his jaw and groaned as his fangs extended over his bottom lip. The mere mention of Margaret’s name had his blood-lust surging to the forefront of his mind.
“I know you do. I feel it, too. But if we don’t feed before we see her, we will never be able to control ourselves.”
Michael grunted and threw himself into a nearby chair, the disgruntled picture of a thwarted child.
“We shouldn’t need to. I could turn her tonight and then spend the rest of eternity making her love us.”
Nathaniel rolled his eyes. He had already tried to explain to Michael what they needed to do. Michael wasn’t in total agreement. But what did he know about the emotional needs of others? He had spent five hundred years taking Nathaniel’s love and never returning it in a vocal sense. Nathaniel knew that Margaret would need everything, soft touches, loving words, and the actions. Between them, they could woo her and win her.
“Michael, we don’t want her turning spiteful and denying us. We know she is meant for us, but we have to convince her of that.”
“Oh, bull. I shouldn’t have to wait.” Michael jumped to his feet, as impatient as ever. He grabbed at the door handle to leave, and Nathaniel lost his temper. He moved in front of his mate and pushed him back with all the angry force he could master.
“Listen to me, you selfish bastard. I have stayed in London for almost my entire five hundred years.  I didn’t go missing on the Continent for a century. You were the one who left Michael, not me. I have wanted her, needed her for as long as you have, and I will not let you fuck this up!”
Michael’s mouth fell open, and Nathaniel grunted as two whores walked into the room.
They were plain faced but clean enough and smelled decent.
“Now let’s get this over and done with so we can begin the rest of our lives.”
Michael’s blue eyes shimmered with unshed tears, before nodding and sitting down in his chair. Nathaniel’s relief was overwhelming. He had won.
“I’ll take the brunette.”
The brown haired whore sauntered towards Michael, and he looked her over with a very mild interest. She sat in his lap and tilted her head for him. He exposed his fangs and held her to him whilst he bit her, almost reluctantly.
Nathaniel had to laugh as he pulled the blonde into his arms and sank his teeth into her neck. He always preferred blondes.

Thanks for reading/visiting.

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