Sunday, 19 May 2013

Wendy Waitress

They watched her work the tables
She wasn't very tall
They didn't have to speak
Their eyes said it all

Not that she was unaware
Of the looks they would bestow
In her mini skirt and blouse
She would bend, put on a show

When she waited on their table
She tried hard to impress
Felt a little shiver
Their eyes on her, they did undress

As they ordered off her
The lady touched her arm
"You really are quite beautiful,"
Turning on the charm

They ordered the seafood platter
She saw the husband's lustful stare
"Just the platter and two plates
We really like to share."

Wendy blushed at this
There was no doubt what he meant
Saw the wife's seductive smile
The message had been sent

As she hurried to the kitchen
She thought I bet my face glows
Checked it in the mirror
Cheeks pink as a rose

The couple ate their platter
Their eyes not once left her alone
Wendy could not believe
How moist her sex had grown

Picking up their plates
She asked if they wanted more
"Yes, if you deliver
We're staying on the fifteenth floor."

He signed the check and put a number
"Bring up the cheese platter
Wait until you finish
The timing doesn't matter."

They got up and left the room
Walking hand in hand
They turned and winked at Wendy 
No doubt what they had planned

The place was nearly empty
She was anxious to be done
Wendy's mind was racing 
Anxious for some fun

The chef made up the platter
She wished them all goodnight
One last trip to the bathroom
To check she looked alright

Up to the fifteenth floor
A nervous little knock 
He opened the door naked
She gave a gasp of shock

He took her by the hand
The door locked with a click
Took the platter from her
"I'm glad that you were quick."

The wife lay on the bed naked
Her juice was on his face
"She was just about to come
Would you like to take my place?"

"Oh please baby eat me
I want you there instead."
And Wendy knelt between her legs
The wife then grabbed her head

Wendy ate her hungrily
Knew it wouldn't be long
The lady's juice ran freely
Her need to come was strong

And as she worked her tongue
The husband fingers stroked her sex
Wendy sighed into the pussy
It would be her turn next

The lady's fingers gripped her hair
Then with a heaving jolt
Orgasm wracked her body
Like a lightning bolt

Wendy held on tightly 
Her mouth working till the last
Then slid up on her body
Hugged her till the tremors passed

The lady was in heaven
Her eyes stared off in space
Then she turned her lips to Wendy
Licked her juice off her face

"We were going to wait
But you had us so turned on
Once we got in the room
Our clothes were quickly gone."

Wendy slipped off the bed
Her clothes soon joined their pile
Turned towards the husband
Still rock hard, she gave a smile

Got down on her knees
"That's an impressive piece of meat
Such a busy night
I have not had time to eat."

Her hands cupped his balls
As she licked his bulging peak
The wife knelt behind 
Fingers gave nipples a tweak

Wendy felt so sensual
Sandwiched between the pair
The wife's breasts pressed against her
Lips buried in her hair

He withdrew from her mouth
Took her by the hand
Helped her to her feet
Sexual tension hard to stand

He lay down on his back
Rigid cock stood in the air
"Hop on for the ride."
And helped her settle there

Wendy groaned as he filled
Began to rock her hips
The wife sat astride her husband’s face
Grabbed Wendy , kissed her lips

Wendy ground down on him
Her clit burned as if aflame
She felt the wife's tongue seeking hers
Lost in their erotic game

With her nipples being stroked
And her sex so strongly taken
The passion in the kiss
Caused a longing to awaken

Her pussy walls were aching
As she gripped his cock inside
Till with a scream lust burst
Ending her orgasmic ride

The wife saw that she was finished
Quickly took her place
Wendy knelt down by the husband 
Lavished kisses on his face 

The wife was riding hard
Her frantic pace never once slowed
Till they collapsed upon each other
Her sex full of his load

Wendy joined them in their heap
Feeling comfort in their grip
They both stroked and kissed her face
"We hope you enjoyed your tip."


  1. oh my goodness. This is amazing. You can see it happening as you read!

  2. Yes you can...One your best to date....they're stories and the miost fun I've had in a long time Mark.......

  3. Love the longer poems that tell a story. Awesome.