Friday, 10 May 2013

Cougar Concert

How good was this going to be. It was all she and her gal pals had talked about for months. Finally they were in the car heading for the concert. Everyone had been worried it might rain but the sky was clear. All they had to contend with was the possibility it might get a bit cold at the outdoor venue.
Their plan was to arrive early and get a spot near the front before it got too crowded. When they parked the car they removed the car fridge from the rear of the car, grabbed their seats and started making their way to the entrance. Watching people go through the gates they noticed the security guys were giving a close look to any of the car fridges carried by younger men. When any of the ladies walked through they were just taking the tops off and smiling, then letting them through.

In front of them she noticed two young men in their twenties looking a bit worried. She started talking to them and found they had some vodka in ice bricks in the bottom of their car frig. She told them what a great idea and wished she’d thought of it. Then she made the suggestion, maybe the boys take one of their fridges and she’d carry theirs through for them; but first asked their assurance there was nothing else in there. One took the initiative and swore there was nothing more than vodka in their box. As expected security hardly looked at the one she carried, but inspected everything the boys carried.

When they got inside they swapped and one of the boys in his mid-twenties kissed her on the cheek. He said how much he appreciated what she’d done, and if there was ever anything he could do for her just let him know. She could have sworn he winked at her. To avoid eye contact she let her eyes roam his lean young body, causing illicit shivers to go through her. What was she thinking? She needed to shake any stupid thoughts from her head.

The other girls watched the whole scenario, and when she rejoined them they wanted to know what he said. When she told them they all laughed and made crude remarks. She laughed along with them. But couldn’t get his smile and wink out of her mind. Finding a spot they settled on the grass spreading the blanket. When the concert began she found her attention going between the music and her friend’s conversation. Then she began looking around to see where the boys were seated. She shrugged her shoulders. They were nowhere to be found. When she looked up at the screen to view the group now playing, the camera scanned the crowd and that’s when she thought she spotted one of them.

The girls had bought some wine the afternoon before they left, and as she drank a little she concentrated on the music. The last of the support acts were playing when the need aroused her and she thought she’d better go to the toilet now, as not to catch the crowd between acts. As she danced through the crowd on the way up she suddenly felt someone grab her ankle. She turned around ready to be angry, but softened when she saw the face of her new young friend. . He reached up taking her arm and pulled her down next to him. By his smile and actions she could tell he’d drunk some of his vodka, but she surmised rather than drunk, he was buzzed.

Sitting down there in the crowded space she had to lean against him; and she noticed he didn’t pull away. He asked her, calling her pretty lady, if she was enjoying the show. They both agreed so far the music was excellent. She then told him of her plans to get to the toilets before the main act; and he agreed it was a good idea. He stood helping her to her feet, took her hand and led her through the crowd. As his hand pressed tight to hers and his handsome young face smiled, that one smile made her feel like a schoolgirl again. As he gently pulled her through the crowd of bodies, she noticed some people watching. She didn’t mind their inquisitive looks and thoughts, ones she was sure referred to what was this older lady doing being led by the hand  of that handsome young man.

When they hit the portable toilets she agreed with him to wait and walk back together. She couldn’t believe how excited the feel of his holding hand made her feel. When she rubbed herself with the rough toilet paper, her pussy tingled. She was enjoying his attention. When they met up long lines had formed and he told her once again she had saved him. This time when he kissed her he kissed her lips. His lips were soft; he moved closer pulling her to him and became bolder. He let his tongue touch her lips causing her to  lean into him; and she answered his bold action by allowing her tongue to touch his.

She broke the kiss. Her breathing had become heavy and her body responsive. When she opened her eyes she saw the look of panic on his face. He began apologizing, but then said he’d thought of doing that ever since the light kiss at the gate; and had been trying to find her all afternoon. She smiled sexily at him and told him that she was old enough to be his mother. He blushed. Then she added fuel to the fire by telling him she’d been searching for him too.

He involuntarily dropped his hand to attempt to cover his groin and his very obvious hard on. She reached down taking his hand away and rubbed her palm over the bulge. Then standing on her toes, leaned in and kissed him again; and this time she pushed her tongue into his mouth. His lips and tongue responded as she smiled in the kiss. His cock hardened even more against her hand. She was hot and wet knowing she shouldn’t be, but wanted him so bad.

He made a bold suggestion telling her the boys had come in a van with a mattress in the back. He’d explained they agreed to sleep in the van if they’d been drinking too much. If she was interested…She took her fingers and gently put then to his lips stopping him. She got  her phone from its holder on her hip and messaged one of the girls. It was a short text, met old friend, chatting no worries, and then holding his hand let him lead her to the van.

When they got there he opened the back and behind the large door she sexily wiggled out of her jeans. He smiled and followed her lead removing his jeans. In the dim lighting she’d no problem catching sight of the size of his cock and gasped. When he climbed in she pushed him on his back and kissed him; her hand going down grasping him causing him to moan. He reached up and grabbed at her t-shirt lifting it up breaking their kiss. When he had it over her head she undid her bra. He immediately started stroking her breasts. She told him to use his fingers on the nipples showing him how to pinch one then two, and lowered it to his mouth. He needed no instruction as he greedily sucked it and made it hard. His large cock now beckoned her and now all she wanted was him in her.

She swung her leg over him and looked down; the light coming through the window reflected the want on his young face. There was no denying the passion on his face or the pleasure as she lowered herself onto him. She then started moving up and down on his cock. He tried to move but she held him down. With her hands on his chest,  she lifted herself slightly into a crouch and began moving faster and faster on him until her legs started shaking. He moaned; then told her he was going to cum but had no condoms. He assured her he was fine and she instinctively knew he was telling her the truth. She’d no worries of pregnancy and wanted to feel him fill her. She pounded her pussy hard down onto him and started to growl as she started to cum. She looked at him, told him to cum, to fill her. As she started to cum, he exploded his warm cum gushing into her.

Spent and savoring how good it felt, she relaxed and let her body lie on his chest. She could still feel his hard cock in her. She wondered, what was he thinking now? Her thoughts were answered as he took her face in his hands and kissed her passionately. When he removed his lips from hers, his strong arms held her tight. She smiled and wondered how the others were enjoying the concert. She moved up into his strong arms, she’d enjoyed it very much.

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