Saturday, 4 May 2013

Cougar Golf

"Welcome Mrs. Brown
It's such a lovely day
Thank you for the chance
To teach you how to play"
She eyed the young instructor
Took note of his name
Thought "If you only knew Bryce
What really is my game"
She had seen him round the club
He hadn't been there long
Perfect for her needs
Her hunger for him strong
So she had booked this lesson
Low cut top, was dressed to kill
Mini skirt and deadly perfume
Couldn't help but thrill
She took his hand in greeting
Let her nails trace a line
Smiled her sweetest smile
"The pleasure is all mine"
As they walked to the practice fairway
She started to get bolder
"Please just call me Gina
Mrs. Brown makes me feel older"
He said "Gina's such a lovely name"
She gave his arm a squeeze
"Bryce is such a cute name too"
Eyes fluttered with her tease
Did the boy just blush?
She smiled as her trap
Her sensual cougar snare
Prepared to catch him in its snap
They found a quiet corner
She said "Is this how you teach?"
She backed up hard against him
So around her he could reach
His nose was in her hair
She pressed back in with her cute bum
Felt his cock begin to harden
His heart beating like a drum
"Ah Mrs. Brown, I mean Gina "
He stuttered, stepped away
"I really am so sorry
I don't often get his way"
She stepped forward, stroked his front
"I'm so flattered I can
Get such a nice reaction
From such a cute young man"
Lifting on her toes
She kissed his soft young lips
Moved in closer to him
His hands dropped to her hips
She worked her lips against his
And as his lips were parted
She slipped her tongue inside
His lesson only started
Taking his hand firmly
She led him to the trees
Fumbled with his pants
Then slipped down to her knees
As her mouth devoured his cock
His fingers grasped her hair
He had never known the feeling
She was giving him down there
Now she as ready
She turned around and on all fours
Lifted her small skirt
"Fuck me Bryce
I am all yours"
He dropped down behind her
Didn't have a choice
Drawn into her world
Seduced by her sensual voice
As he entered her sex fully
A growl escaped her lips
She squeezed herself around him
Worked him with her hips
She urged him on in whispers
Felt each frenzied thrust
Sensed his body tensing
His control about to bust
Then smiling to herself
The cougar pushed him past his peak
Knew she'd be booking lessons
Just like this one every week

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  1. I have decided to take golfing lessons....that I believe says it all...Thank you Mark