Friday, 17 May 2013

Interview with Tamsin Baker on her new release Timing is Everything

Well Tamsin, another great book, Timing is Everything.

A BDSM theme this time. You are very versatile.
Not really, I just write what I love to read, which is a lot of different
things. And my characters don't actually participate in the BDSM, they just go for
a sticky beak.

What drew you to write this one? A muse with a whip?
No, a poet with a perchance for BDSM and telling stories.

The characters are beautifully developed. You have a wonderful way with
words. Do you use your friends to describe them?
To start with the hero was similar to  friend of mine but as they story
developed he became his own character. Which is usually the way it goes.

What other exciting genres are you looking to explore?
I have contracts in Domme, Fantasy, Menage, M/M and boring M/F ;-)
I have started a new Dom story- though I'm finding it harder to write.
We shall see where my writing takes me.

Excerpt from Timing Is Everything:

Mark held open Angie’s door and guided her into the car without
touching her. Sadness and disappointment shut down her breathing.
Angie knew she shouldn’t have felt that way after he had shared such
an incredible experience with her, but she did and she didn’t know
what to do about the tension between them now.

They had always walked a tight line, Mark and her. He was currently
single but had been married for almost ten years before a messy
divorce and several girlfriends. She was currently in a new but
committed relationship.

They never seemed to get their lives to coordinate properly and their
timing was always off. Maybe she shouldn’t have pushed so hard to come
investigate this party with him? Had she threatened their friendship?

Mark slipped into the driver side, his hand going to his pants to
readjust himself.

“Sorry.” He apologized as he started the car.

Angie laughed. What else was there to do at a moment like this? They
were both turned on, and yet they could do nothing about it. “Why? I’m
as uncomfortable as you are, I’m sure.”

His head turned to her, brown eyes piercing in the darkness. Angie
didn’t let her gaze drop. She had always wanted this man and her
arousal was partly due to him. But, she couldn’t, she was in a

However, with Angie’s heart rate increasing steadily and her head
fuzzy as though intoxicated, that didn’t seem all that pertinent at
the moment.

“You’re aroused?” His voice was gruff, as though he had been standing
around a campfire too long.

Angie giggled, again inappropriately. “Of course I am. Did you see
that final scene? Wow …”

Mark cleared his throat and shifted in his car seat again. His face
showed worry and something Angie couldn’t work out, which was unusual
as she usually read him better than anyone.

She frowned as she surveyed him a moment longer. “Mark, what’s wrong?”

He cleared his throat and set his shoulders. “We’ve been friends a
long time and I have no wish to ruin that …” he trailed off.

Angie’s heart rate sped up again and she clenched her knees together
as a new gush of wetness soaked her panties. “Yes?”

“I’ve always wanted to taste you.”

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Tamsin Baker’s Bio:

Tamsin Baker is an Aussie girl who LOVES to read.

For fifteen years she read romance looking for the ‘good’ bits.

When she found erotic romance and pure erotica reading it was like
coming home to people who knew what she wanted to read and wow, did
her head space change.

Tamsin could now read what she wanted and found she could write a little too.

She’s only beginning this journey but she looks forward to putting out
lots of books in the future and reading even more!

Enjoy and thank you.

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