Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Mustang Sallys

Mustang Sally’s


A lovely day for a drive
The girls were feeling good
Stopped for lunch, little drink
But not more than they should

The Mustang looked good on the road
The engine purred along
The radio was tuned to rock
Belting out a song

He was standing by the road
Looking for a ride
Looked good in his uniform
Kitbag by his side

They shared a look and smiled
"Take a load off your feet"
He threw his bag in the trunk
Climbed into the back seat

He said where he was going
The chance that he would seize
To go and see his parents
Before heading overseas

"What about a girlfriend?"
A flush crossed his face
"She dumped me for another
Got no one to take her place"

"So it looks like I'll be sent away
Without the joy of sex
It shouldn't really happen
Who knows what might come next"

They could tell that he was joking
But it excited just the same
And they smiled at each other
The look said they'd play his game

"There's no need for that to happen 
You can spend the night with me
And maybe if you play it right
Might end up as a three"

They expected him to laugh
To say that she was bad
But instead he blurted out
"It's a dream I've always had"

"For two sexy older ladies
To treat me as their toy
And let my fit young body
Bring them lots of joy"

The driver stopped the car
Saw he meant it by his face
"You have yourself a deal boy
Let's head to my place"

Before she started driving
Her friend got in the back
To make sure he was ready 
For his mission in the sack

Looking in the mirror 
She saw their lingering kiss
Put the pedal to the metal
She wanted some of this

When the Mustang reached her house
They were already half undressed
Breasts were left exposed
Her hair had all been messed

The three ran to the house
Straight up to the bed
Their clothes were quickly gone
Not a single word was said

When she caught sight of his erection
Lust filled the driver’s eyes
And she got down on the bed
And knelt between his thighs

While her mouth caressed his cock
Showed it lots of love
Her friend went to the other end
Poised her sex above

As she lowered to his mouth
He moved his tongue around
They heard him moan with pleasure
Both smiled at the sound

The driver then got on her knees
"Take me for a ride"
She gave a squeal of delight
As his young cock slammed inside

Her friend sat before her
Legs spread open wide
Grabbed her by the hair 
And pushed her tongue inside

The ladies came together
But his cock didn't subside
The friend pushed him on his back
Her sex drew his cock inside

While kissed and teased him
And gave his nipples a tweak
The other rode him hard
And bought him to his peak

Fell into a heap exhausted
Wrapped him in their arms
Their boy a willing captive
A victim of their charms

They knew that by the time
This night of sex was done
He could go away to war
With erotic memories of fun


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  1. OOO...can You say yummy...and again the visual is outstanding....Thank you Mark