Sunday, 20 January 2013

Red nails

Her long red nails stroke his face

“My little pet you know your place.”

He hangs suspended in the gloom

A special place, her private room

Drops the nail to his nipple

A pinch, a squeeze, a painful ripple

Lips to his ear he hears her say

“ My little pet it's time to play.”

“What shall I choose, a crop, a cane?

Both will give erotic pain.”

A stinging blow, an anguished cry

Then once again Mistress lets fly

She walks around him, feels his cock

“You naughty boy, hard as a rock.”

She gives a tug, grips his balls

He moans but she ignores his calls

She lowers him down, to his knees

Arms still tied, “Oh Mistress please”

She stands in front, hands on waist

Offers him a little taste

“You will not cum today my boy

Today you are my little toy

Please me well and we will see

How much pleasure, you can give to me.”

She sits in front, legs apart

Waits for her pet to make a start

He hesitates, She grabs his hair

“Here my pet, put your face there”

Against her sex She thrusts his lips

His tongue begins licking the tips

With both hands now she drives his face

Until he finds that special place

Her pet works hard, it is his goal

To please his Mistress, loves the role

And when she cums, begins to shudder

It drives him on, makes him work harder

Then Mistress spent, grabs his hair

Pulls his face back, her juices there

With her heart beating like a drum

Says “soon my pet your turn will come”