Monday, 7 January 2013

His Prey

She passes right before his eyes

Feels his forceful stare

She wants to turn around and look

But, she doesn’t dare

For once she sees his steel blue eyes

And feels his strength within

She knows she will approach him

Knows she will give in

She knew he would be here

At this club tonight

She had dressed to please him

Wanted to look right

As she put on her suspenders

Stockings and heels so high

Squeezed into her corset

She felt that sexual high

She felt his breath behind her

As she waited for her drink

Gasped as his hand caressed her

Pushed her to the brink

“Its time you gave yourself to me

Come with me, my dear"

And her legs began to tremble

As his lips caressed her ear

He held her hand so tight

It wasn’t very far

He only let his grasp go

When she was safely in the car

As he drove the road to his house

He reached between her parted legs

And as he played amongst her wetness

“Please don’t stop, Sir” she begs

By the time they got to his place

It was all she could do

To makes it up the stairs

And remove each high heeled shoe

From his finger she was ready

To give herself to him

And he thrust asides his trousers

His cock filled her to the brim

She wrapped her stocking legs around him

As he thrust his cock inside

And she stared into those steely eyes

And hung on for the ride

He started thrusting harder

She had played him at his game

But now lost to him forever

As she came and called his name

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