Monday, 28 January 2013


You're in the shower and I wait
"Come on young lady, we'll be late."
What keeps me waiting there?
arms crossed in my chair

Finally you arrive
walk to the car, "I'll drive
you seem a bit unsteady
don't worry, all will be ready."

We don't have far to go
from the street you'd never know
the dungeon hides within
it's the perfect place to sin

Mistress opens up the door
I order you, "Kneel on the floor"
She slowly circles you
"I will go now, leave you two."

So many scenes to play
we could really spend all day
Lift you, tie you to the frame
it will never feel the same

Start to spank a little bit
feel the blood rush to your clit
then pause, walk to the door
you cry out, "Please Sir some more."

I turn, stand in front of you
"Girl what do you want me to do?
Keep on spanking till you're wet?
Till you cum my little pet?"

I resume spanking with my hand
till you've had all that you can stand
cut you loose "Get on your knees
are you ready now to please?"

your hands and mouth work my cock
till it stands, hard as rock
then when as ready as can be
you turn, present to me

Reach between your legs, so right
slides my finger in, still tight
I kneel behind, with a shove
you fit around me like a glove

I feel your hand between your leg
"Let me cum, Sir," hear you beg
but my thrusting then abates
"A good pet always knows she waits."

I feel you twisting on me moaning
turn me on with all your groaning
till i start to thrust again
"You must wait till i say when."

Your body trembles deep
I know you're cumming, you can't keep
"Now young lady cum for me
give it up for all to see."


  1. This is pleasantly entertaining and stimulating to read, as always with yours ciao bella