Sunday, 13 January 2013

Her need

Why had she come? she wondered
as her eyes surveyed the crowd
"You must be daft, young lady."
she said to herself aloud

"Why do you think like that?"
he whispered in her ear
she jumped at the sound of his voice
as his hand carressed her rear

His strong voice continued
"You are here because you feel
the need to give away control
to see if this need is real."

"Now come our room is ready,"
and he led her to their place
her legs shook as she followed
and her heart began to race

"Strip for me young lady!"
as he closed and locked the door
and he watched without a smile
as her clothes dropped to the floor

He circled her naked body
he didn't miss an inch
then reached up for a nipple
and gave a forceful pinch

She gasped at the shot of pain
"Oh Sir it feels so good!"
and he smiled that she liked it
he always knew she would

He led her to the wall
to the shackles hanging there
tied her hands above her head
then pulled back on her hair

"I think a little blindfold
will help you feel the pain,"
and as he slipped it over her eyes
she gave a moan again

She trembled with excitement
then suddenly a whack
his open hand on her ass
resounded with a crack

As he kept on spanking
the blood ran to her clit
and when he stopped and stroked it
she almost had a fit

"Please, Sir make me cum"
he was aroused by her begs
and he forced his hand between
and she willingly spread her legs

Her level of arousal
from the feeling of his hand
meant when he finally took her
it was more than she could stand

Her hands still tied above her
her legs spread wide for more
meant that each time he thrust in her
she almost left the floor

When he reached around her body
and gave each tender nipple a pinch
she screamed and came so hard
her juices covered every inch

Then when he came inside her
with a growl and shot his seed
she came again with a whimper
and now, understood her need