Thursday, 17 January 2013

Perfect outfit

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"Leave them on," he firmly said
referring to her shoes of red
she saw a smile cross his face
as she slowly slid off the red lace

"Now lay down upon the bed
put your arms above your head."
then with cuffs he locked them there
gazed down at her laying bare

He ran the crop across her chest
flicked the nipple, little test
she arched her back, a moan, a sigh
then trailled it down across her thigh

"Part your legs, I want to see
how wet my girl will get for me."
he ran the crop up to her clit
then to her mouth "My girl taste it!"

“So now my girl, you have your taste.”
He moves the crop back to her waist
Then suddenly he leaves the bed
She madly tries to lift her head

He leaves the room, she hears a sound
There was no body else around.
Then he come back in again
With another girl, on a chain

She sees a smile on the pets face
Without a word she takes her place
Kneeling there upon the bed
All she can see is her bobbing head

The pets tongue starts to drive her mad
It feel so good it can't be bad
And all the while the Master stands
Prepares his cock with stroking hands

The pet can sense when she is ready
Moves up her body holds her steady
Then Master moves between her legs
“Fuck me, Sir,” she softly begs

He takes her legs by the heels
She can't believe how good this feels
He thrusts so hard into her cunt
And with each thrust a primal grunt

And while the pet holds her still
The Master mates with her until
She feels his pent up sperm unload
And her orgasmic pleasures explode

She looks up into the pets eyes
And then is taken by surprise
When she leans down and with a gentle kiss
Seals her growing sexual bliss


  1. WOW ...Oh my GODS amazing Suzzana gosh :) love this

  2. Damn That Is very Hot N Explosive and Awesome and Love It!!!!