Saturday, 12 January 2013

His dreams

She came for him in the night
grasped his heart, held it tight
drew him out through midnight air
a yielding capitive to her lair

His eyes wide open now it seems
she has come for him, in his dreams
strapped to the bed her whip he'll feel
If just a dream, why's it seem so real?

A loving whip, erotic pain
"Please my Lady stroke again."
every stroke evokes a moan
keeps him in this twilight zone

Unties him, kneels, looks at his face
"Behind me pet, take your place"
he enters her, just the tip
then pushes in, feels her grip

"Fuck me pet, ride me now
thrust in hard, I've told you how
give to me all I can take
Ride me hard until you wake."

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