Thursday, 24 January 2013

New Years Eve

It was going to be quiet
New Years with just some friends
quiet was how it started
but it wasn't how it ends

We sat around the bbq
soaked the ambience in
when I saw the new arrival
and my face broke out a grin

I had seen this lovely lady
even flirted at the store
she liked to stir me up
did she want some more?

She saw me, wandered over
with a smile on her face
"I didn't know the party
was happening at your place."

She stood there waiting patiently
for this man to reply
and then she smiled knowingly
as she saw the angle of my eye

The dress that she was wearing
flowed across her gorgeous curves
and the jutting of her breasts
was enough to shake my nerves

"As it is your house
can you please show me the place
where i can leave my bag
and do some touchup on my face?"

I gladly led her inside
to the ensuite off my room
but told her she looked perfect
there was no need to groom

"You really are so kind
but i must look a mess."
and as I watched her put on lipstick
she said "So, you like my dress?"

I told it looked beautiful
and was rewarded with a kiss
and I couldn't wait till midnight
to get some more of this

"I have have driven here tonight
but if i have too much to drink
I may have to beg a bed
would that be ok you think?'

I said "I'm sure I can find something
for a nice lady like you
and if all beds are taken
then will half of my bed do?"

She took a sideways glance
at the closeness of my bed
then a twinkle in her eyes
and a slight nod of her head
I left her there to finish
the party didn't seem the same
and I was trying to be the good host
when I heard her say my name
"Look under your pillow
there is something you need to see
it's a present for my gracious host
something special from me."
I excused myself discretely
and what I found blew my mind
it was her sexy panties
of the very lacy kind
I gently picked them up
held them softly to my nose
such a beautiful aroma
more special than a rose
I pulled myself together
went back out into the yard
and whispered, "Thanks young lady
now you have me hard."
She slyly dropped her hand
to see it was no lie
then gave a little squeeze
as she looked into my eye
The midnight hour had gone
and all the guest left too
until at last she turned to me
"Now it's just us two."
All those little teases
in the shops and through the night
exploded in that first long kiss
it all just seemed so right
In the bedroom she undressed me
made me lay down and just look
as she stood there at the end
and off her dress she took
Then she crawled on to the bed
a sexy look inflamed her eye
and as she put her mouth around me
I think the neighbours heard my sigh
The way she teased me and she played me
soon had me clawing at the bed
then she knelt beside me
"I now want you in me instead."
I moved around behind her
she turned around, a sexy grin
"Don't tease me now, my man
get your cock and put it in."
But no rush, I ran the head
the tender spots from ass to clit
till she moaned and started begging
"Oh please, just in a bit"
Once she started begging
I slammed my cock inside
and as her wetness closed around me
I began to ride
I could see her full breasts swaying
as i built my thrusting speed
and as her pussy squeezed around me
I heard her start to plead
"C'mon baby just fuck me
I've seen you ogling my ass
been waiting for the moment
wasn't going to let it pass."
Her words just drove me harder
until i couldn't stand any more
and I gripped her waist, exploded
came with a mighty roar
A night of expectation
her sexy lips and perfect dress
soon had her cumming with me
and the clean sheets in a mess