Friday, 18 January 2013

Master Wine

She has the glass, his favourite red
She knows he likes it by the bed
her sex is shaved, smooth soft skin
his approval she is keen to win

She hears him opening the door
She kneels in place upon the floor
He enters naked, stands beside
His growing approval hard to hide

“You have done well, my little pet
And I am pleased to see you don’t forget.”
He lifts up the glass of wine
Smiles approval “You've done fine.’

He turns, his cock touches her lip
She opens, tongue caresses tip
Then slowly as she takes him in
A sigh, a moan, an owning grin

She has him hard, takes her place
Pillow hard against her face
He kneels behind, rubs her wet crack
Then grabs her hips and pulls her back

She loves the pleasure,  she provides
To her Master, when he rides
She reaches down, rubs clit with thumb
So special when he lets her cum

She has learned not to cum first
But let her master slake his thirst
Then when she feels his flowing seed
She is allowed to fill her need

Her caring Master strokes her chin
Rewards her with a caring grin
“My little pet you’re Masters treasure.”
She blushes with erotic pleasure.