Thursday, 28 February 2013

His girl

"So glad you're here with me my girl."
Reached down gave hair a twirl
"Come and sit upon my knee
I want to feel you close to me."

He ran his hand down her chest
Cupped his fingers around her breast
Grasped a nipple, little tweak
Tried not to moan, a little squeak

All the while he watched her face
Drifting off into sub space
Obediently she sat there still
Ready to perform his will

"Now my girl it's time to stand."
He took her gently by the hand
Bent over the horse at the waist
A spank by hand, a little taste

Select a paddle, testing swing
Then on her ass , resounding ring
The stinging paddle does its job
Her moistened sex begins to throb

"You may touch yourself my little pet
Get yourself nice and wet
But don't you cum before I say
Or, my girl you'll rue this day."

She fingered, panted, frantic rub
Her clit became a throbbing nub
And all the while Master teased
Till she was begging to be released

Close to the edge her plea in tears
Ringing loudly in his ears
"Please Master my need to cum is strong
I can't hold on for very long"

He studied her face, his little girl
Amongst the subs a treasured pearl
"Yes my girl, time for reward."
And at his words orgasmed roared.

It shook her body to its soul
And as her fingers played their role
Her juices flowed, emotions screamed
Her cum much stronger than she dreamed

He stroked her calmed her, touched her hair
Led her gently to the chairs
She slowly woke up from the spell
A gentle kiss, "Pet you did well"

Monday, 25 February 2013

Mistress new toy

Firmly took him by the hand
"Come my pet I have it planned
You are mine to use today
So follow me and we will play."

"Because you've been a special boy
Mistress went and bought a toy
I couldn't let this chance pass."
She produced a strap-on for his arse

"But first my pet, pleasure me
Its not all about you, you see."
She took his face and thrust it in
Till her juices washed his chin

"On your knees arse in the air."
She took some lube and rubbed it there
Then slowly entered inch by inch
Reached around, a nipple pinch

She rode him till he begged to cum
The ecstasy too much for some
He reached under when told he could
Stroked himself, it felt so good

Then suddenly he couldn't stop
Drained himself of every drop
His Mistress laughed, "My little one
Fucking you is so much fun."

Friday, 22 February 2013


She came for him that night
A stain of blood on sheets of white
As if vanished in thin air
She took him to her lair

He woke and shook his head
Securely tethered to the bed
He pulled against the ties
Looked around with frightened eyes

In the half dark, her eyes glowed
With her smile, her fangs showed
"Welcome to my world."
As her fingers dark hair twirled

"I have brought you here to feed
To fulfill an aching need."
And as she glided over the room
He sensed impending doom

She looked down, a wicked grin
Her nails raked his naked skin
Took his cock in a firm grip
Her tongue ran across her lip

It was more than he could stand
And he hardened in her hand
The light flickered on her skin
As she climbed on and took him in

She was so wet inside
And as she began to ride
She leaned forward with a lick
Gave tender nipples little flick

"This is one thing that I need
When we have cum, then I will feed
I can make it last for days
There are so many different ways."

As her body shook within
And she ground down on his skin
Her breathing came real fast
And he knew he couldn't last

As their mounting passions soar
She started cumming with a roar
And when his sperm began to flood
She bit his neck and drank his blood

As he gave himself to her
He felt emotions start to stir
Like he had been living for this day
The day his love took him away

Monday, 18 February 2013


Ties hold
Can't see
Hears me
Strokes legs
She begs
Crop whip
Taste tip
Tease nipples
Passion ripples
Hear me
Feel me
Take me
Want me
Pure lust
He'd thrust
Cry out
Scream shout
Me first
Erotic burst
Sex quiver
Body shiver
Hold tight
Our night

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Switching Time

He knew something was different
When he found Mistress on her knees
"I want to be your pet tonight
It is my turn to please."

It took him by surprise a bit
But in her voice he saw the plead
And as her eyes looked up at him
"It's something that I need."

As excitement flowed over him
He took her by the hand
"Then come my pet, let's begin"
And he assisted her to stand

When they entered their domain
He was amazed how good it felt
As he pressed her to the frame
Attached her firmly with the belt

He ran his fingers over her
Then leaned in close to say
"You are so soft and smooth my pet
I have waited for this day."

Then before he took the cane
He stroked her vaginal lips
And as he slipped his finger in her
She moaned and moved her hips

"Oh please don't stop," she cried
As he left to get the cane
Then the room filled with a shriek
As she felt a shot of pain

After every second stroke he stopped
And rubbed her skin so sore
And when he felt her getting wetter
"I believe my pet wants more."

He untied the belt
And she dropped down to her knees
Reaching out she touched his hardness
"Sir, let me suck you please."

The sight of his Mistress
On the floor looking so meek
Had made him nice and hard
Brought his excitement to the peak

As he watched his erection
disappear between her lips
He held her head steady
And began to move his hips

As her tongue and teeth caressed him
He began to move real fast
And he moaned then exclaimed
"My pet, I cannot last."

She grabbed him firmly by the butt
Left him no doubt about her need
And as his cock erupted
She accepted all his seed

He stood there a moment
Went all weak in the knees
And he thought of what just happened
Normally it was him that had to please

And as she stood and kissed him
She ran her fingers through his hair
"You were very good my pet
But next time, I'm back in the chair."

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

early hours

early hours of the morning
my mind still in a haze
I slowly open up my eyes
am greeted by your gaze

you smile as you reach out
my face stroked by your hand
then you move in close against me
in our own special loving land

your face is next to mine
and place you lips against my nose
I drop my hand, carress your breast
love how hard your nipple grows

then your lips are hard on mine
and as our tongues wrap around
I feel your teeth tease my lips
and I moan, a soulful sound

you whisper, tell me "roll over"
and as I lay, gaze up at you
i feel you move on top
sense the passion stored in you

as you lower yourself gently
I lift my hips to meet each one
I reach up, touch your nipples
feel your juices run
you ride me harder and harder
in this middle of the night
until we cum togther
then we can kiss, I hold you tight

Monday, 11 February 2013


best comment winner get a $5 gift card...and a personal poem.

Heartbreaker heartbroken
Too much unspoken
Needed words
Go unheard
Each day
Pass your way
Steal glance
Take a chance
But you never see
One day
Look my way
Beg you please
Won't tease
Need your touch
So much

cupids chokehold

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Bath Time

She lays there in Her bath
wriggles her toenails of red
She knows that I will kiss them
later on in bed
but for now my job is here
with the cloth I stroke her breast
She moans at each carress
it is the job I like the best

"Now my little pet
it is time to get me dry."
and as I kneel there with the towel
her sex is level with my eye
As I slowly dry each leg
I decide to risk a little kiss
lick a drop of water from it
a chance to good to miss.

"'Naughty little pet
you know how it goes
before you get that taste
you must start at my toes."
I smile, bend my head
and kiss each one in turn
"Ah yes, my pet that's better
it is good to see you learn."

"Now stand and dry the rest of me
and then we will see
when I lead you to my chambers
how good you are at pleasing me."
I made sure as I rubbed her
that not a spot was spared
then She took me by the hand
and led me to her bed.

"Stand there at the end my pet."
as she lay down in front of me
she spread her legs out wide
so my reward was there to see
"You may come forward now, my pet
i want your lips and tongue to tease
every inch of my body
from my throat to below knees."

It was like a dream to be
I took the task in hand
as I went from toes to chest
it was more than I could stand
but I knew the final prize
the bit I left to last
would not be given to me
if I went near it too fast

Her body was trembling
when her fingers grasped my hair
She spread her legs out wide
"Now..I need you there"
I placed my lips around her
my tongue I used to flick
then I firmly sucked
I felt her body give a kick

"Put your tongue inside me pet."
and as I did as she said
she arched her body up
pressing hard into my head
and as i fucked her with my tongue
I felt her juices start to stream
and she wrapped her legs around my neck
and orgasmed with a scream

"Move up my body now pet,
you have learned well." she said with pride
and as my Mistress' praise carressed me
tears filled my eyes , I cried
"Move between my legs now my pet
Mistress wants to feel your need
you belong to me now
I will drain you of your seed"

As I entered her I felt her muscles
claim me, draw me in
and when she realised I was hers
I was rewarded with a grin
and at the moment i exploded
and my sperm mixed with her wet
She held me close and kissed me
"Welcome to Me, my little pet."

Friday, 8 February 2013

my room

mmm my little pet
so nice of you to be
kneeling at my feet
prepared to worship me

thats right pet
suck my stilletto heels
press the other on your nipple
do you like the way it feels?

let me spread my legs my pet
spread them out real wide
see my juices glisten there?
your reward awaits inside

see you gaze up at me my pet
see you look into my eyes
draw you in against my sex
do you hear my grateful sighs?

do you feel me thrust my pet
push my clit against your nose
as i feel your tongue in me
do you like how my passion grows?

do you feel me shake my pet
as i cum against your face
as i cover you with my juice
do you know your rightful place?

Thursday, 7 February 2013

cane pain

“Strip! Right now my boy
I want to see my toy
Have thought of you all day
And now it's time to play.”

She went and locked the door
“Kneel there on the floor.”
Moved over took her seat
“Pay homage to my feet.”

As he kissed and licked her toes
She pressed them hard against his nose
“Good boy.” a breathless tone
As he sucked, she gave a moan

“Enough," She left the chair
And she grabbed him by the hair
In the candles flickering flame
She lead him to the frame

With his arms and legs spread wide
He was very securely tied
She ran her fingers down his back
He moaned as she teased his crack

“You will find pleasure in your pain.”
As she carefully chose a cane
He heard it whooshing through the air
The noise enough to raise a scare

Then it came the stinging whack
And as he arched his naked back
She put her lips up to his ear
“It is for me, no need to fear.”

Then as he felt the cane
Strike his buttocks once again
He learned to his delight
To hurt for her it felt so right

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A shot of love

A great collection of stories.
Proud to be a part of it.. with my story Top End Connection..and a poem.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Distant Lover

She lays there awaiting her man to call
knows when he does, inhibitions will fall
her body will shiver, first sound of his voice
cannot control it, she has no choice

There won't be a hello, will get straight to the start
“I hope you are laying there legs wide apart.”
all she can do is whisper a breathless reply
as she senses his fingers carressing her thigh

“Now take that toy, place it hard on your clit
and while you do that, feel my lips on your tit.”
She moans as she does, her joy cannot hide
then bucks as the toy slips and buries inside

She closes her eyes, in her mind he is there
as his voice fills her mind, feels him carress her hair
then as he whispers softly “Cum for me girl.”
her body convulses, her mind in a whirl

Sated she sits up, takes phone in her hand
whispers to him in his faraway land
“Thank you baby, for calling to play
can't think of a better start to my day.”

Saturday, 2 February 2013


How does it feel for you my girl

His collar proudly worn

the day He placed it on you

was it like you were reborn?

When you hear Master call you

does His voice caress your soul?

When he lays His hands upon you

do you suddenly feel whole?

Your world revolves around Him

you'll do anything to please

Do you feel the pride in His girl

as you gaze up from your knees?

Do His moans and groans of pleasure

make you feel complete inside

When He grows hard inside you

is there joy that you can't hide?

It's a special kind of love

that being collared does ensue

A special form of commitment

you to Master, Him to you