Friday, 22 February 2013


She came for him that night
A stain of blood on sheets of white
As if vanished in thin air
She took him to her lair

He woke and shook his head
Securely tethered to the bed
He pulled against the ties
Looked around with frightened eyes

In the half dark, her eyes glowed
With her smile, her fangs showed
"Welcome to my world."
As her fingers dark hair twirled

"I have brought you here to feed
To fulfill an aching need."
And as she glided over the room
He sensed impending doom

She looked down, a wicked grin
Her nails raked his naked skin
Took his cock in a firm grip
Her tongue ran across her lip

It was more than he could stand
And he hardened in her hand
The light flickered on her skin
As she climbed on and took him in

She was so wet inside
And as she began to ride
She leaned forward with a lick
Gave tender nipples little flick

"This is one thing that I need
When we have cum, then I will feed
I can make it last for days
There are so many different ways."

As her body shook within
And she ground down on his skin
Her breathing came real fast
And he knew he couldn't last

As their mounting passions soar
She started cumming with a roar
And when his sperm began to flood
She bit his neck and drank his blood

As he gave himself to her
He felt emotions start to stir
Like he had been living for this day
The day his love took him away


  1. I love this ... it facination.. with.. vampires yeah that't is the vampires.. :)

  2. wow...different...yet it says it all...

  3. definitely a different subject~interesting!