Thursday, 7 February 2013

cane pain

“Strip! Right now my boy
I want to see my toy
Have thought of you all day
And now it's time to play.”

She went and locked the door
“Kneel there on the floor.”
Moved over took her seat
“Pay homage to my feet.”

As he kissed and licked her toes
She pressed them hard against his nose
“Good boy.” a breathless tone
As he sucked, she gave a moan

“Enough," She left the chair
And she grabbed him by the hair
In the candles flickering flame
She lead him to the frame

With his arms and legs spread wide
He was very securely tied
She ran her fingers down his back
He moaned as she teased his crack

“You will find pleasure in your pain.”
As she carefully chose a cane
He heard it whooshing through the air
The noise enough to raise a scare

Then it came the stinging whack
And as he arched his naked back
She put her lips up to his ear
“It is for me, no need to fear.”

Then as he felt the cane
Strike his buttocks once again
He learned to his delight
To hurt for her it felt so right


  1. you never stop and always get the just

  2. Love the pic- perfect poem for it