Sunday, 10 February 2013

Bath Time

She lays there in Her bath
wriggles her toenails of red
She knows that I will kiss them
later on in bed
but for now my job is here
with the cloth I stroke her breast
She moans at each carress
it is the job I like the best

"Now my little pet
it is time to get me dry."
and as I kneel there with the towel
her sex is level with my eye
As I slowly dry each leg
I decide to risk a little kiss
lick a drop of water from it
a chance to good to miss.

"'Naughty little pet
you know how it goes
before you get that taste
you must start at my toes."
I smile, bend my head
and kiss each one in turn
"Ah yes, my pet that's better
it is good to see you learn."

"Now stand and dry the rest of me
and then we will see
when I lead you to my chambers
how good you are at pleasing me."
I made sure as I rubbed her
that not a spot was spared
then She took me by the hand
and led me to her bed.

"Stand there at the end my pet."
as she lay down in front of me
she spread her legs out wide
so my reward was there to see
"You may come forward now, my pet
i want your lips and tongue to tease
every inch of my body
from my throat to below knees."

It was like a dream to be
I took the task in hand
as I went from toes to chest
it was more than I could stand
but I knew the final prize
the bit I left to last
would not be given to me
if I went near it too fast

Her body was trembling
when her fingers grasped my hair
She spread her legs out wide
"Now..I need you there"
I placed my lips around her
my tongue I used to flick
then I firmly sucked
I felt her body give a kick

"Put your tongue inside me pet."
and as I did as she said
she arched her body up
pressing hard into my head
and as i fucked her with my tongue
I felt her juices start to stream
and she wrapped her legs around my neck
and orgasmed with a scream

"Move up my body now pet,
you have learned well." she said with pride
and as my Mistress' praise carressed me
tears filled my eyes , I cried
"Move between my legs now my pet
Mistress wants to feel your need
you belong to me now
I will drain you of your seed"

As I entered her I felt her muscles
claim me, draw me in
and when she realised I was hers
I was rewarded with a grin
and at the moment i exploded
and my sperm mixed with her wet
She held me close and kissed me
"Welcome to Me, my little pet."


  1. Some nice & naughty writing Mark!

  2. hmmm..must be nice to be someone's naughty little pet :)