Tuesday, 12 February 2013

early hours

early hours of the morning
my mind still in a haze
I slowly open up my eyes
am greeted by your gaze

you smile as you reach out
my face stroked by your hand
then you move in close against me
in our own special loving land

your face is next to mine
and place you lips against my nose
I drop my hand, carress your breast
love how hard your nipple grows

then your lips are hard on mine
and as our tongues wrap around
I feel your teeth tease my lips
and I moan, a soulful sound

you whisper, tell me "roll over"
and as I lay, gaze up at you
i feel you move on top
sense the passion stored in you

as you lower yourself gently
I lift my hips to meet each one
I reach up, touch your nipples
feel your juices run
you ride me harder and harder
in this middle of the night
until we cum togther
then we can kiss, I hold you tight


  1. mmm...great way to be greeted in the middle of the night

  2. Hmmm... I do like this. Though I like everything u write.