Monday, 25 February 2013

Mistress new toy

Firmly took him by the hand
"Come my pet I have it planned
You are mine to use today
So follow me and we will play."

"Because you've been a special boy
Mistress went and bought a toy
I couldn't let this chance pass."
She produced a strap-on for his arse

"But first my pet, pleasure me
Its not all about you, you see."
She took his face and thrust it in
Till her juices washed his chin

"On your knees arse in the air."
She took some lube and rubbed it there
Then slowly entered inch by inch
Reached around, a nipple pinch

She rode him till he begged to cum
The ecstasy too much for some
He reached under when told he could
Stroked himself, it felt so good

Then suddenly he couldn't stop
Drained himself of every drop
His Mistress laughed, "My little one
Fucking you is so much fun."


  1. MMM...nice can write them

  2. I must say I surprised myself to find this to be my favorite.