Sunday, 17 February 2013

Switching Time

He knew something was different
When he found Mistress on her knees
"I want to be your pet tonight
It is my turn to please."

It took him by surprise a bit
But in her voice he saw the plead
And as her eyes looked up at him
"It's something that I need."

As excitement flowed over him
He took her by the hand
"Then come my pet, let's begin"
And he assisted her to stand

When they entered their domain
He was amazed how good it felt
As he pressed her to the frame
Attached her firmly with the belt

He ran his fingers over her
Then leaned in close to say
"You are so soft and smooth my pet
I have waited for this day."

Then before he took the cane
He stroked her vaginal lips
And as he slipped his finger in her
She moaned and moved her hips

"Oh please don't stop," she cried
As he left to get the cane
Then the room filled with a shriek
As she felt a shot of pain

After every second stroke he stopped
And rubbed her skin so sore
And when he felt her getting wetter
"I believe my pet wants more."

He untied the belt
And she dropped down to her knees
Reaching out she touched his hardness
"Sir, let me suck you please."

The sight of his Mistress
On the floor looking so meek
Had made him nice and hard
Brought his excitement to the peak

As he watched his erection
disappear between her lips
He held her head steady
And began to move his hips

As her tongue and teeth caressed him
He began to move real fast
And he moaned then exclaimed
"My pet, I cannot last."

She grabbed him firmly by the butt
Left him no doubt about her need
And as his cock erupted
She accepted all his seed

He stood there a moment
Went all weak in the knees
And he thought of what just happened
Normally it was him that had to please

And as she stood and kissed him
She ran her fingers through his hair
"You were very good my pet
But next time, I'm back in the chair."