Thursday, 28 February 2013

His girl

"So glad you're here with me my girl."
Reached down gave hair a twirl
"Come and sit upon my knee
I want to feel you close to me."

He ran his hand down her chest
Cupped his fingers around her breast
Grasped a nipple, little tweak
Tried not to moan, a little squeak

All the while he watched her face
Drifting off into sub space
Obediently she sat there still
Ready to perform his will

"Now my girl it's time to stand."
He took her gently by the hand
Bent over the horse at the waist
A spank by hand, a little taste

Select a paddle, testing swing
Then on her ass , resounding ring
The stinging paddle does its job
Her moistened sex begins to throb

"You may touch yourself my little pet
Get yourself nice and wet
But don't you cum before I say
Or, my girl you'll rue this day."

She fingered, panted, frantic rub
Her clit became a throbbing nub
And all the while Master teased
Till she was begging to be released

Close to the edge her plea in tears
Ringing loudly in his ears
"Please Master my need to cum is strong
I can't hold on for very long"

He studied her face, his little girl
Amongst the subs a treasured pearl
"Yes my girl, time for reward."
And at his words orgasmed roared.

It shook her body to its soul
And as her fingers played their role
Her juices flowed, emotions screamed
Her cum much stronger than she dreamed

He stroked her calmed her, touched her hair
Led her gently to the chairs
She slowly woke up from the spell
A gentle kiss, "Pet you did well"


  1. Now... to be that this one

  2. WOW ..... That Was HOT!!!!Thank you so much for sharing .. love it!!!

  3. I love the passion. I love that I can feel the Dom's strong feelings for his sub, and the sub's need to please her master.

  4. Best Dom one yet. Great pic too